Ismizlar Season 2 Episode 20 With Urdu Subtitles

Ismizlar Season 2 Episode 20 With Urdu Subtitles

Ismizlar Season 2 Episode 20 With Urdu Subtitles These boxes also contain gifts of Turkish gentlemen in my land. What is this? It is a gift to my father from Sultan Alaattin, who sat on this blessed throne long before you. Why would you give me this precious gift of our sultan? It is not because of the precious stones on the value of this gift. It is from the greatness of our state that Sultan Alaattin has revived. I wanted you to stay. You keep it you can always remember the size of your state. Governor Judge. So you are the autonomous Osman,

whom Today called the heavens. Since the Governor’s

Judge has entered the sultan’s chamber without support, the end of this job is not good, Boran is ready. If our brother does not drop ahead as much as the fingers of both hands, this alpine is forbidden to us. Let it be siblings. You honour the Governor Judge with your presence. There are some things I can personally ask Osman Bey. You promised Today to become a province and killed my envoy. Do you know the price of this, Mr Osman?

I would like to learn the basics of this incident, Mr Osman.

The sneaky snake, which they sent as Ambassador, attempted to kill me with the dagger that he hid in my tent. You lie. My sultan seems to me that he defeated the envoy I sent to Today and killed him. Today is there, go ask him. I protected my partner’s honour and my life as a bey. I spared his life while I had to take his head. Beyond that, it is not my affair. Did my messenger mean his life because he heard that he could not collect taxes from you? You know, my sultan, that he will not shoot the messenger. What about the tax, what about the tax? Do you want me to come,

spill your blood and take it with your life, Mr Osman?

Well! If you rebel and do not pay your tax, it is my duty to take your life and your property first, Osman Bey. Do not make a decision in the opposite direction. Do not let me go when I have to take the blood of a noble brain from my own blood. I said I was going to say to Osman. Do you have anything to say, Governor Judge? Perhaps it is best to finish here without the teeth of the celestial referring to my neighbours. T

o crush or not crush the head of the celestial ball when

it was small Geyhatu’s command is obvious, Governor Judge. First tax gold, then order. It is not possible to give up gold or order. You saved your life with gold, Mr Osman. Thank your sultan! Pay your tax Today quickly. Judge. I do not pay my taxes to Today I will pay to my sultan. I have the responsibility of the Governor Judge. I am concerned with the timely payment of the tax that will enter my treasury, not with whom it comes from.

However, if the tax is not collected,

then I will ask you for the price, Sultan Mesut. Do you have anything else to say, Mr Osman? I handed over Sultan Alaattin’s dagger to the wrong hands. If you may, my sultan. Mr Osman- Whatever speaks has been said, my sultan. Let the heart cannot say, stay within us. Nonetheless, after that, it is at the discretion of Allah. Sir. Let’s get to the oba. Is there any gesture, sir? Come in. Sir, from Nikola. What does Nikola say,

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