8 Best Facebook Marketing Tools

8 Best Facebook Marketing Tools

8 Best Facebook Marketing Tools Facebook is one of the largest and popular social networking platforms on the web. It boasts over 2.6 billion active users. 1.73 billion of these go to the site every day. If you don’t have a toolkit of Facebook marketing strategy and key tools to endorse it, you’re probably missing out on the world’s largest online audience.
Using quality Facebook marketing tools can make it much easier to reach the audience you want. In this article, we introduce you to eight solutions you can try.

Let’s get to it!

First, let’s discuss one of the most helpful Facebook marketing tools that develops itself in the platform. You might want to think about social media’s Google Analytics insights into Facebook Audience Insights.

If you have a business account, you can access Audience Insights for free to learn more about your followers. This tool is based on the wealth of the information users share with the platform. So, in addition to basic demographics and location information, you can also learn about your audience’s careers and interests, relationship statistics, education level and more.

Once you have a better understanding of who’s interested in your brand, you can shape your campaigns accordingly. If you’re just getting started and aren’t sure who your audience is yet, you can also look at the data for overall Facebook users, then filter the results to reduce your focus.

Note that Facebook audience can be difficult to use insight. Not only does its feature set constantly change, but it sparkles a little bit too. Nevertheless, it provides data you can’t find anywhere else, so we think it’s worth mentioning.

Key Features:

Look at the overall demographics for Facebook, or the users connected to your Page
Monitor user activity on your Facebook page

Watch “Infinity Scores” that tell you how likely your audience is to like a certain title
Create targeted ads based on the interests of your audience
Price: Facebook Audience Insights Facebook Business Account | Free with more info

2. Hootsite

Hootsite enables you to schedule content for your social media profiles and pages, monitor customer conversation, engage with followers and more. It also offers content creation tools. This means you can do everything from writing and editing to uploading and scheduling content from one dashboard.

Furthermore, the starter plan of Hootsite is very budget friendly. $19 per month, if you manage multiple Facebook accounts and pages and you are self-employed (since this plan only supports one user).

There are many social media manager platforms out there, including Agura Plus, Buffer, and Spirit Social to name a few. We know that HootSuite strikes the perfect balance between usefulness, high-quality features and affordable pricing, so we’ve put it together. However, many of its rivals are also worth a look.
Key Features:

Schedule content for multiple Facebook profiles and pages
Reply and moderate consumer content

Create a shared library of brand assets that you can reuse in your accounts
Construct teams and assign them specific tasks

Price: Plans start at $19 per month with free trial | More info

3. Mobile Monkey

Mobile Monkey is a chatbot-based marketing tool that integrates with Facebook Messenger. It provides several features that can help you build traffic to your page as well as your ad campaigns.

For starters, Mobile Monkey includes a lead generator that auto’s to messages and collects user contact information for you. Then you can integrate this data to your email lists or otherwise other re-engage users who have already reached out to you.

Mobile Monkey also enables you to send messages to customers who click on your ads to create a more engaging experience for them. On top of that, you can set up Messenger drip campaigns, set up chatbots for your website, and more.

Key Features:

Create a Facebook Messenger chat bot that integrates with your website
Create Facebook messenger drip campaigns 8 Best Facebook Marketing Tools

Arrest led by gathering contact information through Facebook Messenger
Open automated chats with customers who click on your Facebook ads
Price: Plans $21.75 per month bill | More info

4. Adrol

Aderol is a Facebook marketing tool that is perfect if you have products that you want to promote across multiple channels. Using it, you can create and manage multiple types of ads that can run on Facebook, Instagram and several other platforms.

The tool also lets you sign up for your email list and use that list to automatically send marketing emails. At the top of that, you can see insights into your audience, how your website’s chimney is performing, and more.
Key Features:

Run e-commerce ads on multiple platforms including Facebook
Use retiring ads on Facebook after users leave their website

Sign up users in the email list you can use for ecommerce marketing purposes
Access analytics and audience insights

Price: Free & Premium Plans Available | More Info

5. Short steak

Facebook contests and giveaways can be effective strategies for growing your audience, getting followers to engage with you, and generating goodwill for your brand. However, organizing these types of events on the social media platform is as difficult as you might expect.

With ShortStack, you can run contests and giveaway routes with random winner selection, create forms so users can sign up, and embellish Facebook contests on your website. The tool also supports a variety of contests, including the option where participants must refer friends to comment on specific posts to increase their chances of winning or enter. 8 Best Facebook Marketing Tools

Key Features:

Run the competition on Facebook and cheaper
Win by reference and make pre related special contest
Embed Facebook contests into your website

Make simple shapes so customers can sign up for your contests and giveaways
Price: Plans start at $99 per month | More info

6. Growth

When it comes to creating a social media marketing strategy, it tends to rely solely on revamping blog content or product updates. While these can be effective methods, posting content that will drive engagement and get Facebook users excited about your brand.

Outgrow can help you create interactive social media content like quizzes, forms, surveys, calculators and more. You can add your style and branding to make your posts pop and catch the eyes of boring Facebook scrollers.

Key Features:

Create interactive content suitable for engagement
Put your branding on your content

Access Detailed Sales Funnel Analytics
Set up chatbots with conditional messaging

Price: A limited free plan available. Premium prices start at $14 per month | More info

7. Social makers

If you’re struggling to find the best content ideas to grow and engage your Facebook audience, Social Backers is a fantastic solution. However, the way it leads to discovery is absolutely unique. 8 Best Facebook Marketing Tools

With Social Backers, you can access AI-enabled marketing personalities, enabling you to better target content posted on Facebook. It also helps you identify influencers in your niche and follow trends on topics your audience may care about, while also giving you access to analytics.

On top of that, you can use Social Backers for content timings and publications on multiple Facebook pages, making it a very organized marketing tool. If you’re interested in a similar solution, you’ll want to check out Post Planner. It provides great-performing content insights for your Facebook Page niche to help you brainstorm content ideas.

Key Features:

Develop marketing personalities
Identify the Facebook influencers in your niche.
Follow the trends related to your niche

Access Analytics About Your Followers
Schedule content for multiple Facebook pages

Price: You will need to request a quote for projects that have the full suite of features | More Info Join

8. Pagemodo

If you think your Facebook pages can suffer from poor design, Pagemodo should be up your alley. Using this tool, you can easily create custom graphics that you can use for cover images, post feature graphics, and custom tabs. 8 Best Facebook Marketing Tools

On top of its graphics creation features, Pagemodo can also help you schedule posts across multiple platforms and run contests and giveaways (depending on which project you use) ).

Ultimately, Pagemodo gives you straight-forward analytics about user engagement, follower growth, and other metrics that are crucial to Facebook page growth.
Key Features:

Create custom graphics for your Facebook pages
Schedule posts across multiple platforms
Run the competition and cheaper

Access Analytics About Your Followers
Price: Plans start at $6.25 per month | More info

Drawing a conclusion

werful way to grow your brand, but only if you know how to approach it. If you’re not sure what kind of content to publish, when to do it, or who your audience is, your efforts will likely go flat. This is where Facebook marketing tools come in. 8 Best Facebook Marketing Tools

Knowing what your followers care about, what topics to focus on, and when to post can help you develop an effective strategy to reach customers on Facebook. Popular platforms like Hotsweet will allow you to schedule and format social content, but you can also identify following personalities with social backers, run contests using shortstakes, and more.

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