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#Makkitv #Kurulus_osman #Episode_21 Kurulus Osman episode 21 urdu subtitles Full Hd. • Watch kurulus osman episode 21 urdu subtitles here. The princess has been safely taken to the place mentioned by Usman Sahib Thank God that this duty was fulfilled in a high manner. We can find each other Shoulder to shoulder and back to back Right now we have to fight many wars and win victories. Inshallah Bhai Jan, Inshallah. what to do now? Tribe to go? what happened? Interested in tribal life? Too much brother John ... much more. We will go to the tribe You will go to Alishar's mansion Keep your eyes well open. And send us a message if there is an incident or accident It is not appropriate to join your tribe at this time. Ok brother Okay fine. So long ago A little more. Brother, be careful There are many enemies. For someone who has a brother like Connor Alp, the enmity of a dragon is less. Don't worry about me Men are destined to go, not return If not today, then another day Forgive me your rights. Well done soldiers. Very good. Usman will be killed I will kill you. Bus I need Usman alive. Stay within your limits, Boki He is my brother's killer His blood is lawful for us. Control your anger, crazy boy. Otherwise, I will kill you instead of Uthman. Commander Bookey Commander Bookey. This is our personal matter Usman will die. Every issue in this region First Gigato's and then my case is Dundar Sahib. I see that everyone is trying to own it My anger will be enough for all of you. Put your offer in front of the great Gigato, Usman I feel sorry for you • Kuruluş Osman 21. Bölüm with urdu Subtitles. • Kurulus Osman Episode 21 Urdu Subtitles will be available on Next Thursday. Makki Tv We are at the wolf's table !! How they are eating each other Tie them up The day of your death will be a day of celebration for me, Othman. Seeing a big trouble tied up, it seems that The time has come for you to end, Othman Has arrived Zahra Khatun Don't do Zahra Khatun I don't want to hurt you. If your boss and kids heard If Zahra Khatun escaped and got injured, then she will feel bad. Now go with satisfaction I will avenge today and the rest of the day with force. I will do what you say But keep this in mind. As long as it is alive, we cannot have peace Even Gigato. Commander Bookie, what are you doing? I say that his blood is lawful for me Can't hear That's it Presence These dogs don't want to kill us. Gigato seems to want me alive Be ready We will finish the bookie's job at the first opportunity and get rid of them. Okay fine. Mr. Alishar Tell me what will happen You talked about handing over Usman to me You will clear the account with it. In a way, this is true But Gigato wants Usman alive. So far you have not understood that Usman is not alone Dundar Sahib? He wants to know who is behind it. Usman has entered such blessed waters, which he should not have entered and polluted I will take it to Konya myself. When Gigato has got his meaning from Uthman, you will be able to close your eyes to him This is my promise. I will go to Konya with you. But first we will complete the work of our tribe Do you understand me Uncle • Enjoy Watching Kurulus Osman 21 Episode with Urdu subtitles. On Makkitvpakkuruluş osman Episode 21 Urdu Subtitle By Makki Tv https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCJFVsCOaLIVS3lmQf https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCJFVsCOaLIVS3lmQf https://Fb.me/HiMakkit https://T.me/HiMakkitv https://twitter.com/HiMakkitv https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCJFVsCOaLIVS3lmQf https://www.makkitv.com/ Kuruluş osman Episode 21 With Urdu Subtitle By Makki Tv

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