13 Best Seamrush Alternatives Everyone Needs

13 Best Seamrush Alternatives Everyone Needs

13 Best Seamrush Alternatives Everyone Needs Semrush is a tough process to follow alternatives. Seamrush has unbeatable features that entrepreneurs and marketers love. Their analytical reports, backlink audit reports, and keyword research toolkit are legendary.

What else is there?

This tool offers an abundance of solutions for businesses of all scales and sizes. However, these beneficial features come at a higher price.
Seamrush’s heavy price tag is an obstacle in the way of freelancers and startups looking for just a sought-after word research platform or an affordable marketing solution.
This is one of the reasons why Seamrush alternatives are gaining popularity in the market. While not entirely independent, most alternatives to Seamrush are priced competitive.
To help you pick the best seamerash alternatives that fit your needs and fit your budget, we’ve reviewed 12 of the best SEO tools. You can compare their features and prices together and choose the best fit for you.

1. Wask

Image Via Wask
Image Via Wask

WASK is a leading digital marketing software that aims to eliminate all challenges in publishing and managing Facebook and Google ads.

So, he has a variety of tools that help people get better results than their ads. WASK’s competitive analytics tool is one of its impressive features. You can compare your competitors’ website traffic and digital advertising. Plus, it’s also possible to analyze your competitor’s organic or paid desired words and track backlinks and top visited url.

Top features

  • Its competitor analytics tool lets you examine your competitors’ ads and analyze their website traffic. Plus, you can compare your stats to your competitors.
  • You can automatically improve your underperforming ads by using WASK’s corrector tool.
    Using WASK it is possible to publish both Google and Facebook ads. Plus, you can organize and track all your ads from one screen.
  • Their design tool is really useful for designing advertising images like Instagram, Facebook, Gdn, Twitter, Snapchat, and LinkedIn.
  • After all, autopilot rules are a lifesaving feature in busy times.. You can automatically stop/start or budget changes by scheduling your Facebook, Instagram and Google Ads.

WASK offers three different pricing plans. Basic ($14/month), Premium ($29/month, and Professional ($49/month). Plus, you can use WASK’s framework plan for up to 15 days..

2. SE Ranking

Image via SE Ranking

SE Rankings is an all-in-one SEO platform, a close analogue of Seamrush but at a much lower price point.
It has everything you need as an SEO or digital agency: backlink checker, SERP analyst, page SEO checker, word search tools, word complaint, content editor, white label feature for agencies, and A lot of things.

With SE rankings, it only takes a few clicks to gain insight into what your competitors are doing to drive maximum traffic and achieve top rankings. You can use this information to improve your site..

An accurate rank tracker in SE rankings — also the best available in the market. Use this to track your progress over time and see how your efforts are paying off. If you’re on a limited budget but still want an innovative SEO tool, you should give the SE ranking platform a try.

Top Features
  • Get the latest SEO reports that also cover over 70 SEO parameters.
  • With Keyword Suggest Tool, compile a list of required word concepts for any marketing activity, obtain necessary statistics and check SERP—all in one place.
  • With a Competitive Research Tool, you can learn more about your competitors’ strategies and compare your preferred words to implement the best approach.
  • Keep a close tab on the latest changes on any website using the Page Change Monitoring feature.
    Keep track of your Google, Bing, YouTube and Yahoo rankings using the rank tracker tool.
  • Track each search engine to 5, zip code (5 locations).
  • Ability to integrate Facebook and Twitter social media profiles with a Social Media Management module to monitor your online reputation and schedule posts.


SE rankings have a unique pricing system. Its project prices vary depending on the frequency of usage and the number of reports needed to perform monthly action. If you use Toll every 3 days or weekly, you can get cheaper rate plans. If you plan to use it daily, here are the pricing plans available:

Required plan: $31.20/month
Pro Plan: $71.20/month
Business plan : $151.20
Custom plan is available
Free trial is available

3. Advanced Web Ranking

Image Via Advanced Web Ranking

AWR or advanced web rankings rule the trend in seamrush alternatives. This device offers remarkable features at a pocket friendly price. You can use AWR on any device, browser, or operating system without hassle.

Top features

  • The platform offers white label reports on-demand, either on a daily or weekly basis.
  • You can get the latest ranking reports covering all SERP features and all search engines.
  • Localization makes it possible to drill a hole in location-related data.
  • The platform develops custom SEO reports in templates.
  • Their developer API allows you to integrate your SERP data into in-house tools.


