Mavera Episode 1 Bolum 1 With Urdu Subtitles

Mavera Episode 1 Bolum 1 With Urdu Subtitles

Mavera Episode 1 Bolum 1 With Urdu Subtitles I will tell you a story Your eyes don’t hear like your. ears Among the types of time he does not see a story about to disappear. 4 of the disk full of throws towards this Unknown man’s story 4 lonely 4 lonely the first traveler of the road 4s The first is the Pearl of the Wisdom of Wisdom to the tree Ahmet Then it is loyal to his Can comrade un .un that you returned in exchange for being a friend traded Mahmud Who took these two from childhood and raised them Old

Can this soda No it followed us otherwise

Is my deceased father a lion your family and Guide for all of us when the satellite goes beyond I am one more way after birthday while leaving the land behind me to the spiritual climate of Yusuf. While taking shelter, Hz. Mavera Episode 1 Bolum 1 With Urdu Subtitles He never hesitated on his way to the lands like horse running no Ahmet was at the very beginning of this road. Is this pain in front of you, fear in your heart?

This is our story on that way It started and then it never ended.

Thank God 4 Cavalry Ancient of History reversed her song but this now you nobody knows You will know this is what we will learn Wooden Spoons for a livelihood. provided road combs The realm of a dervish is not erased in the world Chipping .wooden swords that leave. marks this is the story This Steel Sword is also unopened, the judge The gates of cities that are not seized. Mavera Episode 1 Bolum 1 With Urdu Subtitles  with force wooden Swords of the conquering is the epic. of the syllable of white paper and The time for black ink is set Baghdad you strange city and there the strange.

Works we have come across to my words This will make

it clear What Wisdom was prepared with Our We hope our story is again with its wisdom will come This is Our Story, so in Turkistan 4 record did not think of historical record legend Either I’m Arslan, your father, my son, oh and the People of the One, Hamza, friend is a da Ahmet to the pen of Allah and his words Martyr Bismillah of Truth shall we pass subscribeThis is Selamünaleyküm Aleykümselam And that get past, you can be thankful what’s up Take this Ataturk out of the road He’s got an order and he’s

Broken to fix it We work then when we save the

will shoot now you are fine, thank God We are fine. Is it okay? Hey these things [Music] these thoughts have a hard time. carrying the cardigan the world on your back .It also passes Yes, this will pass too kalam Damla This carpet is very a mistake a foot out of the car Thank you . I’m spoiled . parts to repair after this matter We need to handle Mavera Episode 1 Bolum 1 With Urdu Subtitles it one by one, are you very well It came warm as if it doesn’t exist, we tie it to the village we are going He went too Ok stop stop stop Thank you Ok, thanks, it doesn’t pay your right from now on.

We are my father and brother we handle He is my

Good to the wound good for It’s okay broke bro, it’s a bad thing. Is it that he takes it out? thank you How clear is the vote, our companions. It was our basis, we will say it. There is also this God bless you Thank you. Where are you going? Baghdad My laces,

What are you doing in Baghdad this way alone on

our own is not this is more dangerous than where. we came from I guess not one of the details taife appeared. they attacked us with these yen sister brother. friend relative All migrated to the West with us 35 TL was left then they are sleeping like this they will never print they didn’t look at anyone’s tears We had fun but couldn’t do business No I i stay Happy birthday in the land, I would know the moon in the end they suffered so much God mother kissed

When they were so young this Baghdad everyone is

now a door of Hope from trucks but we set out to look for you too there is a nomad here is ours like the Turkmens go My Only Wish Why didn’t I look there right now? We said they won’t be helpless they will hold their hands we hit the road, may God help you Ahmet, we all came out of round 7 whether it comes to Baghdad, does it make gas? Please, I always relax Serkan is a Who are you going to be? from the mountains to the jackal herd there is a sultan car for this

Why we deliver your friends so they break sugar like that

Who are you, you demand why Yusuf Eli? we thank What did they tell you when you tried Kilis Experience in self-improvement Where have they turned into warriors? let me know your in my land absolutely all participating items you are not your name for that sleep feline period his behavior is what we call evidence that these lands exist these are everybody signs up to you I am Seedat bro news Yes I respect the car is endless end one including the

Seljuk ruler many of our people, including But now the

leg is like her people will be able to fix units We’re cleaning the caliphate Minors crime invading office our name internal overthrow and You need to be aunt, TV, too to see against the persecution that I will do He set up a tent on his head and got you attack this verdict with evidence history toy that no Emre this new So the price tribes of my flag What is it yesterday? If they did, it is the same today Falling to act, of course, is the second hand gold Özcan, but You say something determines the tree show on behalf of the traveler so-called caliph

To what is the scale of justice My direction is to drink,

about the earthquake when glass is ready when there are preparations their productions don’t have a thread, just a moment Choose your side first, and that’s it. Kurulus Osman Season 2 Episode 54 our beautiful own beautiful Prophet There is much mercy in separation saying that our side has chosen smart first Now, in order not to kill a little carrier give me a reason you turned it off In order not to be afraid of death in the world, you are one Tell me why orphan own strong unfair baby us from the Prophet You will take care of her, I’m bored there

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