Kurulus Osman Season 1 Episode 14

Human beings are like that, Osman Bey.

It is raw. It burns, cooks and happens. If the clay is defective, the glazing is missing and the fire is low the cube of mystery cracks, the water flows. Just like the incomplete Adam being raw. It is the fire that potters the earth, patience that makes man perfect, son.Kurulus Osman Season 1 Episode 14 With Urdu Subtitle  Oh my cube, human. So if my daughter Bala endures so many ordeals if he overcomes many troubles, if he aspires to many troubles he has the reward, he is the winner.

So, did you think that Edebali’s daughter would not be tested? On Judgment Day how would we be on that day when no one would be of any use to anyone, huh Osmancık? Didn’t our Prophet say, “I will not help even my daughter Fatima on that day.” It has a weak pulse. This is poisoned, you can’t do anything. It will die. He is entrusted to me by Osman. This is the center of Hayme Ana. Whoever comes to this door and seeks healing is irreversible. . Boil the castor oil. Give me a diaper. Now, Osmancık, let him say, especially his trouble.

They wanted to charge you.

They want treasure from you. If you don’t your daughter Bala will die in a short time. Sons of the devil! They still think that death comes from poison. Devils have this arrogance, this arrogance! This devil did not prostrate to Adam either. Kurulus Osman Season 1 Episode 14 With Urdu Subtitle Unless the truth orders death, what if they drink a thousand poisons what if my son died? We are glad that he became a neighbor to our Messenger in the hereafter. You say right. Those who do not know how to sacrifice, who cannot afford to sacrifice, who cannot comprehend being mortal do not expect consent. Is it easy to come to the presence of Hak, because I am a believer, Osmancık? A believer is the dignified one.

Glory is the ones who do not forget the truth in a thousand misfortunes and a thousand mercy. Are we going to stand like this, with our hands tied? Sofia is the daughter of Yannis. Is Yannis a girl? Let’s see what Yannis will do when you have it? How do you know that I’m going to take Sofia? Our life was spent by extracting the sap of clay from the bosom of the earth, son. I guess our eyes also perceive the human being. Now, I go to be a guest to you. What if you bring the antidote If he does not bring do not be grieved. Our cause is to have ant consciousness. Just let our ranks be clear. Bismillahirrahmanirrahim.

The right course is decent.

What is the value of this treasure? It’s a piece of wood, kid. A piece of wood. I would like to listen for a while. Now I have to hit the road. Kurulus Osman Season 1 Episode 14 With Urdu Subtitle You can always have his own sirat, son. Farewell. Aslı and Kerem I tried so hard, it’s finally over. Open your eyes, Aygül. The corpse of this was put in his tent. You think about where to put the alive. Look what’s written here, Sofia. A verse from Surah Hujurat in the Qur’an. Believers are only brothers. The Quran calls them to unity, unity and brotherhood in exactly eighty-two places.

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