AWR offers four packages, Starter, PRO, Agency, and Enterprise, ranging from $44 to $449 per month (if paid for a year).

4. Searchmetrics

Image Via Searchmetrics

Image Via Searchmetrics

SearchMatrix is an all-in-one tool that includes search word analysis, SEM & PPC, site audit, backlink audit, and SEO. They also offer market insights and cloud integration. How does this compare to Seamrush? With such a wide range of capabilities, this Seamrush alternative is a must for all smart marketers.

Top features

  • Their global SEO feature gives you historical search data covering five years, 130 domains, and 30
  • countries.Their Local SEO feature lets you monitor SEO trends in 14 countries.
  • You can leverage the power of backlink analytics to improve your off-page performance.
  • Their in-depth website analytics reports help you uncover flaws in your website architecture. Their ViewGuard feature saves your high-conversion pages 24×7 from traffic damage.
  • They give you an unparalleled comparison of PPC and organic activities and tips to improve both.

    You can request a demo .

    5. Serpstat

Image Via Serpstat

Image Via Serpstat

The next Seamrush alternative is SerpStat, a growth hacking tool for content marketers and entrepreneurs. Their suite of services include position keeping, site audits, competitor word research, and backlink analysis.

Top Features

  • Their Word Search feature identifies the top performance of your pages and ads.
  • They analyze search word trends, different search word conditions, search tips, and international SEO data at no extra cost.
  • Their SERP analytics identify your domain exposure, relative positioning, and best performing pages and content.
  • Their competitive analytics feature identifies your Edwards competitors, their budgets, and the desired word target.

Their content marketing suite bundles a database of content creation suggestions and relevant wanted words.

The software solution is available in four pricing plans, light, standard, high-end, and enterprise, including $69 to $499 per month. You can also access their free tool which includes top-notch features like rival analytics..


6. Google Keyword Planner

Image Via Google Keyword Planner

Image Via Google Keyword Planner

The first in our list free seamrush alternative is Google Keyword Planner. This simple-to-use tool is part and parcel of your Google Ads account.

How does this stack up vs Seamrush? Although cost-effective, this device isn’t as powerful as the Seamrush. The metrics they’ve created offer ambiguous boundaries rather than exact values, so they can be surprising for your SEO team.

Top Features

  • This tool helps you find wanted words by domain, products or services. They suggest SEO campaign ideas while hinting around keywords.
  • You can access historical data such as average monthly search and competitive analysis for keywords.
  • This tool predicts the performance of wanted words based on predicted clicks and potential conversions.
  • You get high-level sorting features like cl clicks, average CPC, CTR, and comments to filter search results.

Available to use for free.

Image Via Monitor Backlinks

Image Via Monitor Backlinks

Monitor backlinks are a strong competition for seamrush, due to its strong backlink audit and SEO analytics features. Their super-friendly dashboard and custom interface provide users with a great view of all the data they’re looking for. So vs Seamrush, this is one of the top Seamrush alternatives out there. 13 Best Seamrush Alternatives Everyone Needs

Top features

  • You can get backlink audit reports with details like Top-Level Domain (TLD) distribution, Top Anchor Text, Follow vs No Follow, and Top Linked Pages.
  • They track the location, traffic volume, CPC numbers, and word details required for competition scores. You can tag required words for better management.
  • They support 24×7 by investigating reports coming from 3rd party sources like Moz and Majestic.
  • They let you make a obnoxious list for negative backlinks that could discredit your websites.

Their lowest-cost plan is a start plan that costs $25 per month. At this price, you can monitor one domain, two competitors, 2,500 links, and 50 required words

8. KWFinder

Image Via KWFinderImage Via KWFinder

If you are concerned about required word research and analysis, then this Seamrush alternative could be your ideal resource. 13 Best Seamrush Alternatives Everyone Needs The platform has a set of SEO tools dedicated to the task of searching for required words with lower difficult scores and higher search volume.

Top Features

  • This search word tool Lets you search for wanted words by domain and location.
  • Platform spins hidden and odd long tailed words within three minutes.
  • The keyword research tool can also identify wanted words that your competitors are targeting using their domain/URL.
  • You can get SERP reports for more than 50K locations.
  • Using a single application, you can submit hundreds of required word reports.

Their Mongolian basic plan costs just $29.90 per month and allows for the search for 100 required words a day.
For searching the highest number of wanted words, you can use their Mongolian Premium Plan (39.90 per month or their Mongolian Agency plan) $79.90 per month for 1200 searches.

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