Kurulus Osman Season 1 Episode 18

Worrying about a state of affairs gnaws me.

If he does not appear in court tomorrow, he will have accepted the verdict. Everyone finds the blame in him. Everyone is burdened with it. You will not leave Osman alone, will you? Never! No matter how upsetting me, he is my friend.Kurulus Osman Season 1 Episode 18 With Urdu Subtitle

My wolf-eyed gardie. He is entrusted to me by my mother and father. I took my measure. If the opposite happens, I will personally kidnap Osman. My Emm does not know. I will not leave my garrison in anyone’s hands, anyone! The flood goes away, remains a stone hand goes, gardaş remains.

Suleyman Shah’s grandson,

Ertugrul Gazi son Gunduz Bey, this would suit. May Allah make our way clear, meltdown. Amen girl, amen. Kurulus Osman Season 1 Episode 18 With Urdu Subtitle Aybars! I hope that I will take revenge and vomit blood against the oppressors. What’s happening in here? Get out! Incompetent guys! We must be prepared for anything, commander.

Have all measures been taken?

Don’t worry it’s all ok but I don’t understand, why is this treasure so valuable? Let’s slaughter the Kayis and the ahis. Let’s solve this radically! If it was that easy, we would have already finished this job by now Kalanoz. What’s difficult, Sofia? We have a strong army. Our swords are sharp, we have the Byzantine Emperor behind us. All we need is a powerful war pipe! All we need is a powerful war pipe! It was always like this

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