Can Feda Tukish Historical Military Movie

The Historical military Tukish movie Can Feda with Urdu Subtitle By Makki Tv HD Quality Enjoy All Makki Tv wervis We are facing enemy fronts There are no friends groups that can be trusted We are in one of the most dangerous posts in the world The lives of thousands of soldiers are behind us That's what we did Are here The natives are here You know it well Not for special forces soldiers Spa Spa Spa Sp ... Spa. Of force of the. .ز of the. . Can Feda with Urdu Subtitle That's why you guys go through the hardships of the world That's why you guys are here, That's why I'm being shown No nearby pass Therefore Can feda movie with Urdu Subtitle I'm sure you all want to see the eyes and hearts Understand? That is your commander Understand Soldier? That is your commander Understand? The commander of command Yelmaz can feda movie with Urdu Subtitle as usual Moderator Khalil The language of your order That's not it Salem Yunja Can feda movie with Urdu Subtitle That is your order That is your order That is your order Yeah, this Happy war Thanks "John Fida" Reaching the target is soon approaching Understand Shaheen Four, stay behind Shaheen five, towards the third opportunity Can feda movie with Urdu Subtitle Shaheen Six, towards the eleventh opportunity It is important to stay away from each other Be careful The sniper (sniper) on the roof Towards the enemy It's hot here How to spot the laser? Towards the east, less than five hundred meters away Eleven occasions Can feda movie with Urdu Subtitle Stay tuned, we'll be fine The previous residence is aware It takes ten minutes to reach the target Electricity, home appliances It takes ten minutes to reach the target Shaheen Five Shaheen five ready Shaheen six Ready Commander Stains Can feda movie with Urdu Subtitle By Makki Tv Get targeted from here? Not possible from here We're not up Low capacity, some people are bottom to bottom Shaheeno, we will move on from here Shaheen five, six to be continued Canaan can feda movie with Urdu Subtitle By Makki Tv HD Canaan has crashed Conan is having an accident Protect less animals Shaheen Five, Keep the bullets burning Come on Canaan, are you okay? My shank I'm getting shank But I live in the boy I am fine Canaan Can feda movie with Urdu Subtitle By You will be fine Very good Low capacity, not with you You want me right I order Very good We will split Muhammad Got it Will be divided We're holding back Take Canaan and go We will continue to compete The order of sir Some of our people are lagging behind I'm sending help Can feda Send the rebels forward so that chaos can spread Tell them to reach their target without getting hurt Come on, ride in all the cars Captain Onor Keskin I command you to fly To help the nearest area Height 240 The rest of the instructions will be given in the atmosphere Got it On the plane Can feda Lightning one ... Lightning two What state of preparation ?? Number two is ready Lightning one is coming to Renew Entry on the runway, flight permit Ground air calm Can feda Your flight will be easy Numer is flying Number two is flying Well, here's a tunnel Yelmaz Lessee Yelmaz I see Doshka Dosh's work is done We also have a tunnel Well done can feda They are constantly coming We've been here Baker, lightning one Lightning one, boxer Boxer ready C18 Ready to get directions The location of the target North, 33,22,63 East, 04,31,37 The eleventh house will be approached when approaching the target Can feda Understood Number two, come back Coming back Ladies, we can't move forward Master, we can't go any further You are right Elmas I am fine Master, here we are not able to follow our plans I know John you are fine I am fine Missiles Commander Are you okay? Master, are you okay? That's right, son Why not? Lively Abu Jan Can feda Tukish Historical You've got this girl on your head Later I have to handle What to do, I only get once a year I am constantly working This is a separate issue You lie that we will ride every ride See, the month is over