Kurulus Osman Season 1 Episode 25

If these conditions continue, do not call me a mother again!/

What do you say ma? I You cry for Osman. Shedding his brother’s blood, disregarding your father, his brain You cry for Osman, Aygül! Get out of this room, get out and see. Kurulus Osman Season 1 Episode 25 With Urdu Subtitle He took the whole obey behind him. Osman rebelled against Emmi and your father. You shed tears for her, huh? Look mother, Os I say shut up! Be ashamed of Kayı blood flowing in your veins! Look, girl, you will be a strong gentleman for your father’s fortune. You will marry a strong man and make your father strong!

You will marry Alişar Bey, Aygül! I die mother, I can’t die mother! I finished my word, Aygül. Do not say anything about it. If you don’t say what I’m already saying, you will die in my eyes! Osman was also brave father. Yes, my dear. Without him, neither Bala Hatun nor Tursun Fakih would have lived. It is God who puts faith and courage in hearts. As for Osman. It is the essence waiting to be processed for now. If it is well beaten, seasoned on fire, tempered in water it would be a sharp pusat. No, if not trained, a pile of iron.

Osman Bey, what happened to you? Kurulus Osman Season 1 Episode 25 With Urdu Subtitle We punished ourselves. No worries, Edebalı. Did you stab yourself? The dagger got stuck in my flesh but blood spilled from Dündar Bey. Remember the wound of blood scabs, the wound of grudge does not scab. You have a rest here. I will go to the alpine tent. Thank you Osman Bey. You clean the wound. I’ll build a stove. We need to cauterize the wound. Boran boy son what is this situation?

There is nothing important, Mr. Bamsı.

If there is nothing important, what are these wounds Boran Gardaş? Who did this to you? Batur came, Konur Alp this is the post.Kurulus Osman Season 1 Episode 25 With Urdu Subtitle How quickly Batur forgot the pain of the dagger he ate! Now I’ll take his blood! Samsa Bey, don’t let what happened here get out of this tent. Don’t let Mr. Osman forget his own troubles and worry about our problems. Samsa Sergeant, Boran Alp says it’s true. It is not that time. Spilled blood won’t stay on the ground Boran gardaş! You will not get away with this, Batur! You won’t get away with this.  Thank you brother, thank you. Oh my Osman, my friend.

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