Buyuk Selcuklu Episode 33 in Urdu Subtitles

Buyuk Selcuklu Episode 33 in Urdu subtitles

Buyuk Selcuklu Episode 33 in Urdu subtitles I will hit Osman the last blow with Togay. God willing. My Bala. What happened to your rosebud chick cast a shadow on your rose face. His wound is healing, lord. However, those on the wedding caravan. Do not throw in it. Share it, my Bala. Buyuk Selcuklu Episode 33 in Urdu Subtitles I hesitate to increase your troubles, sir. Come on. Come on. Nothing spills out of your tongue other than healing. I am Osman. Gonca and Boran alp had trouble finding time and had a wedding. They were attacked at that wedding, too.

What made me think was that we knew that this sort of thing

was going to happen. We expect an attack at any moment. At the wedding, at the funeral. Sir Osman, if this endless war makes us worried about having a wedding or lifting a funeral or celebrating holidays. we cannot grow. We cannot multiply or flourish. However, this is the fate of those who persevere to break the chains and who stand up to establish a state. My duty is to save my obama safe and sound from this ring of fire

Our wedding will be our wedding, our holiday will be a feast.

Our older sisters will not have to go to the gas. We will have an army. We will have a state. It will be. It will be my Bala. I hope sir. God willing. With your permission. Your permission is yours. It will be. And yet, what are we going to do, sir? Is there any destur, sir? Come in, my daughter. You ordered me, sir. Mr. Osman. Osman Bey could not find out who I was still. He ignores the blood I shed for my state and my martyred children.Buyuk Selcuklu Episode 33 in Urdu Subtitles  What happened, sir? He doesn’t even want to hear how I stand firm against Geyhatu’s armies! Now is the time to find out who I am. He asks me to tie it to a handful of soil he bestowed on me and herd my obama like his own lambs.

It’s time to show him the sharpness of our teeth! Dad, what do you say?

Osman Bey gets ready for the gas. He gives news to all camps except us. He wants to disgrace us in the eyes of other obese. That is the whole point. We can’t let that happen, father. Of course we will not. Malhun, you can go to Osman with Bahadır. You should know exactly who we are. Mr. Osman, I do not violate my honor to you. Who are you? Togay’s shadow is Camuha. Talk. Osman raided your land, you would wonder who told your place. Talk… You can put your hands on Osman’s blood, not mine. Tell It is Nikola who sells you. Togay had missed Nikola’s oath.

I would sit and chat and tell him everything.

If Togay respected me, so many of your sentries would not die.Buyuk Selcuklu Episode 33 in Urdu Subtitles Wait for news from Togay. May Allah bless you, Osman Bey. You may exist, my Bala. You may exist. Mr. Osman, the alps awaits you with the prosecutor. Thank you brother. My lord Turkmen gentlemen and Karaca Tepe are waiting for you. Let’s get on the fast track then. We heard that he went to war, Mr. Osman, and we would like to benefit from this good deed. My father Umur says so.

We have enough alps, Malhun girl. Now we have to hit

the road as soon as possible. Do you deprive us of your reward for gas, Mr. Osman? Do not stand in front of those who go to the gas, Malhun girl. What is your purpose, Mr. Osman? You will hinder our trade, you will hinder our reward for gas. Did you invite us to sit in these extreme lands as if they were grown old? I called you to support you, not to hinder you. I called me to be a friend, not to be an enemy! Will I deal with the enemy or you in the Cenk square? Now get out of my way now! Gentlemen! Malhun girl. Let’s go to the arbor and drink sherbet. Let’s chat with the chick. Lets! Stop! Follow me with the commanding archers. Let’s go ahead and get road safety. You also inform the union.Kurulus Osman season 2 Episode 60

The army is forward. Information came from the watchers.

The army sent by the emperor will come from Karakuş hill. Its commanders leave the army with Kalonoz pioneer unit and come to the front for road safety. Sir, is there a blood tie with the tekfur Kalonoz you killed in the winter? There is, of course, his brother. It burns with the fire of vengeance. It will burn in its own fire. Today we will fight for Abdurrahman Gazi, who will burn in his own fire. Thank you. Thank you. Gentlemen, we will step the army in the valley of Kördüğüm. Here is the battlefield. In the daytime, brother, you will attack the top slope of that hill.

Prosecutor brother, you will also come from this road route.

Do not worry about that side, Mr. Osman, we will come by hitting him. Bamsi, you will also be the head of the archers. Thank you, Osman. They will be full of holes, do not worry. Thank you. I will also confront Kalanoz. The union sent by the emperor to Kalanoz is coming to drive us from our homeland. Our duty is to prevent them from reaching the castle, with the permission of Allah. God help us and get half! Amine… May our veterans be blessed. Lets! So it is. Is there enough alpine? I guessed. Damaging our reputation wants to make us look like a traitor in the eyes of other gentlemen. You don’t worry, sir, my father.

Everyone knows how much they are devoted to the Umur brain Turkishness. But are you determined not to mention the real reason for your trade with Nikola? I am determined, of course. Osman Bey will not know this issue. He won’t know that Nikola wouldn’t be aware of my main account.

While he is dealing with Kalanoz and Togay,

conquering İnegöl Castle will be an affair for us. Bahadır! Come here. What is the situation of the gentlemen who came to Osman’s aid? Are their strengths strong? They need help, lord, each one is in a difficult situation. They are far from being able to do the trade they hoped for.Buyuk Selcuklu Episode 33 in Urdu Subtitles  In this state, Osman brain rushes to the invitation to gas. Due to the martyrdom of Derviş Zülfikar, there was already sadness in the toy. And on the way back, my sheikh, they were attacked. The bride’s chest was wounded in the heart of the groom. Vuslat road is difficult Akça dervish. The people of willow are also under the influence of the incident.

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