Kurulus Osman Episode 91 With Urdu Subtitles

Kurulus Osman Episode 91 With Urdu Subtitles

Kurulus Osman Episode 91 With Urdu Subtitles I didn’t have this ring, to lift my head, I said I made a mistake from this stone, I understd this Onur Bey, I couldn’t protect him I’m afraid of my Lord I can’t be my soul This is the bed of the Mongols. Who has the axes and how many people are there . Lk, Ms. Selma, can’t you see, take Bartınlı and she loved it t, did they cut it in front of her eyes?  Kurulus Osman Episode 91 With Urdu Subtitles

tell about the cperation of g Hatun and how

he hid the dagger on the sultan’s back, Erman Thank you, this is for boarding sale, it would get rid of you and the dress expert. God God is long, but they can’t miss you in my eyes Osman But they say you want me to suffer the same fate as you, I kissed it obviously maybe it’s true it says truth Emperor Android Kosla My Sultan’s Empire agreement it this is morano Yes my dear Sultan b En Osman Bey Welcome ayaniko I came here today only to tell the truth I Osman Bey personally tk the emperor you liked sir this is against the Mongol invasion and scourge of Ziraat beyhat Emin wanted to take us along with him on a money tour,

this is absolutely the only case. His Excellency,

Sultan Mesud, I have known this Osmanbey for many years. He knows well one of their goals is to destroy you, us and even all of us . But that’s why they came with flying fires, let’s all get out, do you have what you’re talking about? I can’t give it, water is my work t, my Sultan b It’s my responsibility whether it dies or survives. This is my saving If life Won’t die then I’ll get my rights t , if you kill the people of this village, we will destroy our pear lands, we will die. Is it possible for Osman to save these lands ?


this love has no reservations. Hey God ,

if it beats again, if it will live again, I would like it to the villages on the borders of Yenişehir. There is to sht Oghuz scholars , I want this and Jihad is our breathing Egypt this is to advance A nation that does not fight it loses its freedom first this Turk’s existence This is only possible with conquest But you always put your horse forward this will be given what I want Osmanbey and corner ya I’ve been lking for you since morning Ner let’s hope this evening, when we were hurt , I went to Harmankaya to have it done Yes sir are you ok mouse

Yes, now I’m full count this is Turgut sir this is d-smart this is Turgut bey

but I appreciate you But if someone is mine, he will give it to the enemy, or I will not take it And Balkan. What is he saying? He gave his name better. As sn as you forgive, that Sultan Mesut saved your life, but not even your feet, even your horse’s shoes will withstand these lands. my horses kill your life Thank you very much Open my heart wave on the street I will make more than playfully You will suffer right and your death will not be so easy, Kurulus Osman Episode 91 With Urdu Subtitles

remember you can’t give,

Osman God God this baldus don’t try in anger, it was a gd job , sister, I didn’t see it either part goes with my father’s bld he will be daddy He paints the revenge and appreciation of his wife How is loyalty to Allah that I will always pay for the actionYes right now now you will not make another mistake Osman be that what did you do I got what I will get My Sultan and you will think that this flat is a gift to this land he can’t come again he commander dill solution hehe is not the last it will be the case No Highlight 51 Pizza will not hurt the topic o this is if someone is going to be I’ll take his head it’s and Destroy Against me,

Kurulus Osman Episode 91 With Urdu Subtitles

but this is a more dangerous enemy East than ever before, we will perish, and this mn people, this Ottoman slander has come to light , Hı huh It was freed, it was hidden , it’s a shame brother, I gave the Seljuk sovereignty the lands that Sultan Mesut Osman Bey wanted. The flag of the villages on the Yenişehir border is Osm. anbey is the ideal it is and cheap agriculture has grown on its undeveloped lands those ends are entrusted to you Osmanbey Fiat Peugeot that I will send you trps and we’ll be victorious to break the bar may be on your way

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