ismizlar Episode 18 With Urdu Subtitles

ismizlar Episode 18 With Urdu Subtitles

ismizlar Episode 18 With Urdu Subtitles

ismizlar Episode 18 With Urdu Subtitles Be careful, Osman, you need me. Where are you going? Where are you going? Come to me. You are not alone, Mr. Osman! Who is this woman? Malhun girl! Malhun girl! Gebertin! Enough, sir! Gebertin! Tekfur, may my Osman catch the tekfur. Boran, Gencebey. Have a look at Bamsi. Bamsi, are you okay? sons. I’m fine, my children. Shoot! Hit it is the day of honor! My Lord, His sparing is abundant! We took refuge in you. Download your coins! Leave your pets, Mr. Gündüz. Wait! I said download it! Ah! Wait! Shh … Day, sir. Mister day! You download it.

Download! Bring a car! Dundar Bey

and the chicks will come with me. If anyone follows me, I’ll slay them all! Bring a car! Attack! Attack and smash them! Who are you too, babe? Do not contaminate your handkerchief with the blood of the kaffara. Nothing of us is contaminated with the blood of the kefere. Osman Bey, son of the honorable Ertuğrul Gazi.

Sir. Sir! Are you okay, sir? I’m fine.

How is Mr. Bamsi? Gencebey took me to the camp, sir. Are we going to follow Nikola? Even if what they say is a lie, we will take measures. We will give the breath we take in the camp. I will come with you too. You haven’t forgiven your name yet, girl. Malhun girl, son of the red son, Umur brain. We came to the extremes to gas.

Umur brain daughter huh. He sent me as a messenger to you.

I had to meet like this. Lets. Mr. Savcı may have fallen into an ambush. Not the first ambush they fell into, they know how to break out. Lets! You will not be able to escape anymore, Prosecutor. I’ll finish your job here. Hold on, brave. Surely my Lord will help. We need to get out of here and hide in the cave. They cannot enter the cave in the dark of the night. son. Lets. Father. My daughter. Would I see you like this, father?

What God says is patience. Targun! Let it go!

No one can stop me, Selcan Hatun! I said leave it to you! Stop! Aunt aunt don’t do it. What do you say Day? Can’t you see that his chicks have taken Dundar prisoner. They confiscated my Osman’s relics. I broke this game! Aunt! Can’t you see my aunt have captured our souls? Or do I stop? Do not.Lets! Quickly! Informally, you have no security, Targun. Lets! Flatyos! I’m aiming to move. Kill soldiers! Come on son. Come on Baysungur.

They are on the run! Soldier follow me!

Are you happy? Did you get your revenge? How are you Türks Göktuğ? Answer me! Traitor dog! What happened, Bala? Didn’t Osman come to save you? Or is he in more trouble? You will both die today. However, you will not be able to see each other. The last thing you see will be my face. Did you like it? Prosecutor! My prosecutor Cerkutay remained behind. If we keep waiting like this,

the sacrifice he made for us will be in vain.

Lets! If they do anything to him, I will skin them. Come on Aygül! Cerkutay does not die. Let’s get to the cave! Lets! Don’t run away, the prosecutor, come face to face like a valiant. Oh thank God. Are you okay? I’m fine, nephew, fine, fine. Gündüz, they did not leave Bala, they took him away. They are also in the chest of Osman. That’s right, my nephew says. They have the trunks, but first of all you will save Bala. Thank you emmi. Come on,

the Alps will take you to the camp. Come on,

Alps! We will save the Bala chick. Lets! Lets! Get down, hurry up! I said hurry up! Lets! What do you swing? Hurry up! Leave! Come on, Bala, come on. Shh … Leave! Walk. Look at that state you fell into. I pity you I hate you I’ll tear your cheesy face to pieces. You will watch this too, so Göktuğ? With pleasure. What’s the point in living after you can’t give a son, an heir to the brain, isn’t it, Bala? Hurry up! Lets! What a swing, be quick! Leave! Sir. Boran alp. Göktuğ. My brother! I knew you would succeed, brother.

I knew that Mr. Osman would not sacrifice you.

I am Osman. Are you okay? Are you okay my Bala? I’m fine. So you would die like that. My Bala. Sir. Sir! Brother! We missed you, sir. Hey hell! Göktuğ … You did it. Non. You will be in charge of the informal commanders. Again, longing seems to us,

my lord. Brother until victory. Until the victory. Thank you, sir. Thank you Bala chick. God bless Göktuğ. Yaman was a game, Mr. Osman. This game will continue. Goktug

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