Keiki Sniper Episode 1 With Urdu Subtitles

Keiki Sniper Episode 1 With Urdu Subtitles

Keiki Sniper Episode 1 With Urdu Subtitles He’s your elder. Mukhtar’s a mobilization order. You can hang it. – What is the ages in order? – Born between 1308 to 1312. What fertile meat does it have? The blessed animal. It looked bigger when I shoot it, Grandma. Come on, my hero. Keiki Sniper Episode 1 With Urdu Subtitles Tell me again how you shot that deer. That’s how I lifted the rifle. I looked from what side was the wind coming. Then I pressed the trigger. But not suddenly. Easy easy, right, Dad? Come on, daughter-in-law, eat this meat.

How would I eat all this meat  You can eat.

You have two souls now. Could a big brave boy get enough from some meat? How did you know he was a brave boy? Maybe a girl like a shard of a moon with a scaly. Right, Hassan?Keiki Sniper Episode 1 With Urdu Subtitles  I’m going to the front line. A mobilization order came. Tomorrow morning I’ll be a passenger if God allows. To Çanakkale. Go ahead and eat. Brother… Say my lion.

You took me hunting one day. My father was alive then.

I was going to shoot the first time I aimed. But my heart didn’t allow me, I wasn’t able to shoot it. I didn’t shoot the deer, deliberately. I lied to you. Now in the war … Well, anyway. Good night. My wife, who I didn’t get enough of her face. If I left my brother alone in the middle of death and injustice. My sleep and the water I drink will be forbidden for me. Death won’t touch my brother.

Before it touches me And if it was in my destiny that

I would be martyred. Then I’ll be with you again. If you said goodbye, let’s go. Time is tight. Let me kiss your hand. – Give him your blessing. – Good for you. Dad! Dad! – My son! – Dad! – Dad! You’ve just come here. You’re leaving again. Crying doesn’t suit you. Don’t cry. You’re my life, lion.Keiki Sniper Episode 1 With Urdu Subtitles  You are the man of this house until we come back, understood? If the enemy comes to our threshold, then my will to you is.. You won’t blink, to protect your grandma’s sister-in-law’s honour.

You’ll be a shield for them. You won’t let the enemy chew the homeland,

the honour or the house. – At the cost of your life. – Promise! Oh, my lion! – Name? – Seyit, son of Ramadan. Muharrem, son of Recep. All right Hassan, son of Ahmed. Go over here. Muhsin, son of Ahmed. Don’t waste your time, Sir. You’re not registered. Why are you here? To be a volunteer. I’m a Balkan veteran. I was discharged. I’m Physically fine. Hasan, son of Ahmad, is my brother. Write our names together. Let’s not fall apart on the front line. Enter.

My honourable brother Ekrem. Temperature is rising every day.

Our terms at the front line are the same. It becomes difficult to take place. The enemy that we stood in front of as a human shield Established in front of us an entire structure of tents, guns and animals We knew that the English were our enemies But in front of us there are blacks, whites, and Asian-eyed people All of them united and stood in front us We’re not dealing with the British army…

It’s like there a great army of crusaders.

But the most important fact they do not know is faith and patriotism. Are hidden in the chest of our soldiers, like the sacred trust Before all our able-bodied men die They wouldn’t get an inch of home Despite all the difficult circumstances.

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