Mavera Episode 4 With Urdu Subtitles (Bolum 4)

Mavera Episode 4 With Urdu Subtitles (Bolum 4)

Mavera Episode 4 With Urdu Subtitles (Bolum 4)

Mavera Episode 4 With Urdu Subtitles (Bolum 4) Most of the sentries that Osman murdered wild animals ripped apart. What about these? For the ceremony We brought those whose meat is not shredded. All they gave their lives for my son. Them now mine forever my living children. We are after the murderers, Geyhatu. The souls of all will be honored. We will take Möngke back from Osman. Mavera Episode 4 With Urdu Subtitles (Bolum 4)Osman! Osman! Erlik Khan they gave their lives for my son. Honor them. To the descendants of the son aparan haunt O Erlik Khan!

The black steed he rides bridle of black silk whip black snake neck,

lap does not reach O Erlik Khan! Take your soul, my sentries. To me Give me my son, O Erlik Han! Wait for me Kayı. To death I am coming. My lord I understand your desire to make a deal with Nikola. Not that these conditions both for them and for us isn’t it heavy Short for shortDündar is obligatory for the sons of Abraham. Whether you are a Christian wanna be Jewish He will not be able to say no. Mavera Episode 4 With Urdu Subtitles (Bolum 4)also trade concessions and border security clauses it will corner it. His word is not respected, sir. You know better than me. As long as you feed the snake in your hole does not take its head out. Until I fend off the geyhatu scourge You will keep Nikola busy with this deal, Dündar.

This is your duty as an ambassador. Did you understand?

When this trouble passes we will do what is necessary. Good luck evelallah. Day, did he set out for Kulacahisar? He set out with the morning prayer, sir. Get the beans in your mouth, Dündar. My lord Of my Osman a mistake Has it had a fault? You keep it away. This way Dündar is tough and tall. Sometimes on the road it is necessary to stop and rest. The person demands that his songather your mind and might. You may exist, sir. God don’t let you miss you over our heads. You may exist. apprentice Where are you? Mavera Episode 4 With Urdu Subtitles (Bolum 4)You don’t stop by the shop, either. Get off today, Master Davut. Nothing happens from a day. For your sake, Mr. Osman. Let’s see the challenger. Shake it. Shake it. Shake it. Shake it.

The arrow is out of the bow. I hope it will be no.

How long has he been on duty? Sorrow is filled with these beautiful eyes, babe? I was enough for a hundred enemies with a plain sword. But not the war you arrived at, sir. Your destination is the devil’s home. My father has given me a very important task, girl. Not only in our obituary sentence obas All Greek people in Söğüt holding your breath He waits for the good news to bring. This is what I’m afraid of, my Prosecutor.He gave the task of stopping a huge army alone. Well these tyrants why would they come upon us? Geyhatu his son Möngke My brother thinks Osman has kidnapped. For this reason,

it comes to us. Mr. Osman Again, which snake has his

stick in his nest, Savcı Bey? My brother Osman is blamed innocently, chick. It is up to you to clear the trouble he caused. These are cruel men. What if they do something to you? I will be destroyed. I’ll be devastated, Prosecutor. If we are facing Genghis Khan’s grandson we are the son of Ertuğrul Gazi, girl. My father gives the peace of this land He entrusted it to my hands.Fire is calling out to you, lord, can you hear? Hear the voice of protection inside me he is ashamed of his fever. The more grief is shared, the more it subsides. The fire gets hot as it burns.

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