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Kuruluş osman Episode 17 Urdu Subtitle By Makki Tv HD Quality Enjoy All viewer's MakkiTv I have a question - In the meantime, we are busy in our pursuit of peace and security. What has happened to this world? , Everything is mixed into the soil Errors ... Economic weakness - Political tactics. , People are upset Scared, and scared. The armies of justice are not as brave as the children of Satan during the struggle. The armies of justice have become hypocritical. They are wasting their sincerity. And the children of the devil, who found the field empty. So the invaders were killed to destroy humanity. But the flame of justice is bright again. The flags will flutter where they fell. The world will get a new system - This nation will defeat the armies of the children of Satan by the will of Allah. If we defended within the tribe - So that would mean that we lost the war before it even started. Our soldiers will guard in the valleys all around. In the event of a sudden attack on the tribe We will help the tribe by hiding from the canals and jungle. The order of Gunduz sir. What are the conditions for psoriasis? The troops have been assigned to your order. They are all ready to face the invasion of Balgai. Thanks Bamsi sir. We have deployed soldiers in the Shaheen and Korna valleys. Those who enter Soghut will no longer have compassion. Absolutely Bamsi sir. Gunduz sir https://www.makkitv.com/ kuruluş osman 17 bölüm fragmanı, kuruluş osman 17 bölüm If Abdul Rahman Ghazi has brought Dondar Sahib So we offer a funeral prayer. Abdul Rahman Ghazi has not yet reached, Bamsi sir. What are you saying, Gondoz There is a small way. Didn't go anywhere! I ask the soldiers. Sir, Alizar Sahib is approaching the tribe with the Saljuqi soldiers. From here his head will go. Batur Don't leave me Don't go, dear son. Take me with you Take me too If Bator knows how to go to your Mongols - And about begging for help Will you ever look at your face? What say I said silent. No, I won't be silent. If you could not make Gunduz a choice So maybe Brother John would still be alive. Brother John was killed because of you. because of you. And what benefits my silence now? Shut up Shut up I said shut up, shut up. Get out, out I will not leave those who do so with me, son. If I am the cause then God will take my life. But ... I swear you will not live without revenge. Until I regret the birth of Usman, the black earth will be forbidden to me. It will be forbidden. It will be forbidden It will be forbidden. I have come to be the governor of your people's tribe, Gondoz. Someone who wants to kill me and throws arrows at me ... Gunduz sir Gunduz sir You are the ... Alishar sir? And now standing in front of me Looking forward to paying my respects for the Mongol Empress. Which doesn't matter as much as a piece of clothing in my view? Alisher sir. This post is from Ratgharul sir. The Mongolian dog is not fit to sit on it. Oh my gosh I embarked on a journey with the shame of your name. My head tilted in front of the tyrant, just bowing before you. Just waiting for your wish. Oh my god Do not humiliate me in the war with the unbelievers. Don't let it get you out of your way. Don't make me one of the bad guys in the race for fame and position. Make me and my generation wise and wise. Make our name comfortable for the oppressed. Guide the wrongdoer who listens to our prayers. Amen. , kuruluş osman 17 bölüm fragman, kuruluş osman 17 bölüm full izle, kuruluş osman 17 bölüm izle, kuruluş osman 17 ocak, kuruluş osman 17 aralık, The darkness will be gone There will be a resurrection in time. Just stay awake. Just stay awake, son. The Oghoos fell asleep whenever they were caught in a calamity. Wake up son Lotto for Life, Son. When you walk, justice shines.  Let your smile be kind. When confronted with oppression ... So be patient. And let people get a glimpse of the kingdom in you. It should be such an empire that ... Speak of justice again. Alam Islam finds peace - Fear him for being cruel to the oppressor. Morals came into being with it. The flame of justice will shine again. The flags will be louder than where they fell. There will be a new system in the world. This Ummah will defeat the demons by the command of Allah. I came here on a campaign with a sealed decree of the mighty Mongolian Gigatu. On one hand, be the governor. So on the other hand, the brother of the migrant tribes very soon. We have no brother to kneel in front of the Mongols. As far as governance is concerned So while being fair, we will not face any problem on our behalf. What is your mission Will speak calmly outside. Gigatu estimates the whole situation. He does not want any misery in the region ... So what does he want, Alisher? What does he want Shall we surrender to such dogs as a puppy? Or to quietly bow down before their oppression? I want to remove Gighatu from the region, Bamsi sir. My job is to take Osman to Konia. Gigatu wants to know about the laws and daggers of Genghis Khan. Otherwise they ... Will come by itself. If Gigatu came ... Then all the tribes will light a lamp and search it. Now - Elisar sir - Usman is not And if so So you have neither the power nor the power to achieve it. The time of cruelty has passed, Alisher. Now the swords will speak. The one who speaks to the sword is silent with the sword. We are not afraid of anyone But know this. That Gigatu didn't like the bastard work. I have come to do my duty from Gigatu. And you've come to make an offer to people. We as Qai people do not like to talk too much and become a golden person. kuruluş osman 17 bölüm fragmanı 2, Gunduz does not show his gentleness. Neither is Usman. If this variation is softened, the head will be mounted. let's go. There is another problem. Say daughter Say, there will surely be a solution. The stranger named Alizar. In the past, Abu Jan sought my hand, the Seljan woman. What are you saying? That is, Usman does not know. no. No one knows about that. I am afraid. Don't worry my baby I will not tell anyone. Well done that told me. If this thing had fallen into Usman's ears, it would not have left him alive. You need to clean up this mess separately. But I am afraid that nothing will happen to Usman. Wait daughter ٹھہرو۔ let's go. let's go. let's go. The blacks will ambush behind the jungle. Will the bucket pass here? No bite ... The convoy carrying the Byzantine Princess Adelpha will pass. What do we have to do with the Holy Byzantine Princess? Adelpha will be married to Gigot. Thus, the alliance of the Byzantines and the Mongols will be laid. We will be a hindrance to it. Holy We are two persons ... If you have orders, bring soldiers from the tribe. Not at all. This work is important and secret. We will both meet. The order of sir. let's go. Your offer is excellent. You are also wonderful Gondoz. Also a sword expert and wit. Making difficult decisions is essential in difficult times. We have protected ourselves from the cruelty of blasphemy But we have nothing to do with Gighatu. Gunduz sir A dog owner is equally responsible for his or her dog's guilt. Gigatu's dogs are very numerous Bamsi sir kuruluş osman 17 bölüm fragmanı izle, kuruluş osman 17 bölüm fragmanı atv, diriliş osman, kuruluş osman izle, kuruluş osman fragman, kurulus osman fragman, kuruluş osman kadrosu, kuruluş osman hangi gün, ottoman burak özcivit, atv kurulus osman episode 17, kurulus osman episode 17 trailer, kurulus osman episode 17 trailer english subtitles, kurulus osman episode 17 english subtitles, kurulus osman episode 17 in urdu, kurulus osman episode 17 urdu subtitles, kurulus osman episode 17 bolum

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