Kurulus Osman Season 3 Episode 92 With Urdu Subtitles

Kurulus Osman Season 3 Episode 92 With Urdu Subtitles

Kurulus Osman Season 3 Episode 92 With Urdu Subtitles I’m Aya Nikola. I swear on Caesar’s name that before Osman knows who you are, he will be long gone. Darkness pays back for the service rendered to him, Nikola. The first thing we will do now is to clear Osman’s doubts. What’s on your mind, master? I will resurrect what I killed, Nikola. I will breathe again to Sheikh Edebali, whose breath I took. The owner of this arrow is not Kosses. Alps. The death of Mari chick, the slander thrown at Gündüz Bey is all for putting Kosses and Turgut against us and eliminating my brother! Their intention is to leave Kayi alone and stop the conquests! Whoever did this is the one who killed Ivaz Bey and Umur Bey. Sir, now Gunduz bey died because of a slander?

Daydream is alive. Now he is in the castle of Kosses,

so you don’t have to worry. Thank god! My lord, my lord, who then did all this? Which is naughty? We’ll find out, Boran. If you don’t know where trouble comes from, you’ll see when it comes. Barkin… and İbrahim Fakih. So it’s those two demons who did all this evil, huh? The troubles began with their arrival. We will act with suspicion. Baysungur. – Sir. You will be after Barkin. saltuk. – Sir. You will never leave after Ibrahim Fakih. If they come from darkness, then you will be a shadow. The order is yours, sir. – It’s your command, sir. Alps, you will be vigilant and vigilant. They plant seeds of discord and shed blood as life water! If it comes to you, then you will not believe what you see and hear. No one will move without asking me! “Your command, sir.” We go to Harmankaya.

Kurulus Osman Season 3 Episode 92 With Urdu Subtitles

He will be alone. But lone wolves are dangerous too, Nikola. I’ll pull out his teeth too, he won’t even growl. But first he must angrily attack Kosses. And Kosses, who do not want to be torn apart, will come to us. Moreover, Argus and my soldiers have already settled in Harmankaya. We will not only draw Kosses and Turgut from Osman’s side, but we will draw them to our side. Not yet, we’ll wait for Osman to make a move on Kosses first. Let’s hear from my spy, later. Soldier. With your permission. Precaution. The gold you want is master Aryus. But you didn’t say what you wanted it for. Nikola to drown the Turks in the palm of darkness. This gold will go to Barkın.


To Barkın, who will be the lord of the Kızılbeyoğulları.

Barkın is with Osman, but one of us is the most ruthless warrior of darkness. A knight who will tear the Turks to pieces. This gold will be one of his most powerful weapons for this cause. Where are you going, stop! I told you to stop! Go on. Osman, come on. Thank you, Samuel, let’s go now. – Come in. Here you come. Ivaz is dead. kosses. This is one of our arrows. Where did you find this? He fell in front of me while I was removing the mask from the devil’s face. They want to secure their work from both sides. First they made you hostile to us, now Kosses to you. It’s what you said, Mr. Turgut. Who attacked, and there is no other trace? Whoever killed Mari, who burned Willow , who killed Ivaz Bey, those bastards. But now I’m after what I suspect.

You haven’t been able to hold accountable for the

murderer of my wife and my baby brother yet. If Kosses, whom you now call the enemy, had not taken his life, even justice would not have been served! Turgut! You are in the gentleman’s room. Speak your word knowingly! You could not protect Osman Bey. Is it a lie, Osman Bey, you could not protect! The gentlemen who set their sights on your way are hunting one by one. Umur sir! Mr. Ivaz! They were all warriors! You couldn’t protect Söğüt either. Even Sheikh Edebali is in the grip of death. The account you will see after other souls are gone has no meaning! You’re afraid that people around me will hunt! There can be no hunter who is afraid of being hunted! Until this time, I kept silent because you were in pain! But… now get out of my way! Fall down! Thanks! Is there a Destur, Osman Bey?

Mr. Ivaz, Mr. Umur, their pain belongs to all of us.

Kurulus Osman Season 3 Episode 92 With Urdu Subtitles But first, my liver is one of those who died. They attack from all sides. Osman Bey, because the truth is on the way. Gentlemen! In short, the tree that bears fruit is stoned. Thanks. Alps! Turgut Bey will not come to the camp again. If it comes near the camp, then you will drive fast! It has no meaning in my eyes! The order is yours, sir. – It’s your command, sir. The wedding is over. Lets! I don’t get it, Cornelia. How did this work? I don’t know, Zehra, I don’t know. Shall we stop by a market before we go? I’ll wait for you at the horses, you come and do your job. OK. I beg your pardon, I’m checking if İbrahim Fakih is inside. It came out before me, didn’t you see it?

Kurulus Osman Season 3 Episode 92 With Urdu Subtitles

I guess it came out at that time. You may exist. You can be there too. I don’t have much time, Zehra is waiting for me. Why did you save him, sir? You said we were going to kill him. You said that the light of Oğuz would go out. Oh my beautiful Cornelia, Auburn noticed the poison. It was only a matter of time before he found the antidote. We couldn’t have made that idiot a hero. If there is to be a winner in this turmoil, it will always be us. Besides, there could be no better way to gain their trust than to save Edebali’s life. That’s right, they will trust you more now. Everything for our great purpose. You will continue to glide into the hearts of those in the camp like a snake. Don’t worry, I’m doing my best for it. But…

But? Bala suspects me. With this last move,

I have cleared all doubts. Then, my beautiful Cornelia, it’s time to move on to our next move. But this will be a little painful. Saltuk, what are you looking for here? I follow İbrahim Fakih by order of my lord. But I lost track of it. Did you see it, Aygul lady? He was out of the shop last. I hope it’s good. We kept it from our informal suspicion. My Alps went after the master and Barkin. But in this process, we are not going to stand here and wait, of course. It’s on, you tell me. Let everyone hear. Inhisar tekfurun is very happy, my lord. First of all, I said that we have surrounded the castle on all four sides, as you ordered. Then I conveyed your conditions, sir. From now on we will graze animals on their pastures.

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