Teskilat Season 1 Episode 14 In Urdu Subtitles Last

Teskilat Season 1 Episode 14 In Urdu Subtitles

Teskilat Season 1 Episode 14 In Urdu Subtitles You disappoint me, Zoyi. Gonca, throw this into the caged tent with Alaca! Come. Sit late. It’s late, be quiet. When Osman Bey returns, he will cut his sentences. I didn’t believe you. I thought you were jealous. I’ve been fooled. If it weren’t for you, we would have lost our son! Malhun chick. Your child is also my child. You should never forget this.

Not to be jealous, I will burn the whole world for your child!

We are not just Osman Bey and his soldiers who will die for him. We are the mothers of the magnificent state to be established. Please don’t forget my word. Nicholas! Thank God! Are you okay? Helen… Helen, Dukas, where are the others?Teskilat Season 1 Episode 14 In Urdu Subtitles Dukas, Adnos, Jason, Feridles are all dead! Did Dukas die with his ominous arrogance?

Victory and victory both said victory,

leaving us not a victory but a huge defeat. Helen, Osman… Osman dealt a great blow to the emperor, Helen. But there is something they don’t know. The Emperor and his arrogant son are now condemned to me! Prisoner! A new era is beginning. Teskilat Season 1 Episode 14 In Urdu Subtitles Now I’m stronger than before! More strong! Helen, set off and you’ll be at the castle by morning.


On foot… On foot! Nicholas! Nicholas!

Oh my god! Oh my god! You did not embarrass me with the pusats I beat with the iron I cast. Oh my god! Today we fought for our future. Thanks be to my Lord, we returned to the blessed hearth of Ertuğrul Gazi with a clear victory. it is time to render these lands watered with our blood, which we will weave with our future,

This victory is the victory of the whole nation.

First of all, it is the victory of mothers, sisters and old valiants who sent their sons, soldiers, brothers to war. It is your victory! This victory is the harbinger of a glorious state that will be established under the banner of Islam and will live forever! But you should never forget this. Holding a conquered land is always more difficult than conquering a new one! For this reason, with the soup kitchens we will establish, Episode 14

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