Keiki Sniper Episode 2 With Urdu Subtitle

Keiki Sniper Episode 2 With Urdu Subtitle

Keiki Sniper Episode 2 With Urdu Subtitle And our limited capabilities My belief has no limits that we will prevail As you know, this faith is not an empty dream, Akram Defending this honoured nation. And victory, while I am by your side, that was my biggest wish, Keiki Sniper Episode 2 With Urdu Subtitle brother But fate cannot be opposed I kiss you with all the longing from your dear eyes that you lost for sake of the nation Your friend, Captain Ibrahim Adil. We’ve been walking for five days. I have no energy to take any steps anymore. Hold up a little further,

we will reach the front before evening,

God willing You will hope to be able to walk after you get into the trench, my lion – Do you have a permit? – Here you go, my hero. Uncle! Get down! Get down! In what region were you in the Balkans, brother? I was at the Macedonian border. I was in Bulgaria, too. Don’t ask, we’re in the middle of hell. – Well, you said you are going to have a baby, right? – For good. For the best. I’ve got three.Keiki Sniper Episode 2 With Urdu Subtitle

All three are girls They kiss your hands.

– God bless them. I have not seen the third’s birth She returned from the Balkans and found that she was starting to talk and walk We’ll go to her wedding from here We are of Albanian origin, we do not give girls that easy Stop! Stop! We’re close to the front line. Soldiers will go with the Sergeant Major. Keiki Sniper Episode 2 With Urdu Subtitle The nurses will come with me. I’ll be right there. I owe you my life. Thank you again.

God gives life and God takes it, nurse, I was only a means –

May God help you. Do we do everything here? – All of us. Get in line! Watch out! – Muhsin? – Yes, commander! Son, haven’t I discharged you from the Balkans? – Did you miss war or us? Commander, I volunteered Well, Thank you for your will. Thank you, Commander. Oh, welcome back. Sergeant, place our valiant Let them rest.

Yes, commander! Follow me! Was he one of your soldiers in the Balkans, commander? Oh, yeah. Muhsin is a brave man. very brave. Does anyone have experience with surgery? As an assistant nurse, I went into several surgeries. I also have experience with morphine and narcosis. Good. Please come with me, nurse.

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