Kurulus Osman Season 2 Episode 55 In Urdu Subtitles

Kurulus Osman Season 2 Episode 55 In Urdu Subtitles

Kurulus Osman Season 2 Episode 55 In Urdu Subtitles So it was my destiny to hear the name of that centipede one more time before I died. Our enemies are inherited from our ancestors. So it is, Mr Osman. Together with our Ertuğrul Bey, we could not dry the seed of that demon, but now I hope you have done it to exterminate it. Noyan’s enemies raided his oba and massacred his family. They captured his two brothers, he was saved. He grew up in the forests. They say sucked milk from pigs and fledged. Then an ominous shaman found and raised him.


Is that why they call it Black Shaman Togay?

Yes sir. What about the other brothers. Togay saved them. Now they worked together. I heard about him when I was in Aleppo, sir. His guards believe that water cannot drown him and that fire cannot catch it. We had longed for such an enemy for a long time. Gentlemen, sharpen your pusats. You can avenge your revenge. If I do not shred that death and throw it at the birds, they should not call me Osman Bey, the son of Ertuğrul Gazi.

Geyhatu has now sent this to prevent our settlement policy.

If Togay has come here, we will not be in trouble, sir. The gentlemen will be established in Söğüt tomorrow. Mr Umur said that he would respond to my invitation. The gentlemen of the sentence camps will come to Söğüt. Except for Squat Bey İvaz. We need to increase the measures, brother.Kurulus Osman Season 2 Episode 55 In Urdu Subtitles  Do not worry, sir. Thank you, thank you. Davut Bey, you take Göktuğ. I have some things to talk about with my brother. Mr Osman.

Since Osman Bey graciously came to our side and invited

us to the gentlemen’s honour, he has a lot of will from me. Since the sentence invites the gentlemen, it must be giving news of conquest. We will see. After my letter, I even doubted whether Osman would accept the invitation to resettlement. It is as if the Anatolian lords lined up and they would offer the Kizilbey sons dormitory and we will refuse it. In Germiyanoğlu, Hamidili, Konya, we cannot even drive our case to the plateau without permission.

Wherever we erect our pole, it has an owner. Is this land unclaimed father? Since Ertuğrul Gazi and Osman Bey bought it from Byzantium, do they have non-erected posts? Haha okay, my daughter. Kurulus Osman Season 2 Episode 55 In Urdu Subtitles There are lands to fight with unbelievers and to be taken. And look around here, is there a great man than Osman? Of course, there is no, but it is not known whether Osman Bey’s regattas will be in safety when there are so many enemies and betrayal. The salvation of Ha Bayındurlu is all the same.

My daughter does not drop the standard of the surviving Turk.

Osman brains in the Armenian waist confirms us in the case of the ambush treacherous. Look, it is the rule, betrayal does not come from Iraq, it comes close. Do not forget this. There was evidence that you could give me. What was that? I mentioned a murder in my letter. I found it in the direction of the assassin. Let’s see whose finger will it be? Killing Flatyos prevented me from finding the traitor in the camp, brother. Kurulus Osman Season 2 Episode 55 In Urdu Subtitles I used my right to retaliation, Osman.

It was my right to retaliation. Dündar thinks the same thing in my mem.

Was it before or after Dündar Emmim said that he killed Flats? What does this change, Mr Osman? It changes a lot, brother. Just before killing Flats. If you’re so angry then let’s use your anger for something useful. Help me brother. Help us catch the traitor with a hand in Bayhoca’s blood. You couldn’t ask for anything else from me that I would do more wholeheartedly, Mr Osman. Good time. Listen to me now, brother. Why didn’t you attack Osman while Umur brain was turning around? Why didn’t you kill Osman?

The spirits wanted the blood of brothers, not the blood of enemies,

to be spilt on the soil. What are you talking about your soul, your blood, Togay? What is your intention if you didn’t kill Osman? Killing a man with a single arrow is only the job of fools. Finding its target, an arrow will knock all the obstacles against each other in the hands of a master hunter. When he dies,

Turks mourn the blood of brothers, not the blood of martyrs.

It is such mourning that blood upon blood breeds betrayal upon betrayal. Well tell me, I’m listening. Osman dies and he is replaced by Gündüz.Kurulus Osman Season 2 Episode 55 In Urdu Subtitles  The prosecutor dies, someone else. Osman’s death does not end his father Ertuğrul’s dream. What I want is not Osman’s blood, but my brother’s blood that will flow like the gutter I want! When we were coming, we heard that Osman would give a big toy to Söğüt. Osman Bey has increased the measures everywhere. Oba gentlemen who Osman gave dormitory will come together But except for Dodurga man Ivaz.

What will you do with so many measures in Söğüt, Togay?

Ivan will give the brother blood I want too much. When Today’s arrow finds its target, both Osman’s and his father’s dreams will turn into a nightmare. All gentlemen will be enemies of Osman. Will your target be Mr Ivaz? Aiming for Ivaz and shooting Umur. How will you get into Toya? Is there a hole that the snake cannot enter?

So let me show you the way to crawl like a snake. Since we came to Söğüt, we dug tunnels everywhere. Now you are here, these are the tunnels leading to the church and the inn. When you watch this tunnel, it will take you straight to the inn’s kitchen. Without even hearing anyone’s soul.

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