7 Best Website Rank Tracking Tools To Check Your Website Rankings

12 Best Website Rank Tracking Tools To Check Your Website Rankings

What is rank tracking?

7 Best Website Rank Tracking Tools To Check Your Website Rankings Keep up with rankings when you track where and how well the url’s chosen search engine results.
The main point is to track these results from time to time. This will give you the opportunity to detect trends that can then be used to further improve web pages.

What is rank tracking software?

Rank tracking software is a program designed to help SEO experts track website search engine rankings.
Software detects long-term rankings of websites, which can then put data into graphs, making it easier to analyze trends that can be used to improve a website’s SEO.
Rank-tracking software is a tool capable of finding out where the URL is on search engines, track it time-to-date, analyze data, and then present it in a way that easily identifies SEO problems.

How to Select Top Ranked Tracking Tools

When testing these tools and deciding how to best search and rank, I took a lot of factors into consideration.
These same factors apply to you, when reading through this list, so you can find the best rate up-to-date tool for you.

Here’s how to choose a top-ranked stay-at-home tool:

  • Price. First things first, is your budget. It’s better to choose a rank-up device that has all your features. Getting a cheaper, not worth it at the cost of losing vital features, and will result in you needing to get a different tool in the future.
  • Cloud based software. Sure, this means you’ll need to be online, but it enables you to get real-time results when checking your URL’s SERP rankings.
  • Scale ability. The software you need to scale with growth in your business. Since most of these are SAS tools, they need to offer packages that fit businesses of all sizes.
  • Key word filtering. Options for narrowing searches such as location and history. This should only allow you to view pages that are higher or lower ranked on a set date..
  • Limit of required words. Tools that keep track of all the required words will not be able to track the same number of required words. Depending on the package you choose, most will have a monthly limit. It is necessary to bring an element in it. If you’re just looking for a few needed words for a particular niche, you might end up paying for a high subscription that you don’t need. On the other hand, if you have reached your package limit, you may end up paying extra fees to be able to find more wanted words


Wincher Rank Tracker

Image via Wincher Rank Tracker

Image via Wincher Rank Tracker

Winchester Rank Tracker is a super easy and affordable word tracker full of features. Its easy to read and insightful reports and dynamic pricing model is what make it unique.

You shouldn’t have to pay too much for unused limits of various SEO tools. With this rank keeping tool, you can choose domains and the number of required words you want to track.

Another unique benefit of using this tool is that you can add your teammates to projects and up to 10 competitors at no additional cost.

Top Features
  • Keep up to date with the correct status daily
  • Rating warnings and automatic reports
  • Latest updates of manual rankings
  • Venture merges with keyword research tool
  • Merges with Google Search Console to import required words
  • Merger with UST SEO Plugin
  • Competitive at no extra cost
  • Website and classification of required words
  • Desktop and mobile tracking
  • White label support for information
  • Adding interpretations

2. Serpstat

The serpentist is another great awareness tool. With this, you’ll be treated to the largest database of keywords with the option to analyze your competitors’ desired words and site rankings.
Seraptist is trending with the most searched word search list in specific areas.

It also packs content analytics tools, capable of helping with title generation, general questionnaire preparation and paper checking.

Top Features

  • The key word research
  • Market Intelligence
  • Backlink analysis
  • Advertising analysis
  • Required words rank tracking
  • Competitive analysis
  • Site Audit
  • Batch analysis of keywords and domains

Light: $ 55 / month
Standard: $ 119 / month
Premium grade: $239/month
Enterprise: $ 399 / month

3. Sitechecker

With Site Checker, you’ll find the full package and more.
This comprehensive rank keeping device has all the bells and whistles. Track your website, as well as search engine rankings, and even mobile SERPs.

You’ll always keep up-to-date with weekly ranking emails, which shows which pages have gone up, and which has gone down.

Trying to find a specific page or desired word performance? Then the ability to filter wanted words by site checker’s multiple terms should work wonders for you.

Top Features

  • Site Audit
  • Site monitoring
  • Rank tracking
  • Back linking
  • SEO Chrome Extension
  • White Label SEO Reports

Basic: $ 55 / month
Starting at: $ 119 / month
Increase: $239 / month

4. LinkResearchTools

LinkResearch Tools has a great SERP research tool to help you find url rankings and top requested words for any location.

It is also able to reduce these findings and show classifications in specific areas..

By Link Expectation, you can find the best backlinks related to your desired Word, allowing you to build a reliable network of backlinks within your site or article.
Along with the dashboard the rest of the user interface is also well designed. This Reveals The Most Important Data About SEO Performance.
With a single click, you’ll dive deeper into XLS reports as well as the option to export them to PDF..

Top Features

  • Be aware of the extensive back link
  • Audit and recovery tools
  • Tools that enable link based sales and marketing.
  • Domain Comparison Tools.
  • Real Time Backlink Alerts
  • Free browser extensions

Superhero small: $599/month
Superhero Quality : $999 / month
Enterprise: Contact their sales team for more information

5. LinkAssistant


If you need a rank tracker with unlimited potential, Link Assistant is right for you. Using 23 tools in this suite, you can track unlimited wanted words for different domains and locations. You can monitor your pages and your competitors’ SERP ratings.

What else is there?

You can also have high monitoring of keyword positions in 400+ search engines, and also pull daily/weekly reports about insights

Top Features

  • Works in more than 500 search engines
  • Suggestions for the required words
  • Detects sites that are already connected to you
  • Crops url from a specific web page
  • Searching for sites linked to competitors

Professional: $299 / year
Enterprise: $499 / year

6. Zutrix

Zotrex is a great tool to keep up with Rank that offers a complete set of features to take care of all your needs.
Unlike other tools, Zetrix provides a simple solution that can help you track your desired word classifications accurately using your AI-powered engine.
Zotrex also has a real-time notification feature that lets you instantly detect changes to your rankings via Telegram, Slick and email.

Top Features:

Infinite Domains

Schedule reporting

Real time notification

Competition Analysis

Results depending on the location

Starter: $ 9 / month
Pro: $28 / month
Agency: $ 54 / month

7. AffiloTools

Want a strict SEO health check for your website?

This powerful ranking keeping tool detects the technical gaps in your on-page and off-page SEO that’s impacting your rankings. It analyzes your backlinks and keeps a tab on your Edwards competitors.
The best part ?

You also get a link finder that identifies the authentic websites and domains that you should target to boost your backlink profile.

Top Features:

  • Recommendations for the needed words
  • SEO Health Checkup
  • Top sites for wanted words
  • Back link on site tool
  • Finder of the needed words


Afelo Tools are free, some features are locked behind the paywall starting at $17/month

7 Best Website Rank Tracking Tools To Check Your Website Rankings

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