16 Best Free SEO Chrome Extensions.

16 Best Free SEO Chrome Extensions.


16 Best Free SEO Chrome Extensions. There Are A Lot Of SEO Chrome Extensions Out There. Does this mean if I use more of these I’ll get better results? Does this really save me time? Can I search subtitled titles and drive traffic if I use lots of SEO chrome extensions?

There are many Chrome extensions out there, specifically associated with SEO, but installing too many Chrome extensions may not be fruitful and yield better results.

16 Best Free SEO Chrome Extensions

On the top of that, some very useful features are only available to Premium Extensions, with a free extension. There is only ” meh . So in this blog, we’ll show you our 16 favorite free SEO Chrome extensions and how they can help your website rank higher on Google.

Come on. Hey, it’s from Maham and Prince Mahratif. This a WordPress SEO plugin tries to provide you with the fastest and most advanced SEO tools and, most importantly, equip you with the latest SEO knowledge. We’re here to discuss the best free Chrome extensions to streamline your workflow and improve your SEO. And that’s why we’ve broken down these Chrome extensions into six categories.

We’ll start with the extensions that say “Topic Discovery,” and then help with the extensions that “On-Page SEO”, “Technical SEO”, “Backlink Discovery”, “Backlink Link Outreach”, and finally “ Local SEO “.

SEO Chrome Extensions for Topic Discovery

So without further ado, let’s dive into the extension for “Topic Discovery”. Now, when it comes to Tupac Discovery, what comes to mind is probably Chrome Extensions from Ahrifs, Seamrush, Paid for Expansion, and others like Moose Bar, Required Word Surfer, etc. , frame tools but free version not much use.

For example, the Required Word Surfer provides you with the number of words and the exact required words used for each grade essay.

Now, the number of words for a particular title is synonymous because it varies, but unless rank math content is analyzed many data points like AI, where we analyze all contents of the classification and You use a proprietary AI system to provide you with multiple words for a specific title..

Anyway, thoughts of wanted words aren’t helpful either. 16 Best Free SEO Chrome Extensions.
And Moz Bar provides you with many helpful backlinks with page and domain authority, but to determine the competency of this topic, you need a premium version. Not very helpful in the end.

#1 All The Way Up.

In this category, we recommend that the first Chrome extension is the “most” extension. And yes, I know this is a frame tool that has a limit of 3 searches per day. For example, the search volume for the key sentence you searched for.

They’ll provide you with domain authority that Moose Bar provides. This page’s estimation is derived from the search term, number of social stakes, and required words, with the relative volume of the search people search.

Cost per click, cost per click if you want to run ads, and difficult SEO, which tells you how difficult it is to rank for that wanted word. Oh, by the way, it also tells you the number of backlinks in each grade article.

This is more than perfect. And if you have multiple Gmail accounts, most of us do, it expands the range of your daily searches.

He already knows that ! Really? Moving toward the next Chrome extension, we have a tool that will help with the good old Google Alphabet soap technique, where you enter a common search term and add A-B-C. Consider google suggestions when I change fonts. These are Suggested key phrases people search for on Google, and the process takes time.

#2 Kostek.

So the next chrome extension we recommend is “SEOStack”. When you install and enable this Chrome extension, it doesn’t change or add any information on the search results page, but it is a tool itself. Enter the desired words for your badge, and choose your modifiers.

The more modifications you choose, the longer it takes to complete the process. Same goes for sources, but you’ll definitely see more wanted word suggestions. Click start, and within seconds or minutes, you’ll find many sought-after word suggestions pulled directly from your selected search engines.

As you can see, these are the suggested keyphrases that are entered in this position when A is entered. These are keywords when no letter is entered. They always go in that order. As you see ? For further use, just export the results to the CSV file. So this tool saves you a ton of time talking about tech and saving time from scratch.

#3 SEO Minion.

“SEO Minion” is a chrome extension that takes questions from people. Ask the “Ask” section. You find from a routine Google search that you have to zoom the questions one at a time before more relevant questions appear.

But with SEO minion, you’ll see its tool bar on the right. You can download various types of information, as you can see here, but the most useful one is “PAA”, which even “people” can ask. Deep down to the level you choose, it will take an SEO minion to settle the results.

But once the result is settled, you can download the data via a CSV file or better yet, ask people from the tree too.
This gives you an overview of all questions about your search period.

