Kurulus Osman Season 2 Episode 12

How many uses would such a tent in the period?

If you find it favorable, let us have a small gift, not print. subscribe what is dervish dowry hangs on the neck Give it, look, give it like this to a very different begging, Osmanbey to beg I do not want dervish from anyone but Allah but there is a double-headed dragon yummy what a home is to tame him Hazrat pirs wear it. Kurulus Osman Season 2 Episode 12

Those who put it on their neck, you have to sselican market You start to wander around the realm Everyone laughs at you and your urgent state and all their pity is a price to you whom Akça You subscribe to whom it throws the sea Every day, the box you grow in Akça will be destroyed, days and nights buckets ha the wish on your neck would be your biggest confidant, huh in when idols fall down, this urchin becomes a crown on his head.

This is the time

when you watch this world with a different eye that booze sneaks to you other secrets subscribe Subscribe I’m Osman that madness Turkmen’s realm Islam’s mothers fathers sons Farewell to your daughters honey Osmanım estağfurullah This Keşkül was my forty-year Comrade? Bayri is yours one Subscribe But you’re a big Facebook partner The Principality that says “What do I need?Kurulus Osman Season 2 Episode 12

This will make a bey

Information from the people of this business. This is the ones who know that sentence. not to entrust it, best scholars, skilled craftsmen, Mahir Warriors. This is Ota gather under subscribe I’m Osman Bey is gay Face’s blowing dry on the wolf on the mountain He will come to you for Derman with the remaining bird.

Will he endure it strongly? Is time enough for this? Give people your own information in this wishfulness it will cure This is it. He deserve it and it doesn’t know Tahsin’s back But you sit on it then that’s the Center of Ota Cihan It happens, sentence, creature, Justice distributes, I with you, sentence in the world They are called the Ottomans, and the Ottomans were Ottomans Ottomans Ottoman o this EGO Hoşbaş. Kurulus Osman Season 2 Episode 12

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