Kurulus Osman Season 1 Episode 4

Let’s make Kulucahisar Castle an Islamic town.

If we are victorious one by one we drop all the castles. So from the Mongol attack We will also be saved from the Byzantine attack. Islamic banner we wave it everywhere. Stop and nephew What paperclip is this?Kurulus Osman Season 1 Episode 4 With Urdu Subtitle  You know that you will stay on the murder you stayed in that castle? I stayed, emmi. Because the landlord’s killer my brother is also the murderer of Aybars. There is no situation you hide from us, is it my brother?

What more am I going to hide on all this information, brother? What we give on all efforts good for you, Osman. In the pusat you carry you gave the right to be a son of a man. As Emmin, I take pride in you. Even though they kidnapped Aygül? The heroism in the enemy does not end, my nephew. You are not involved in what happened to my daughter. Thank you emmi. Into the strife in the castle you dived like a blunt dagger. In every misfortune that ends they marked you. until Ertuğrul Bey returns. I trust you, Osman.

To yourself to his alps you will be the judge.

Do not worry. Unless a hero comes from the castle to myself too I will also be with my alps. help us. I would like your permission too. And what they hid from me what kind of trouble you got into I will learn Osman. At that time I will talk to you. We will see you. Master Yannis, the light in your face tells me that the incoming information is important. Our man in the market is Nizamettin. He wrote that the Ahis are in the new market. Kurulus Osman Season 1 Episode 4 With Urdu Subtitle Osman was also with them. As I guessed. Osman is with them. It is clear that the Ahis are organizing in the new market. We need to prevent this.

We will be Kalanoz, we will be. Tear down the market we will kill them all. If I strike with my soldiers this will be a reason for war, but I am ready for war. It’s too early for war. Besides, this is not you others will. Who can do this except me, Master Yannis? The bloody sword of Catalonia Prince Salvador. With my fearless warriors at your disposal, Master Yannis. Pied! That’s it. Suck, they pat my back. Honey drips from your tongue.

Not a very good omen?

Not a very good omen. But my sure is a smart man. First, keep my heart pleasant is after what he will do. Hullo. Do not worry, you will recover in a short time. Come on, let’s. Mr. Osman. While I was waiting for you, I was going to lose my mind. Are you angry with me for those? Because of me, it has not happened. It is thanks to me if I live. Kurulus Osman Season 1 Episode 4 With Urdu Subtitle God bless you. You are from my blood, you are from my life, Aygül Hatun. First of all, your life will come. Who is this horse? Poisoned.

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