I don’t know about you, but this is incredibly helpful because you find so many relevant topics in a matter of seconds. And if you place these titles in the Google Trends tool for ranked math, it will instantly tell you if the search volume for each of these titles is. Having a graph means searching is traffic and not a graph. For example, this means little or no search traffic..

SEO Chrome Extensions for On Page SEO.

So we have a source to get title suggestions and access information about title search volume and competition. The next thing is to improve your content with on-page SEO. 16 Best Free SEO Chrome Extensions.

On-page SEO is the meat and ingredients of search rankings. You can do a lot of things to build your SEO like link building and what not, but if you don’t get on-page SEO right, nothing will work for you.

#4 Grammar

So the first SEO Chrome extension in this category is the Free Grammy Chrome extension because, according to Google, poor language indirectly reflects the quality of your site, which indirectly affects your rankings. So we better proof proof proof read our content before publishing it. And what’s better than hiring a proofreader?

Grammar! Now, if you’re like me, who didn’t know Chrome extensions exist, you’ll probably need to write in Google Docs or WordPress Editor and transfer content to Grammar.

Check all the necessary and transfer it back to WordPress before publishing. Yup, this was me last year. And with this Grammar Chrome extension, I can type in WordPress editor and get grammar check in editor. No more unnecessary stuff. Best of all, grammar is free, so check it out.

#5 The Detailed Breakdown of SEO

Next up, we have the simple “Detailed SEO Extension” tool. Once you turn on the Chrome extension, when you go to any webpage and click on the extension, it will give you an overview of the page, such as page title, description, url, general, robotag, word Count, number of used heading tags, photos and links.

And if you’re researching the topic to figure out what to write, click on the titles, and you’ll see the articles head without having to scroll through the content. This is very helpful. Click on the links, which will give you information about internal and external connections. Using this tool, I can source some topic ideas by reading anchor text and creating a topical cluster.

And then we have pictures. Now, this is just analyzing the contents of one page. And as I said before, it would be more helpful if multiple data points were analyzed. And this is what our AI system does. It analyzes the top content rankings and tells you what you should include in the content area as well as titles.

It will tell you how many photos to add and the number of links you get ahead of the information you get from a detailed SEO extension. But this tool is helpful, it gives you an idea of what to write and it indicates good internal contact opportunities for your site.

This Chrome extension, combined with our content AI, will help you tremendously in writing your own content. And then it also gives you scam information on the page, which is cool if you know how to implement it on your site.

But if you want an easy way to use Schema information, you can use our Schema Generator. In WordPress editor, click import, select url option, put page link here, and boom. Here is the measure information you get from Chrome extensions.

To use the schema information on your selected webpage you only need to edit the information so it can be used on your page. In the case of on-page SEO, this detailed SEO extension is helpful in using rank math tools..

#6 Open SEO Status

Another Chrome extension like Detailed SEO extension is the “Open SEO Status” extension. Like detailed SEO, it gives you the overall SEO status about the site, its technical information, and the page you’re on.

You’ll find titles used in the number of internal and external contacts, header tags, etc. It also gives you details of the contacts on this page. It’s kind of like the detailed SEO extension, but personally, from user experience, I prefer the detailed SEO extension in open SEO states. What is your opinion? Let me know in the comments.

#7 Spark Content Optimizer

Another great SEO Chrome extension is “Spark Content Optimizer”. This free tool works quite a bit. Go to any page on the internet, open the extension, and it will tell you how much wanted words this article is ranking and it’s estimated traffic.

If you intend to write an article on the same topic, if the page you’re on is Google’s first result, if you forward that article, that’s estimated traffic.

If you expand the rankings, it will show you the 20 keywords or keyphrases this article is ranking, its ranking for each key sentences, and the search for those key sentences Volume. This rank is like a math analytics module, which will tell you what required words a particular essay is ranking and its statistics.

Rank math is great for internal statistics, while Spark Content Analyst is great for external statistics, or in other words, for your competitor’s stats. When we scroll further down, it gives you on-page info.

Check if your page is experiencing technical issues.
This tells you how many external sites are connected to this page. Checks to see if the contacts on this page are working correctly. Technically, it’s a broken link checker. Then there’s page speed checker, which is cool if you want to know how other pages are performing at high speeds. 16 Best Free SEO Chrome Extensions.

