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This A Episode 13 Tukish historical Drama serial Kurulua osman Enjoy the Episode with Urdu Subtitle By Makki Tv Are they really? I do not think. They really are. Oh God, they are the same. I'm walking in the dark ... I've lost my shadow. - If you brush your teeth in enemies, you lose friends. The sheep seized my ancestors' skin ... If you declare independence, you lose your voice. My sorrows are many Where, look, the tricks are the trick Where I see, treachery is treachery. , My heart is burning My soul is hurting. , It will be soon, ottoman - oppression will end ... In time, a new resurrection will begin. Don't you Just don't sleep, son. Whenever anything happened to the Oghuz, it happened in bed. Wake up son Return to life, son. Return to life, son. Whenever anything happened to the Oghuz, it happened in bed. My great brave grandfather Whatever misery and torment I have caused Uthman and his generation, they are because of you. Death for you. Take and give for you Hear the sound of the trumpet in your castle made of clay and iron. Accept the gift of childishness. During the service of Genghis Khan - What I learned was that they increased your bloom. The tears of my sacrifice flowed into the Bubadim Canal ... And honor our souls. Given the reputation ..now.. I am offering you the Osman For Arlick Khan. Wake up son Usman. Well, brother, brother? Well be it Shaa Allah ... , We dream within the dream Within the conspiracy there are two to four conspiracies. We are ready sir Depart on your journey as you order. There should be no mistake - , The power we gave Balgai to save the tribe That deposit must now be withdrawn. Now these Mongols will know what the loss really is. Balgai will be buried in his dreams. Exactly ... In the name of Allah, the unbelievers will have to fear ... By becoming wolves, there will be great tricks against the wrongdoers. , Will have to be cut in order to become intelligent And bring the system to the world. Very good.. Or Allah. Very good. The Truth of Allah - Of the everlasting God - The Truth of Allah - Of the everlasting God - Preparations are about to be completed, Bulagai. Want something else? I want the chiefs of the Mongols to come and see Who is in possession of Genghis Khan's Happy Departments? Who is the ruler? So kneel down in front of the bucket - When the trustees have approached you, and the Mongol chiefs will find their allegiance to your hand Then the anger of the Gigatu Mountain will increase. You will become the enemy, Balagai. The hostile to the bully will have to find a powerful friend for himself. I am the new ruler ... On the way there are the commanders of my army. Very soon this will only be talked about in Constantinople. Besides, all is waste. The Kai nation has just been destroyed. Every woman has become like dust. Stupid loser ۔الل۔… What are the conditions in Soghut? Balgai has gone from Soghut. Heard that he has pitched his tent at an unknown location ... No other tent can be set up in this region other than my Abu Jan. Whoever settles, I will make his grave in the shadow of it ... The merchants surrounded the fort like a fortress. Are bleeding. They are wasting their wealth. What do you want? Want to get food for your baby, sir. Great chiefs of the Mongols will come. Balgai is going to be a big invite tonight ... Foodies for the puppies will take us, too. Got it, Conor? If you order, melt the mountains, sir. I will remove all of them and put them in your footsteps. If any mistake is made, everything will be ruined. Well done, guys. Very good.. Very good.. Why is Qai Sardar's wife in front of me? Great bang. Want to say something ... Speak, which is to speak but with caution. You will know your death when your soul is lifting up to heaven… Come for my son. Has left the tribe ... My last hope is you What do I have to do with your son? My son is with Usman. Will compete with Usman. Don't drink my son's blood, Don't chew it, chew And don't put your head in front of the wild animals, come to say. But what do I get in return? Usman and Adibali ... Have come up with promises - Want to meet your son to give me my stuff? To the giver of the mind without thinking. You should not cry when your tongue is not scratched. The wise woman knows exactly who is pledging allegiance. My power is with you Now go, and find out what I want to know. If cheated… , Then pull the batter's flesh from its bones I will put it before the animals. do not worry.. The Venus will be loyal to you. The dogs I caught with mules are starting to push - Send news right away That her husband came to visit me. Now the lord deserves a gift. Where's your mommy, daughter? Look for herbs to treat. Is it time to collect? Amy you know Can't fight more than yourself If you and I can't hear your grief, tell the flowers. This is an excuse to collect. What do they want to say? You've had a bad case with Amy, dad. Don't worry daughter Your mommy is old fashioned It's not going to break fast. No, don't say that. , You've broken their heart You have called an exiled lady and brother Brave How soon have you forgotten, Baba? The headman's head is large, and the headman's tent is full, daughter. For anyone who comes to live, there is nothing to worry about. Well, don't worry yourself too. eat the food.. Very good... You think it should go down my throat

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