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This is a Episode'number 20 kurulus osman Tukish Historical drama Series Episode 20 These tyrants use our bravery against us. Come to your senses Lotto to its origin, Goktogh. Don't forget that everything returns to its original state Dogs return to their roots as dogs And wolves, become wolves. Amy, look at my body. Absolutely son. It's been around every one of our men since your grandfather was born. !! Adulthood I will settle all accounts. The tears in your eyes cannot cool the fire burning in your heart, my brother. Everything is coming to my mind one by one Our tribe Our mother What happened to the Mongols? As long as adulthood is alive Until then, it is haraam for me to breathe. where are you going? Wait I will go to Konya And I will separate the flesh from the bones of this adulthood. I will shed the last drop of his blood. Now is not the time, brother. What do you mean, brother John? How can you say that after all this has happened? my bro Sometimes a living enemy is more useful than a dead enemy. We need it alive. do you know That we have an agreement with him. You will pretend that nothing has happened. So that the bone can be put in front of the adult. So many years have passed in vain And so many years that you stayed away from your origin They can all return with the light of repentance and ablution. Now repeat what I say I bear witness that there is no god but Allah I bear witness that there is no god but Allah And bear witness that Muhammad is a slave and a messenger And bear witness that Muhammad is a slave and a messenger When Usman realized Zorba's death, he was about to see his face Anger boiling in his chest It was as if his eyes were overflowing. Usman and his heart are full of compassion But there is also a lot of anger. He will not leave the matter without reckoning with Dundar. This calculation is very clear The front is that the arm will not break or separate. Seljan woman Come on, Bourgeois daughter. The Red Hour is coming Usman Sahib, the earth and the sky are united there And you guys are sitting here. We do not compete to get into every issue and talk about it That's why we know what we need to know in time. When you guys wait for the time to come You will not want to hear from me. Bourgeois Whatever you want to say, give it I said, you guys won't listen to me. Bourgeois Your late mother has a lot of rights over me That is why I am enduring you But don't overdo it Whatever you want to say, give it. , When you guys want so much Let me tell you It was not right for Usman to do all this on Eagle's wedding day. What did Usman Sahib do? What will he do? Usman Sahib reached in front of the tent of Dundar Sahib full of anger "I won't let Eagle's wedding happen to Alishar," he said, ruining everything. Bourgeois. What are you saying daughter What does Usman have to do with Eagle's wedding? I don't know about that However, Bamsa Sahib and Ghunduz Sahib overpowered Usman with great difficulty And even if he said something about crossing the line. He said yes, but what he said was too little. What did Usman say to Dundar when he went out of bounds? He said: I will not leave Eagle for Alishar. And what did he say? And what will he say? Like the whole problem was Eagle. What is Usman's problem with Eagle? After so much discussion In the end, Dundar Sahib exploded And told the secret that no one knew until today. And that they once offered Usman an Eagle relationship Usman was clearly ashamed That is why the resurrection took place in front of everyone. You pressed my vein, Seljan woman. I also said that she was not telling It was your wish. Take care of nephew Usman He is openly threatening us. When the chest is full of anger, the brain goes from head to toe, uncle. What's the matter son What came to mind? Our anger is too much, Mr. Bamsa ,but if We became captives of our wrath Then we will be in trouble. What to do brother What is the intention? If we just caught Uncle in front of the tent Then blood will flow, brother. We have held the banner not only of bravery, but also of compassion Uncle will not be able to see inside the bow in front of him We will let them go for marriage. OK, but Now we must not allow water to reach the wall without any reason. Let Alishar understand that everyone is dancing on his fingers We will not show up all at once Uncle, keep up the good content. And then after that, after that, what will happen? I will bring Uncle and Alishar face to face, so that they can understand that I am not Bator's killer. In this way we will be able to get rid of this problem, including the roots. How will this happen? Thanks to Eagle. Now, Eagle has become the key to every problem , And now Alishar is playing all his games through Eagle We will also spoil all his games through Eagle. Usman does not know what he is saying. Knows nephew Knows Look, listen to me If there is any effect on the invitation Then there is nothing left to say. When the dust comes in front of the eye, it cannot be seen in the distance. What should I do now, sir? Make uncle To no avail I said, become a father and protect To no avail And now he stands in front of me and says you can't hand over Eagle to Alishar Is completely insane If there is a problem So that's why it will come, remember. Mr. Dundar, use wisdom I will talk to him too. Will do well He also listens to you. I don't need to worry Chief of one of your tribes And the second is the identity of the tribe. Don't leave me alone at the party. Don't worry uncle We will not leave you or Eagle alone. Will attend Thank you, thank you. Dad Let me go with you The route is not secure. Are you still calling me Baba without any embarrassment? Could something be more dangerous than your presence? not required. Don't cast your shadow on me, I don't need any more of your kindness. Mr. Gondoz, Baba still doesn't want me. Let the invitation go Their hearts may soften. Usman Mashallah. Seeing you so well Abdul Rehman Ghazi was very happy. Thanks Usman. Mashallah. Ghazi's white beard flutters like a war flag, sir And by the command of Allah, a thousand warriors are burdened. We have a lot of swords right now Usman has to rub the noses of countless oppressors. There are countless self-righteous people who have strayed from the right path. Yes, Abdul Rehman Ghazi, tell this matter from the beginning Who is behind this cowardice? God knows That when we were in ambush, my mind immediately went to adulthood But Alishar stood in front of us. Mr. Alishar Don't take the life of Abdul Rahman Ghazi. Its head man Malik, the matter was in his hands. Dundar didn't want to kill us But Alishar took him with him. That is, Alishar wants to wrap his uncle in more fingers. Usman was right. Things have gotten much worse. Nothing went wrong Alishar is appearing behind every curse. God knows, he may have been involved in Bator's murder. Not just in Bator Even in the kidnapping of the princess. Even with Zorba. Zorba was his closest person That is, there is something he does not want us to know. Something we can't see So he sacrificed it. Where will Dundar stand in all this? He will tell everything in his own language But Alishar's hand is appearing behind every unknown work.

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