Ismizlar Season 1 Episode 13 in Urdu in Urdu Subtitles

Ismizlar Season 1 Episode 13 in Urdu Subtitles

Ismizlar Season 1 Episode 53 in Urdu we cannot turn down this opportunity. I will meet him alone, as he says. Tomorrow, at dawn, we will move. You will come with me, as well as to the Alps. As you wish, my Bey. Now you’re stealing water from the Hatuns, Cerkutay? I need warm water.Ismizlar Season 1 Episode 13 in Urdu  For what reason? The Alps do not ask questions. Cerkutay. As Darwish Yunus said,

we will be sowed like the sky crop. We will be sowed.

They will not know. As our martyrs fall to the ground, our numbers will increase. They will think it decreases. you’re taking the water. Move aside, crazy girl. I told you, I won’t tell. You two …why are you arguing? What is that water for? I won’t tell Cerkutay. Ismizlar Season 1 Episode 13 in UrduTell me, what is it for/ For ablution Is that so? Do the Alps heat water for their ablutions?

The answer, Cerkutay. It’s not for me

. Then, who is it for? So, you think of Ghazi Bamsi Bey, and try to help him. And you? why don’t you think of yourself? You young, brave man, What are you waiting for, for the Shahada? I’m a cruel man. I’m a cruel man. I killed so many people I killed women. I killed children. I’ve been cruel. I’ve been cruel to those who have never sinned. I’m a cruel man. Son.

It’s hard to be a Muslim

I am ashamed before Muhammad( SAW) I fear his Allah. A man must not be afraid of the one he loves. All you need to do is repent Tawbah(repentance) will make honey from poison. It makes roses out of thorns. One who calls themselves cruel can enter through that door. We have a seat for those who join, and we have water to share for ablation I will join. Where is my daughter? Soldiers.

Leave. Aren’t you sick and tired of fighting,

like me, Umur Bey? What are you after? Nikola? Your friendship. Then why did you work with Togay? Why did you kidnap my daughter? What should I have done? Should I have tried to stand against Geyhatu and Togay, and be forced to leave my home? Don’t, Umur Bey Don’t. Do not disappoint me, for I have trusted you. You are a guest at my home. and I am unarmed before you. You and I know that.Ismizlar Season 1 Episode 53 in Urdu

Neither you nor I have the strength to stand against Geyhatu.

I don’t care about your daughter. Umur Bey.. …all I wanted was to take back the lord Osman kidnapped. But Osman failed to provide even that. And he failed to protect you. too. As for me… aim to trade with the Turks. It brings safety not only to me but to my empire to keep good Beys like you around the border. I feel safer when Geyhatu attacks you.

Umur Bey, you are an honourable Turk Bey.

You are a brave Bey, who fought Geyhatu. But, in the end, you have come to my borders. It protects me from the Mongols to have you on my borders. And I worked with Togay because of you. And Osman? -Osman… Osman is young. He’s reckless. His eyes see nothing but the treasures of my lands. But you and I know that the greatest treasure is commerce. I think an experienced Bey like you would be able to tame a wild Bey like Osman.

Umur Bey, I would rather die right here,

right now, along with my daughter, then to betray Osman Bey. Umur Bey, Umur Bey. I’m not asking you to betray Osman. I’m asking you to be a big brother to Osman, to show him the way. To keep him calm when he grows too ambitious. How? How am I supposed to do that? What are you thinking? Umur Bey. I will give you a chance to strengthen our friendship and start trading. I need 400 horses. So that you can give them to your soldiers in war?

So that you can trample the Kayi tribe with them?

No. no. that I can hold the border against Geyhatu when he arrives. Umur Bey, the Mongols are a threat to me, not the Turks. While Osman’s ambitions tie my hands, Geyhatu is already the Khagan of the khanate. Ismizlar Season 1 Episode 53 in UrduSooner or later, he will arrive at my borders. When trouble knocks on my door

I want to be expecting it. You will give me the horses

a nd I will open the doors of trade for Iznik, Bursa, and Constantinople And I will not tax your merchants. And. with your gold,

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