History of Islam Khlaft-e-Osmania in Urdu

History of Islam Khlaft-e-Osmania in Urdu

History of Islam Khlaft-e-Osmania in Urdu I know he has a little time left He was the one reading until we got here. Let me finish what is left I beg you We have a wounded! We have a wounded! Get a stretcher, quick! Nurse… Hold on, Corporal. Be patient, come on Be careful. History of Islam Khlaft-e-Osmania in Urdu Hasn’t the morphine arrived yet? – The enemy bombed the medical boat, sir Medicines may arrive in the morning only He’ll be dead by morning. I asked the other tents. There’s no other medicine. No other solution I will intervene without morphine May God help you.

Don’t worry, you’ll be fine. Brother… My dear companion. Get up. Get up. Come on, get up. Didn’t you say you would not fall and would not leave me alone here Come on, get up? History of Islam Khlaft-e-Osmania in Urdu His face turned pale Make him wake up, sister, for the love of God He was injured many times over the years According to the doctor, moving the bullet out of place caused more damage to his arm Sister… Say that he’ll be fine, and he’ll get up.

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Episode 2

Whoever has survived until now, will hold out until after also,

do not worry. Sister, please tell me he will get up. He’ll get up. My sister, my brother. BrotherĀ  Are you all right? One brings milk with him to visit the patient Not a baby sock, History of Islam Khlaft-e-Osmania in Urdu my lion For your info. Thank God you woke up, brother. I did not want to tell you this news while you are in this situation, but. You are alive And I don’t want anything else – Well, a boy or a girl? –

Boy. Like a lion. You’re a veteran and an uncle now.

Muhsin Corporal. Let his uncle be his sacrifice. I pray to God that he will grow up in the support of his mother and father, my lion His mother, father, and uncle Inshallah. My lion. You’re now old enough to be a father, Hassan. May God protects you for us, brother. Look at me. History of Islam Khlaft-e-Osmania in UrduĀ  If anything happens to me then you are the man of the family, okay? Don’t say that, brother. You’re the head of our family, you’re the man. My lion, we’re at war. Does only God know what will happen?

You see my situation now Don’t neglect what

I say Do you understand that? I got it, brother. He has big feet It will be a strong boy this obvious He looks like his uncle. We are used to the cold But these flies are very bad There is a solution to it, History of Islam Khlaft-e-Osmania in Urdu too Pour out a little bit of dirt They will be filled with what is in it Instead of attacking it for your food Even spilt food has an owner. – I wish it was like you said – Listen to me, it will work. This is better than getting malaria.

We eat to survive, not to be full anyway.

Say then that even our bread will be fed to flies. Allow me to feed you. This is tiring for you. – Don’t bother yourself, nurse, thank you. – No problem. My duty. I’m here to treat you. How’s your brother, Hassan? Thank God, Commander. He’s getting better every day. Take cover! Take cover! Do not raise your heads! Nobody raises his head! Lie down! Hasan, hold your position! – Do not move from behind the cart. – On your command, Commander. Kocadereli, how’s Kostas doing? He’s losing a lot of blood. He’s got to get to the bandage. Did any of you see where the shooting came from?

It was very surprising Commander we couldn’t

see anything O your head! O your head! I’ll draw the fire on me. – Shoot him when he’s located! – Commander… Do as I say, soldier! Calculator the wind. Wherever the head of the grass leans, you Keep the barrel in the opposite direction. Hide your breath in the sound of the wind. History of Islam Khlaft-e-Osmania in Urdu The heavier you breathe, the better. Well done, soldier. Good boy. I didn’t shoot, Commander. Didn’t you? Then who did? It’s going to be okay. Hang on. Costas? Brother? Brother, open your eyes. There is a message from Colonel Mustafa Kemal Bey, commander. It’s personal. Thank you. This message is addressed to the commander of the regiment, Major Ahmet Salim Bey. Based on the intelligence we received..

We definitely knew that the enemy was planning

attack And in order to win the attack. They stored a large amount of ammunition on the front In order to prevent enemy attacks from one hand. In order to win the attacks that we will carry out from the other hand. We must get rid of the enemy’s arsenal in the shortest possible time. Otherwise, History of Islam Khlaft-e-Osmania in Urdu it will be easy for the enemy to go forward. And it would be impossible for us to stop them. In my order, you will form a team right away. To leak to the enemy’s side. In order to completely destroy the arsenal To do this very tedious task. I have no doubt that you will carefully select brave soldiers who love their country And they never hesitate to sacrifice for it. Mustafa Kemal. What are they going to do with all these guns?

Didn’t you hear, brother? Our soldiers are preparing

It is time for this – Which of you, Hassan from Bolkar? – Me, brother, is there something? – Don’t worry so quickly Captain Ibrahim Adil… waiting for you in the command tent. He has something important to talk about. – Thanks, brother. – Come on. So Brother Hassan It’s time to say goodbye. What, are you discharged? No, brother, it is clear that the commander will assign you a mission It will be a betrayal of the country to carry the boxes while you have such skill in archery – God be with you, brother.

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