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Kurulus osman Episode 15 Urdu Subtitle By Makki Tv HD Quality Enjoy, Episode 15 What did Gigotz tell me about Gigot? Your tongue does not know what she is saying because of the fear of Gigatu, the boy. Speak , I didn't know anything about your rules, etc. As long as Your dog didn't bring me here. God I have to tell you everything. I will keep hammering until your meat is added to the blood. Boogie, mates ready. No news of Kangar yet? No, Bulagai. He will not come empty handed. Get it ready to speak until my Kamloja comes from Hisar. Which is the order. Commodity lacquer Do not return to the castle without finding Princess Sofia. Got it? I swear by the Holy Mary Without looking for a princess, I will not come back, sir. Cursed be the day when the Turks have our feet on the ground. Mr. Yanez, Usman has arrived. Bring him Usman, Usman.Sofia? Where is my daughter When Amy came with her own tribe of Seljan, I was shown their dagger to tell them that they were in Sofia's control. I didn't forget at all, Yankees. Sofia is in my control. What to do with it? Easy.  Sleeping like a goat in a prison cell Waiting for his father to come and save him. If anything happens to my daughter, you ... I'm here to agree If you let me live So Sofia will survive. What do you want from Usman? Balegai. Leave. Come on. Leave. Come on. You can't do that to me. Open my eyes Open ... mine..۔ Leave. Open. High lady! Time is changing, Sofia. Andrews, Salvador, and Helen Where are all this? You won't be happy to know about them. I have more important news than that. You like it a lot my dad Sheikh Adibali The brave men and sisters have left to gather. Usman Sahib has his own calculations, the intellect cannot reach it. You cannot see the flames burning in front of your eyes, and the troops becoming the fuel of this fire. Sorry. This fox needs to be tied just like that. Darwish Zulfiqar, we have to break the rope. Zulfiqar Darwish! Go out. Out - Go. Not going to happen, high The fate of you people is clear, whether you die or live. Will be erased Show me your skills before executing judgment on me. Come on Little girl. You guys killed Afrin! So came Sheikh Adibali - Acha, Wrestler, Zulfiqar, Goncha and Darwish Come on Sofia. That's not enough So Usman has come. This day will not be forgotten. I will not forget You forget Do not remember your condition. Are you a good lady? If I hand over the spear to you, Gigatu will destroy the fort. Sooner or later, it's about to happen, you know that. I have signed a contract with Balgai Why cheat him? You two are playing with each other Guess who will win in the end? You or Bulagi? As soon as you get the first opportunity, the two of you will finish each other's work. I am the one who saved you and your tribe from the lurch. And then? The flood passes, the sand remains, the Yankees. Then we will face you and your daughter And the evil forces behind you both. You guys or we. Tell me, I'm listening to you. Tomorrow you will prepare the Balgai on your way to the Enagol Valley. Assure him that the fort, the ark, the gold and the spoils will be handed over to him. Get out of your place I know very well what way to go with my soldiers. And you will set a trap for him on the way to Enagold, huh? Balagi will miss both of us. Do you think you will compete with a handful of brigades and their army? This is my problem. , Let's assume that the bully is killed How do I know that you will release my daughter after the work is over? Believe in the promise of Uthman, son of the late Ghazi. Soldiers ... Enmity is something else, and trust is something else. Can you believe it But big issues cannot be run solely on trust. As a sign of agreement between us I will give you the rules of Genghis Khan… When the time comes I will take my daughter and return the rules to me. And if you die? Genghis Khan's Laws More valuable to me than Sofia ... Will take your daughter when the time comes. And give me the rules, that's it. And if I take you more laws, and sacrifice my daughter? You cannot abandon your dream of making Sofia the Queen of Constantinople, Yankees ... Without Sofia you are nothing. What will happen now, sir? Allowed, sir? Come on. Easy, who's to take so quick? It's not time to sit down, sir. Gundoz, something bad has happened to Gondoz. Tell. Sir, we've got two Gondoz soldiers Dead. No trace of Gondoz was found. Who killed? Don't know, sir. Why was it out of the Gondoz tribe? Where did you go? Usman went out to find and fight with him. Now you guys will split the war too? Is his fight and our fight different? Yes, different. After selecting the Mongol of the Qai Sardar, our traditions were separated. And now our war is different too. Then why do you rush to my door saying you are in trouble or have died in Allah? Why not ask for help from Usman? , Usman Ferrari If you want to search, you will not be able to And search, you will not be able to stop. And when you are in trouble, you seek refuge in my supremacy that you have not pledged. So now consider your condition To identify the door to help those who follow Usman, get to know him well. Well Ask the soldiers to search everywhere. What are you doing sir? Where are you going It is important to meet Balgai. Gunduz Usman has fallen behind What will the adult do? I tell you not to drag them in the middle. Mongols are women everywhere. They may have heard or seen something. Go and find out Batur.  Come with me, son. You guys are safe. Usman sir Brothers Usmanam (my ottoman) What Usman? Yanez has accepted the offer. Trap the bullies in a trap. And finally it was time He will pay for his atrocities. What is your purpose, Usman? Catching Spaghetti? no.

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