Kurulus Osman Season 1 Episode 27

Our Prophet summoned Osama.

He said, “ Did you kill someone who declared his faith? ” When Osama defended himself, “He did this out of fear.” our masters of the two world suns said, “Do you help his heart so that you read his intention, you know his intent? it right to practice justice in your mind? Kurulus Osman Season 1 Episode 27 With Urdu Subtitle  You decide, do you apply it? Besides, we are not in the position to read hearts. If we have such a skill first of all we must read our own hearts.

Let’s get to the bleeding wound Prophet Muhammad Mustafa Sav is our master even Ebu’d Derda, who keeps himself away from the flavors of the world and harms his body “Your soul is your wrist, be nice to him.” is it right for you to hurt yourself, stab yourself? suddenly burning like a straw flame, Osman Osmancık. Kurulus Osman Season 1 Episode 27 With Urdu Subtitle When we walk towards you, let justice walk, when you smile, mercy laugh when you resist the persecution, we say that you should be patient and the people see the state. What would you do? Toy Osmancık, raw Osmancık.

Those who are fast will have less solid work.

So you know this! Well Boran son Horse feet are ash, bard language is agile. Neither our call to prayers nor our poets! Let him call us a saying. Your word with Dombra the judgment is the brain. Is he old or you, Mr. Bamsı? Son, neither old nor happy. Be wise, be wise, son. My Ertuğrul Bey loves the phrase Sevdayı Muhammed. Let him call us that. At that time Pir’i Turkistan let’s reach the slope of the big Yesevi. Oh let’s get there. Let’s arrive, let’s arrive that our hearts wash with his wisdom, son. (Dombra starts playing.)

Ya Lord our love and our fight our aim is also Muhammedi.

He is our hakan to whom we have always been obedient. Kurulus Osman Season 1 Episode 27 With Urdu Subtitle We go down to the battlefields with his name we will reach our desire with his name. Ya Hak! We have processed it in our hearts. We committed it to our efforts, we processed it in our pupils. My Lord, do not let our efforts back from his will. Amine. Ya Hay! My God, He is our soul the blood we shed is for him. The glory we got, the reputation we got; all, all for him.

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