Kurulus Osman Season 1 Episode 24

We did not get rid of all the troubles.

I have an account to be seen with Osman.  I have no intention of sacrificing this obey to Osman’s ingenuity. Gündüz. Kurulus Osman Season 1 Episode 24 With Urdu Subtitle I am very curious, all this has happened does not he even have a word or an explanation to say to emmi? It’s not just a word to say I have an account to ask Dündar! You threw my alps into the caged tent. I’ll give the alps to account, Osman. Give me the account of my Batur! I had an account with Batur I saw him in front of the room.

Now, free my alps! Otherwise what Osman? I finish the job I left unfinished with Batur. Emmi, you’ve heard of Kalanoz yourself Osman was right. It is necessary to release the Alps. Do not call Osman and me during the day! He chases after Aybars’ revenge. He paid for the son’s betrayal.

Osman, emmi! Enough, informal enough! Osman look your brother will screw on you. He was involved in that during the day. will you stab us too? With us, blood is washed with blood! Don’t you know Emmi! If you want blood Take blood for you! [Lightning sound.] Kurulus Osman Season 1 Episode 24 With Urdu Subtitle I knew you wouldn’t betray me, Kalanoz. There was no other way I could save you, Sofia. So it was a game. We have great ideals that bind us together. Not just our ideals. Yes girl, I will die.

I have to be executed in front of Osman and the others.

I will never allow this! For this, they must first kill me. The first thing they taught us at the Margarite Monastery was this you can never live without dying, Sofia. (Crying.) Kurulus Osman Season 1 Episode 24 With Urdu Subtitle how can you do this to yourself, Osman? What is your situation, Aygül? Didn’t you see Osman, mother? He stabbed himself. Don’t you have any dignity? Don’t you have any pain? You are Aygül Hatun, daughter of Dündar Bey. What do you cry like? Let the thesis come to you! Mother

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