You can check SEO to determine if your page is SEO friendly. Now, it’s only three checks, but if you use Ranked Math SEO checklist, we have a group of checks to make sure your content is very SEO friendly.

It gives you word count and lets you identify the words that are looking for by search engines. This is a very useful SEO Chrome extension for rival analysis, which is also good for your on-page SEO. How do you like our SEO Chrome Extension list so far? If you like what you see, please smash that thumbs up button?

SEO Chrome Extensions For Technical SEO

#8 Performance Analyst

Let’s move on to the next category, one of our favorites. Technical SEO has many facets, but our listing SEO Chrome extension helps improve our website speed, and it’s called “Performance Analyst.” Go to any website, click on extension, and it will give you an overview of how your website is performing in terms of speed.

This will tell you how many requests the browser gives to your server before the page appears, the total time it takes to load, and load time lapses. The first bite time is when your server is required to respond to a web browser request.

SEO Extension

DOM Processing is how fast the objects on the page load. These figures are represented in the graph below, and if you scroll further down, you can see the breakdown of all the applications.
And it’s very helpful to see the waterfall chart of everything loading on your webpage so you know what’s behind your page loading faster.

These are all technical, and it’s great for those who understand them and use them to their advantage. But if you don’t have a clue about it, don’t worry. We created a simple blog to help you improve the speed of your site, even as a beginner. You can check it out here. We left it to the details.

#9 lighthouse

Now, talking about on-page performance, Google has the SEO Chrome extension called “Lighthouse.” We’re sure you’ve heard about it. It will give you all the details about your page speed. Find this familiar because it is insightful on Google provided pages.

At the top of that, it analyzes your Page accessibility to determine if your Page is accessible for people with disabilities.
Check if your site’s code follows best practices, and checks if your page follows the basic search engine optimization advice.

This pretty much sums up everything. But that doesn’t mean there’s everything 90 and above that will guarantee you a top spot on the search rankings. These are just guidelines to help you improve the overall quality of your site.. Ranking still depends on your content. Now, that’s two chrome extensions.

SEO Chrome Extensions for Backlink Discovery

This will help with technical SEO. Now let’s move to the next category, “Backlink Link Discovery” category. Now, it doesn’t matter that backlinks in the future are becoming less and less important, it’s the decision for the future.

#10 Free Backlink Checker via LRT

What’s happening right now is that backlink is still more important than SEO. So the first SEO Chrome extension we recommend to help you discover backlink opportunities, it’s the “free backlink checker whose “LRT” is there. As the name suggests, it’s free to use. You don’t need to create an account, and there is no limit to usage.

Now, this tool helps you find broken links from your Page, your competitor’s Page or the Page you want to get backlinks from, and it helps you easily identify if any The links of the page are followed. Just visit the page, click on extension, and it will start to analyze the page.

This is a summary of the links he pointed out. If you want a full report about all the links analyzed on the page, click on Export and there will be a nice table with filters according to your usage case.

Maybe you just want to see the external connections that are “doFollow” so you can decide if you have opportunities to reach them. Or maybe you just want to see broken links that are “doFollow” so you know there’s an opportunity to link, but unfortunately, that’s not the case for this webpage.

This is such a great Chrome extension that will help you explore link making opportunities.

#11 with the crowd

Another nice chrome extension for Backlink Discovery is “Buzzismo”. Now, isn’t that a pay extension? Well, they do have a paid version, but you still get ten free looks every month even if you don’t pay for it. So technically, it’s a frame tool similar to an ubrossover and very useful.

For example, you have social share buttons on your page and want to know who shares so you can reach them for backlink opportunities. Or you could go to a competitor’s page to see their sharers so you can reach out to them and let them know your content exists, too, and it’s probably better than your competitor’s Page that they shared.

It’s a matter of use. Plus, you can see page backlinks you’re on, see the most shared content on the site, and backlinks to identify opportunities. Bizmo has so many uses. You have to get creative with this one. 16 Best Free SEO Chrome Extensions.

#12 Unfollowed

The next Chrome extension is very useful if you just want a specific Bizumo feature and avoid being bound by boundaries. We’re talking about the “NoFollow” Chrome Extension. As the name suggests, it helps you identify if the page you are visiting has “” or “ links very easily.

