Ismizlar Season 1 Episode 11 With Urdu Subtitles

Ismizlar Season 1 Episode 11 With Urdu Subtitles

See for yourselves. Here, brother. Take this tray. -EyvAllah. I’ll go inside. -Thank you. Who are you? Lord of Inegol is in Constantinople. If we do not attack now all Turkmen Beys will be driven from these lands by him. What do you mean to do, Osman Bey? I say let us band our Alps together. Let us unite. Let us go through the markets, and reach Inegol. Let us blockade Inegol castle by holding the roads to Bilecik, Kestel, and Keles. And shout “Allah, Allah!” and let us take Inegol.

Osman Bey Castle Inegol is a difficult target.

However a lion who took Kulucahisar, can surely take Castle Inegol. I trust you completely. Your father, Ertugrul Ghazi, left the Kayi tribe to the Turks, and gave you to us may Allah be content with him. Then, we shall fight, and pray to Allah for victory.  Osman Bey. We will make Inegol Turk and Muslim.And Castle Inegol will be the greatest castle we have taken in these lands.  Osman Bey. My Beys. We shall work, and pray to Allah for victory. Amen. -Amen. Alps! It’s coming from the kitchen! Move! Protect the Beys! Alps! My Bey! My Bey! Take the Beys o a traitor, Osman Bey.

My uncle is not the traitor. Togay was after  Saltuk!

-My Bey. Send word to Cerkutay. He shall track down Togay. -Yes, my Bey. Let’s go. Hang on. Hang on. Malhun Hatun. Hang on, Malhun Hatun. You will live. Bala! She’s lost a lot of blood! Help me! Come on, Bala! Help me! Malhun Hatun Come on, Bala. Open your eyes. Open your eyes. Osman Bey -I’m listening. Tell me. Why didn’t Togay kill you? Togay Togay has a message for you. What is it? Gethatu knows what you’re doing. He said that. The tribes Osman invited will be killed.

We trusted you. Is this what you are?

Is this your guarantee? Malhun Hatun. Do not speak in anger. My anger has not overshadowed my mind. My mind was overshadowed by my trust in you. Else, none of this would have happened. Malhun Hatun. Stand aside. Stand aside, so that I can find out who was responsible. Is there something you now? Tell me. Before we figure this out I cannot accuse anyone. You have no proof, then. You only have doubts. I want proof, Osman Bey. I want payback.

I want blood for blood. Leave, Osman Bey. It is clear.

Alps! You have failed our trust. Move! Move! How can this be, Bala? If the Dodurga Bey is responsible for this treachery, who can we trust? It isn’t clear yet, Gonca. Osman Bey will figure it out. Osman Bey. You wanted to take Inegol and you lost your reputation. You will strike fear into the Kayis next. The Beys invited by Osman will hold him responsible. Osman is a smart man. He will calm the Beys down he will use their anger towards us. Trust in Osman has been broken. We will keep attacking him.

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