Ismizlar Season 2 Episode 17 With Urdu Subtitles

Ismizlar Season 2 Episode 17 With Urdu Subtitles

Ismizlar Season 2 Episode 17 With Urdu SubtitlesWhy should we betray? Our target is Osman. Our road is made of stone. If it was difficult, death would not be easy, Petrus. You will write a letter to Dündar. When Togay finds out that Nikola said his lair, his troops are broken, sir. If he sold Nikola Togay, there was definitely a reason. We will also take this opportunity. We will not stop, we will go after him.

We will throw away these extreme lands like cotton

wool and we will cut Togay’s body into pieces. God willing. Of course, Togay deserved what would happen to him.Ismizlar Season 2 Episode 17 With Urdu Subtitles However, Mr. Osman needs to see Nikola’s work first. Mr. Bamsi tells the truth. If we see the work of Nikola before, we will sooner or later crush Togay, who wanders out of place, first, God. Thank God we have the power to top them both.

We have power, first of all, God. Our determination is complete.

The conquest of İnegöl will be easier with the support of the gentlemen. Is there any destur, sir? Come on! Brother. May your Gazan blessed victory always be my brother. You may exist, brother, you are welcome. But you came back early. I have important information, brother. Say it. When I was in Ulucahisar, I got information from a merchant from Constantinople. Kalonoz’s brother, whom you killed, is moving towards İnegöl with many men.

They arrive at the castle tomorrow night.

So we don’t have time. It is necessary to act as soon as possible, Mr. Bamsi. Obviously, Nikola was in trouble for his life. He realized that İnegöl was going to fall. Ismizlar Season 2 Episode 17 With Urdu SubtitlesGentlemen, this news is important. Before the conquest of İnegöl becomes even more difficult, we have to go to the battlefield as soon as possible. It’s in your hands, Osman Bey. It is enough to say to walk.

Ismizlar Season 2 Episode 17 With Urdu Subtitles

Thank you, Bamsi. Thank you. You may exist, brother. Thank you bro. Before the calosses and his soldiers come to the castle, we will turn them. Let Oba gentlemen also inform you. Let them come with a few alps. If they will not be crowded, we will tell you what, Mr. Osman? They taste the victory and participate in the reward of the war.

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