10 SEO Techniques to Rank Your Website 2023

10 SEO Techniques to Rank Your Website 2023

10 SEO Techniques to Rank Your Website 2023 Google has approximately 5-6 billion searches on a daily basis. On year-on-year basis, Google accounts for 79% of global search traffic, Bing – 7.27%, Bidu – 6.55%, and Yahoo – 5.06%. With competition like this on Google, you need to use top SEO techniques to get the top rankings

Apparently, then, it’s a lot of search traffic especially on Google. Looking at the total search amount on Google handles, it is advisable to optimize your efforts to get your business discovered more on Google. Not to say that most search engine optimization measures aren’t effective on other search engines.

The question is how do you ensure your business is searchable for search engines? The key to ranking high lies in link building and using high-quality content, according to Andre Leptseyf, a senior executive at Google. The Top SEO Technique Is Based On These Two Key Pillars.

The problem is that search engine algorithms are changing and becoming more effective with each day, how do you stay ahead of Wicker?

Let’s take a look at some of the most effective innovative SEO techniques that can help you grow your audience significantly.

1. Audit SEO

Instead of wondering why your site isn’t generating enough traffic, why not do an SEO audit? This is easily one of the best innovative SEO techniques you can use when looking to improve your site.. However, you can’t fix something without realizing and understanding what’s broken.

There are several aspects you should look at when doing an SEO audit. Some questions that need answering are:

  • Are all of your pages suitable for the required target words?
  • Is your URL structure optimized to crawl through search engines?
  • Does your content have good external and internal connections?
  • Are you using well-defined SEO title tags and meta description?
  • Are there proper upside down tags in the photos?

You can use tools like seamoss to make the process a lot easier for you. Innovative SEO techniques like these are important to understand where your SEO stands.

2. Understand the Consumers’ Need

While it’s not one of the traditional SEO techniques, it’s definitely an important aspect.
You need to realize the value you bring to your existing customers and what other potential customers are looking for. You need to be able to fill in that void with your offers.

The best way to do this is to gain feedback from target customers. With this innovative SEO technique, you can take advantage of social media, Google analytics, and comment sections on your posts.

3. Get Mobile Friendly

According to the data report, there are approximately 5.29 billion mobile users globally. And by the first quarter of 2021, 54.8% of total websites viewed online were on mobile devices, according to Statista. Just by sheer numbers, it’s a consumer market that your business can’t afford to simply ignore.

The key to tapping into their potential is using a crucial SEO technique – mobile optimization.
If your websites aren’t optimized for viewing on mobile devices, it’ll be a frustrating time for your audience to visit your site. After a certain point, they won’t stop taking their business elsewhere.

Then, solution is to take mobile first point of view. Instead of creating landing pages for desktop and improving them for mobile, flip them.

An alternative would be to develop dedicated mobile applications for your business. Other innovative SEO techniques for improving mobile optimization include lighting and responsible website building.

4. Use SEO For Landing Pages

The dangers of having a well-designed landing page are rather prominent. High-end SEO techniques like this need to be well implemented to generate maximum leads and conversions. In fact, the more content you create, the more traffic you’ll bring in.

Unfortunately, very few businesses are familiar with such innovative SEO techniques and, therefore, they don’t apply them.. Most people only care about their home pages and not any particular landing pages. But by optimizing them for SEOs, you stand to improve your conversion rates several times.

5. Statement Infographics

People are visual learners. That’s why modern SEO techniques like infographics are on the rise these days.
They allow you to present otherwise complex information in an easier and more digestible form. It’s true that content is the key to building an audience. And when you add an infographic to your blog post, visual appeal will help you engage in your target audience.

This is why you should consider creating infographics for posting on your blog and sharing on other sites.
The best part about creating infographics is that they don’t take a lot of time to create. You can even take statistics from some of your blog posts and turn them into infographics.

Infographics are also great for link building. Posting my infographics on other leading websites is one of my personal favorite link building strategies. Once you have created an infographic connect with other website owners and ask if they publish your infographic too. This is a very simple link building strategy and takes very little time.

6. Make Round Up Posts

Creating expert roundup blog posts is one of the most effective innovative SEO techniques you can use to grow your audience. This can help establish your thought leadership in the industry and show how well connected you are.

I share a roundup in which I ask the same question from multiple industry influencers. I compile all of their answers into one blog post and share them on my blog.. Thus, I am giving my blog post readers a 360-degree good view of industry matters from the point of view of various experts.

7. Make It Better For The Rank Brain

Basically, more happy customers are with your website and blog post content, which makes you more likely to rank in search results. So, if you want to grow your audience, you should focus on optimizing your websites for rankbrain. Although this is not a new SEO strategy, it is still very effective.

The trick here is to make sure you have a higher rate with organic clicks. If you start skipping click-throws, Rank Brain will drop your site at the bottom of the page like a hot potato.

8. Improve The Speed Of Your Site

Top SEO techniques include improving the loading speed of your website. Considering the page load speed for mobile only, web pages take 15 seconds to fully load. Unfortunately, this is bad news for your business. 53% of customers quit mobile web pages if it takes more than 3 seconds to load.

There are several ways to improve your page load speed such as browser catching and image optimization.

To work on this top SEO technique, you can use tools like Google’s Page Speed Insights. They will help you analyse and optimize your websites to improve site performance. SEO techniques like this will not only help you improve your SEO but even improve your conversion rates.

9. Focus on YouTube SEO.

YouTube videos often contribute to higher search results on Google than any other video website. This is the second most popular website in the world. Also, it’s owned by Google. So, there is no doubt that YouTube videos will play a significant role in Google search results pages.

This is an important SEO technique for businesses to improve for YouTube.
Little things like video title, description, thumbnails and length, all affect your YouTube SEO. These all help get your content discovered more on Google. As a result, this will help you increase site traffic for your business.
Lots of content creators and marketers easily upload videos and add few lines in stupid detail box. This is an opportunity to miss. Your SEO techniques should focus on making sure your videos are top notch for SEO.

It is suggested that you write a description of the video that is more than 200 words long. Here’s how you can help the crawler get some context for your video. They really don’t understand video content. Therefore, your detail is what helps them to know about your video.

If you want to improve your chances of ranking, you need to write a video description.
You can also add video transcripts in the description box. This is a simple SEO technique that doesn’t require much effort. Plus, it can help your viewers have a better viewing experience.

10. Use local listings and local SEO

Take a look at these stats:
46% of all Google searches are related to people looking for local information.
69% of consumers find a local business online at least once a month..
97% of consumers use the internet to find local businesses, particularly those around them.
Here’s why local SEO is a crucial SEO technique for local businesses.

Think about it. If you move to a new city or neighborhood, you’re going to want to know what’s around you. You can find grocery stores, hospitals, theaters and restaurants near you. Most of us would do a quick google search to find this info.

If you run a business, you need to make sure you look up in these search results. Not only will it boost your brand awareness, but it will also help you get more conversions.
You must update your listings, address, contact information and hours on Google My Business. Another aspect of local SEO is making sure your business aligns with the right long wanted words..

For example, a dental clinic wants to be a top list for key phrases like “Folsom” or “Best dentist in Folsom.”
Consumers are also looking for local businesses on other sites such as Forscare and Yelp. You should also have an active profile on these sites. Obtaining local references is an important SEO technique.

For those new to the concept, local references refer to the number of mentions your brand gets online.
Whenever your business is mentioned on Twitter, CoVra, Instagram, Facebook, or any other social media platform, it counts as a local reference. Reviews, photos, videos, tags, and other information about your business all count as local references.

Encourage your customers to write reviews and showcase your product on social media to get more local references.


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