Filinta Mustfa Episode 18 With Urdu Subtitles

Filinta Mustfa Episode 18 With Urdu Subtitles

Filinta Mustfa Episode 18 With Urdu Subtitles Even your smile is like a blessing for me Bala Hatun. Repent, repent. You ignore it But you understand my feelings. I would like to make you sultan to my heart’s mansion. I was caught in the most beautiful problem of the world. But by your hand It’s nice to be ruined. I want you to know I also opened my heart to your father He does not consent. But I will wait. A smile A look Vuslat will be the seed of hope in my garden. You put it hard, Mr. Alişar.

The rose of the garden without consent is not called.

I will wait Bala Hatun. I repeat while I wait O heavenly face I’m so busy with you I don’t even remember myself. You cross the border, Mr. Alişar. It doesn’t fit! I said what I would say, there is no further. Upon the order, we broke Gündüz’s arm and wing He has already reached the camp. Let’s go then and say goodbye. Let’s say Alişar Bey’s evil Let them remember it well. Osman. This is an antichrist. He threw me into Alişar’s hand. Alişar Bey will not leave this job behind.

Thanks to Yannis, we infiltrated Alişar Bey’s mind.

In all his decisions from now on He will serve us. The balances are delicate Even the narrowest part is important. Yannis will make fine calculations and give us information From now on For Mr. Alişar All roads will lead to Apdül. Selamun aleykum. And hello alaikum. You are feared for God’s sake.Filinta Mustfa Episode 18 With Urdu Subtitles You drilled the mountain. Flowing water does not grow algae. Osman Bey’s thing is not to flow It’s mashallah to cascade. We’re just getting started, brothers.

Hopefully We will demolish all the dams we come across.

Are you hungry, my lion? We Shoulder to shoulder As long as we stand back to back No one can stand against us. When Alişar Bey comes Now he is about to reach the camp When you think of it, he will raise his reputation. How’s the situation, honey? His heart beats slow. I didn’t say next to Ayşe Hatun, but Her condition is bad. I took out all four arrows, but My Bey, Alişar Bey comes to our camp with his soldiers. Alişar Bey is on his mind He will attempt to intimidate the Kayıs.

Dundar Bey will rage when he finds out that we took the gold.

Emmim’s loyalty to the apricot is unquestionable. But his prudence is lacking. He cannot see beyond. He will think that we are also haram. But it’s not fair, sir. He does not know that the gold came from the Mongols. But he knows that Alişar Bey is a Mongolian dog. Filinta Mustfa Episode 18 With Urdu Subtitles So that the order is not shaken Obedience also insists. We We will overcome the dirty traps one by one. We will take it from the oppressor and give it to the innocent.

Not those who obey Iqbal Those who stand up to doom determine.

I heard what happened to Gündüz. My heart was twisted. I came to say goodbye. An ambush has been set up, Alişar Bey. How is his condition? His wound is deep Who did it? We’re on the trail. Soon her face will be revealed. But whoever did this will pay a heavy price. Cut the scam Dundar! I got Gündüz shot! In my lands In my Caravanserai Did you go out to plunder? We are not looters Thank you, Mr. Alişar! Gaza! Raiding and stealing property Ambushing and plundering How long has it been an accident, Episode 17

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