Kuruluş Osman Epidode 10 Urdu Subtitle By Makki Tv HD Quality

This is episode number 1 of Kurulus Osman Season One with Urdu subtitles. God is the greatest! Allah is one! God is the greatest! Allah is one! Iron is defeated. This is a gift for my Ibarus wedding, Bamsie B. It will be till tomorrow night. I always keep my promises. That year ... My Usman and Ibarus grew up, they became brothers. We are following the same path that you and my father, Ertagol B, led us to Bamsie B. Thanks to my Lord, I am watching these days ... MashaAllah my brave Do you think our Ertagol B will come back with good news from Konya? Will the Sultan accept his offer? We ignited the fire of this oven in Mala Cigarette along with our ancestor Alparslan, my Bamsi B. We were always against the disbelievers. We made a constant effort to call these lands our "homeland" and now we will turn this flower into a balance. The Rio Alps, and the magnificent Hutton will spark a new state fire beneath this luxury. With this fire we will turn enemies into dust. It doesn't matter what comes from Konya ... I will never let my father's flag fall to the ground. My Lord's Witness, myself and my children, will fight to bring this blessed flag to the world. May Allah bless my brave, I can die peacefully upon hearing these words. Apparently, our Ertagol B oven has already warmed up. So was my father Solomon. Look at this disease, while I've already put the burden of my Ertagol B on my thorns, Hutton. It has a hard rocky soil. You're Dunder B. You can have Allah succeed in everything. Everyone is looking, my brother Artgarol B sees it. Now we're collecting the seeds that were planted 25 years ago. The deal will bring peace, Hutton. Doing less with yourself is not done with road passengers but with peers. What if you treat Gundogudo and Sankortkin B the same way? You gave your shoulders, so Ertigrol B made the order. Everyone can have power. But you have the power and the ability. You are talking about peace, but snakes are around, who are afraid of peace. You have to be careful. Allah beware, I will burn these snakes alive. I promised my brother Artgarol B, I would do it. Let's not wait for Tucker. I wanted to get your consent before leaving the palace, Father. Son ... your father always prays for you. You should not rely on unbelievers. Be careful. Okay fine? Don't worry daddy. I am the son of Bamsi Alpabi. Enemies know they will suffer. Awwallah son, Allah. ... you know, bravery is not a coach. You have to be careful. You have to feel the arrival of darkness. Who can understand? I can, my son. Look, this is a word from the ancestors of the Ogos, if the Ogos (Turks) had anything bad to do, it's because they were asleep. The poor who do not get sleep understand. Some of them stand up and sleep, but the son who is alert at bedtime can sense it. I think you missed it, Dad? My Ertagol B No, no son. The eyes are missing what they cannot see. Son, I'm looking at my Ertegrol B in Osman. His every shape, every behavior, he reminds me of that. Some see it, some don't. I hope you will be the one to see. See, son, this is not the father's advice, it is the advice of the fathers. You will be with Usman, as we have always been with our Ertagol B. Ai Hat Hutton, should we have some Turkmen rugs ?? I knew my goons, you want them. I prepared them. Ayvallah Hatun. It seems that yes, Anna has raised me. let's do it. Goodbye. Mashallah. Bergen .. Ebers. Do you really want to go? It's mehndi night, we will prepare. As you know, duties are the most important thing for the Alps. I cannot leave my Bergen, Usman B alone. We hope to come back soon. God willing. May Allah be with you, Ebers. Tonight will be the henna of our wedding in your hands. You should see my henna dress made by Eagle, it is very beautiful .. you see yourself in my eyes, you are very beautiful .. Go, they are waiting for you. urgin. May Allah be with you May Allah be with me, my eyebrows. Oh, the Alps of Kei! You are like swords tied to a rope! You have the power in your eyes, and the fire in your soul. Mashallah. Evolve me! What are these sons? Swords that will be gifted, Father. You come to mind when someone speaks of a sword. Check out if our friend Tecfer Yarpopoulos likes it. Ni's are giving away swords, which we should take in our hands and attack his castle. Why wouldn't he be happy, Deander B? Deander B ... I think I should come with you, because there is no one else like us. What do you say a man should stay in tents, Bamsi B. Stay here, finish preparations, and guard the tents. Ayvallah Deendar B We are leaving May Allah be with you. Takefor Yarpopoulos, the peace and trade agreement is exactly what we wanted. But ... the payment of the caravan raids cannot be accepted.

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