Instead of running and viewing reports, go to any page on the web, and if there is a follow link, it will show green boxed up signals like this. And if there is a link no follow, it will be in red.

So from here, we can see that internal connections are follow links, and external links are no follow links. So are you willing to spend time trying to get a backlink from

SEO Chrome Extensions for Backlink Outreach
Ok, now you’ve got a few backlink opportunities, and it’s time to get some access.

#13 Hunter. this me

So let’s move to the next category. Ok, I got this website I want contacts to, but who should I contact? “ Hunter “. Use the io ” ! On any page of a site that you want a link to, click on the extension, and it will start looking for domain-related emails. The best part is that they will classify those emails so you can reach the right person.

In that case, we’re on the Points Guys website and the people I should contact for backlinks are probably people from the communications team. This is a very simple tool but very helpful and easy to use. Saves you a lot of time going through the site pages to find email addresses. Now, smash that thumbs up button if you see what you see!

SEO Chrome Extensions for Local SEO
The final category we have will be extremely helpful for local businesses. Sometimes as a local business owner, you. Never know what your business is ranking especially on search terms like “Locksmith Near Me” because sometimes it depends on where your customer is searching.

#14 Gmb Crush

So with GMB crush, you may have that info. You just have to install the Chrome extension, register and verify your account, and on this page, you can change the search location.

For example, hypothetically, my user is near a place called “Tiong deaf”, so I will add “Tiong brows” and click “Coordinates” and now I choose an address. Can who is close to my fake customer. Once selected, click on “Search Now,” which brings you to the map as if you’re at that location. You see this is where my fake customer is located. When you search for, for example, “Italian restaurants near me”, these ads will appear and have organic results.

This will show Luca’s restaurant upstairs, which is located here.
And chapter 55 is in 3rd place. But why is it not before or after near my location? If your business is chapter 55, you know you’re not at the top because your review rating isn’t better than the top two results. So your primary focus should be to bring up your review ratings so that if someone finds an Italian restaurant near me” location, your results will appear first.

If you’re looking to save money on something besides some expensive tracking tools, you can use this tool to plan locations around your business and take snapshots of rankings. And every month, you do the same, and you’ll know if your rankings have improved. You just need to have resources. The next two will help your competitors identify the primary and secondary categories they enter in their Google Business profiles. This is how you know how to compete.

#15 GMT everywhere

So the next Chrome extension is “GMB everywhere”. You can see some of the elements involved in search results when turning on Chrome Extension. You’ll see the category every local business is using.

So you can conduct a fundamental audit on your business or your competitors’ business on Google to gain insights and business features. It has functions like GMB crush, which can give you changes in location.

But note that there is a limit of five audits in total every month. So whether you do a fundamental audit, this is an audit report, a teleport audit, that’s another report. So that’s less than five per audit. Just take note of this.

So in the case of teleport, GMB is far better than being crushed because it has no boundaries. But what’s nice about GMB is that on top of what it offers for free, it gives you the ability to do review audit where it will analyze all the reviews of a business and you Co will provide some insight into business reviews and business reviews. Review the required Word Analysis.

If you’re a smart business owner, I’m sure you know what to do with this information. May the service you provide that wasn’t your attention be mentioned many times now. You know this is the service you need to pay more attention to.

#16 GMB Spy

Eventually, if you don’t think you need audits from GMB everywhere and just need Google Business Profile category information, you’ll find the “GMB Spy” useful. With GMB Spy, if you search on Google Maps and click on the extension, you’ll see two options: “Selected” and “Local Pack” . You are not seeing the right information about the elected because you have yet to select a business. 16 Best Free SEO Chrome Extensions.

When you do, it will show you the fundamental and secondary types of business. If you choose Local Pack, it will show you three types of results. And if you want to see primary and secondary types of top 20 results from Local Pack, download them as CSV only. And here, you will see the categories from the top 20 results.


So what do you think of this list of free SEO Chrome extensions? Are any of these useful, or do you have experience using them? Let us tell you in the comments. If you know of any other SEO Chrome extensions, feel free to share them.

Give us a thumbs up if you found this blog helpful. It means a lot to us. We hope you will do so to get the latest SEO tips and insights.. Thank you for looking. Be great, and I’ll see you in the next blog. Great job!

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