Kurulus Osman Season 1 Episode 20

Mr. Bamsı! You will go to Söğüt to court, Andreas.

Tell everyone what I have said. Tell them that Osman did not escape the court. Osman took Sofia, the murderer of the landlord. Since Alparslan your two hundred years of curse has expired.Kurulus Osman Season 1 Episode 20 With Urdu Subtitle  Mr. Osman! You won’t even have graves in this land! Fatiha is recited after our martyrs. Nobody will remember you! You gave the order to your dogs to have Aybars killed.

I will not let you martyr Bala Hatun! Now go say that Yannis care if she wants her daughter Sofia bring me the healing of Bala Hatun. Or kill your daughter! I’ll wait for you in the tent. If you don’t come I will shed Sofia’s blood! You can not do this. No Kalanoz! You can’t let the Turks win! Do not go! Don’t go back! Kalanoz! Don’t Go Kalanoz! The poison has its effect, that’s why it’s sweating, sir. Earthly poison in my daughter’s blood biiznillah.

I hope he gets better. I hope sir.

However, there are such poisons if it is conceived, it captures people. It never comes out without killing the heart. Like jealousy. Kurulus Osman Season 1 Episode 20 With Urdu Subtitle For example, grudge and grudge. The Messenger of Allah was asked who is the top of the people in Sav. Two world servers said, “Everyone whose heart is confident and whose words are right.” The Companions were surprised. Either Rasulullah, we know the truth. they asked what is meant by the heart.

Our Lord looked over everyone

and said: “This is a pure heart that fears Allah.” He said, “There is no sin, cruelty, jealousy and grudge.” This is Kalanoz’s man, what’s going on? Where is Princess Sofia? Osman took princess Sofia. He sent me here to inform you.Kurulus Osman Season 1 Episode 20 With Urdu Subtitle  Oh my dear friend, this will never end well. Osman, Osman you trampled me. You violated the state! The state will also [ __ ] you! Bully, get my horse ready! Mr. Gündüz, notify the quick alps. We’re going to find Osman. (He breathes and leaves.) Farabi, scholars like you If warriors like Osman were of my religion, the kingdom of god would rule in this world. Commander Kalanoz! What is your state, Kalanoz? What happened to you? Osman took Sofia. In return for Sofia’s life, she wants Bala Hatun’s life from you. Where?

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