Kuruluş osman Episode 18 Urdu Subtitle By Makki Tv HD Quality

The Episode no 18 of kuruluş osman Historical Turkish Drama serial Bismillah hir rehman nirahim As governor, I want to lay the groundwork for a new system. Do what you think is right. I want us to hold Gundoz in check From here, become a chief and go to the tribe Rebuild the tent. why not? Kuruluş osman Episode 18 Urdu Subtitle By Makki Tv HD Quality And what will you do with Uthman, Alishar Sahib? And there is adulthood. If I tried to set up a chief tent So Uthman's answer is a matter of the future. Adulthood is also our enemy Can ally with Uthman. We have to fight both powers together. If Uthman was united with Balgai So it means the Hour has come. Not impossible, Alishar Sahib. I have seen a lot in my life. Then we will keep each one of them within its limits. Gigato is with us He wants us to follow the rules of Usman and Genghis Khan. We just have to stand firm like a rock. Then when Gundoz comes, put him in prison. He will have to lay down his life if need be. Let him know what it means to demolish me and set up a chieftain's tent. Then there is Usman and Balgai. Mr. Alishar The fire of revenge is burning in my heart It is haraam for me to breathe without chewing their kidneys. Kuruluş osman Episode 18 Urdu Subtitle By Makki Tv HD Quality Where are the rules, Usman? Now that we are united , And when you are ready to walk with me to death State the location of the rules. Why are these rules so important to you people? When it comes to Genghis Khan So we set the whole world on fire, Othman. He brought us out of poverty and made us rich And brought from humiliation to honor. We used to be stateless And now the whole world is ours. You have considered Genghis Khan as God Fighting is the only force you worship And drop. Maybe you are winning right now https://www.makkitv.com/ But You do not have the spirit to keep this victory alive. The souls are with us All shamans increase our strength Who are you talking about? In the name of God, Most Gracious, Most Merciful (O disbelievers) If you want a decision, then take it! Now the decision is before you .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. ... Kuruluş osman Episode 18 With Urdu Subtitle By Makki Tv Lashkar looks like steel. It should be the same for Gondoz, and Sardar Gondoz. You are the one who says that silence comes before the sword, Mr. Bamse You said that the power of fear should be used to bring the enemy to its knees. We are trying our best to follow your lead. God willing. گوندوز۔ I will be waiting in the tribe. It is obvious that Alishar will do something. If something bad happens So I will provoke the people to revolt. Everyone, including children, will be made into an army. We are a military nation. We are a military nation. I pray to Allah that Alishar and Chacha do not make such a mistake. God willing. Is there any good news for Usman? گوندوز I'm worried about that too. It's been a while. Boran Where is Usman Boran? Just look If we want, we can cut off his legs. There is no fear of anything. The greatest desire of a Muslim is to be killed in the way of his faith. It has strong faith like a rock. If only one particle of his faith was in us So we would have enslaved the whole world. My god Make me one of those who walk on the straight path There is no one worthy of worship except you You are the only one worthy of respect. You are the Lord of the seven heavens and the Great Throne You are free from all kinds of imperfections The compliment is just yours God, the Lord of the worlds My god Sharpen my sword Speed ​​up my horse. Grant us victory over the wrongdoers, my Lord. Sir, Dad Conor گوکتوغ۔ Sir  Baba Sir, Dad Let's go now You have wasted a lot of time. Adulthood Why such haste? There is some value in being my companion You are already afraid. be patient. Will go separately So that our unity does not come to the notice of anyone. let's go. let's go. What are you talking about? What does it mean to leave Usman for the soldiers of Balgai? tell me What kind of soldier are you How can you do that? This was the order of Usman Sahib Question, can't be answered. He handed over his trust to me and said go. I left. Sir, you must know something. We are not going to Alishar's mansion. There is no place left in the forest where your feet do not fall Don't go back without looking for my brother. The order, sir. Very good. 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She won't back down, will she? Amy won't move. You are not ashamed of your actions, but I am In any case, Baba has to know So listen to me. If you tell, and Dundar Sahib knows So what happens to me, you know very well Don't move without realizing it, Eagle. We have no idea who we are. Whatever you do, you do it very thoughtfully, Amy Telling your situation. He always created distance between Usman and Bator Bhai Jan. Make false accusations against 'Uthman, so that Bhai Jan may get angry with him. Keep provoking Baba, keep provoking Not enough and gone ... Not enough Not enough, gone, you're right. Your father could not cope Being a mother, I did what I thought was necessary. Watch Made by the order of your father Mongols ... The governor is discussing plans to hang Usman with Alishar. What is the difference between the two of us? My father is the chief Being the responsibility of such a large tribe Given the deteriorating situation in the region They have a duty to do whatever they want in politics. and U? Was it your responsibility? My father is loyal to his tribe and traditions. You betrayed my mother. The difference between the two of you is your betrayal. If you think so So it will be. A mother does everything to protect her children. But what will the mother do if her children call her a traitor? I don't care about anything but my house. I wish you all well. Remember this Even if you were harmed in the slightest And if my hope is Mongol then why not Then i will go again I will surrender myself to the fire in your burning place. Amy will be silent on one condition Tell Baba yourself. If anyone else heard Then everything will be ruined for you. Helen Where is Princess Sophia? It is said that they are not in the fort. Went for an important meeting. Why was I not told as commander of the fort? Despite your promise, you did not reach Uthman's place I think it's better if you think about it. I know all their whereabouts And every bill they go to Our soldiers are looking for them everywhere. Sooner or later ... Sooner or later you will find it, I'm sure. Princess Sophia has the same idea. Helen Alishar Sahib should also be aware of these facts. Okay fine The sudden arrival of Mr. Yaniz's spy Saying that there is definitely an important issue. Usman returned And that too with adulthood. Together they have become a fist against Princess Sophia. Impossible Usman never did that ... You don't know Uthman yet And also that you will find it. Usman will not get into any trouble because of the Byzantine princess, God willing

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