Teskilat Season 2 Episode 43 With Urdu Subtitles

Teskilat Season 2 Episode 43 With Urdu Subtitles

Teskilat Season 2 Episode 43 With Urdu Subtitles What happened o we slept in the bosom of the enemy, we settled in your heart o their minds, souls, trades and beliefs, familiar to us It’s like it’s time to wake up those who live under this fake light, it’s time to wake up, but they’re going to dig up that they’re breaking their rts that are rted in this land. This DJ steals a girl, every crowd can turn into an army, but raising a commander Keko licks dozens of them and inside them Whatever has a long past,

intellectuals scholars old people commanders

this is we will destroy them all and it will be tomorrow But you wake up first you will understand to destroy Renault’s t Sense even more dangerous than this poison on my back we tried to establish the conjunction in our most competent city , and in the Union , that’s exactly what it is. He will destroy these commanders in the middle, he will show their weaknesses, he will bring their weakness to an end, the most distinguished commanders, the material for the cornea, the most distinguished commanders, Turgutlu,

the daytime is getting worse, this separation will be bldy this well,

this poison poison will bring an end to it Sir , to the marina I’ve been hiding next to for years But my father saw the land up this my heart burns vine She went to the crossroads with this grandson . This Onur Bey is a martyr, but we are also a witness to it. But you are also a witness, okay, I’ll take your life, this Nazeri Super League Osman, a lawyer will not stay on the ground She She But you are a strong chick But Teskilat Season 2 Episode 43 With Urdu Subtitles

Episode 42

bro can’t give my account There is not a single move

I will make to the Sultan What you want me not to account for, in front of my eyes, the Seljuk vizier tk his life . If it were, you would tell everything, but it’s time, but it’s t late, if he doesn’t talk, then others will talk He is very His Excellency I am the commander of Ali Selçuk no BİM’ They will also tell you, I am Sultan, but I am the vizier alemşah my service to you I have counted my service to you Sultan What have you done Asena What are you doing brother girl let’s talk this is my Sultan Vizier alemşah has developed with all kinds of cruelty by taking shelter under your product

Teskilat Season 2 Episode 43 With Urdu Subtitles

who keeps the ropes Diaz newspaper in this water and Sellem joke intended for Osman Bey’s life Isn’t this a noble’s right? to Tell me, tell me where this job was and how it was Under this soil, I should have had this ring, change the subtitle of your hand, this is Turgut, he is a man alone, he will take care of what, sister, lk, I am aware that I could not protect the spine yet, you still talk, you do your job, this The ottoman is coming tomorrow, don’t do anything, but everything is ok, thank you, do not dust, we will not be yours Hello Selamunaleyküm ya v This way to journeys is Sırat-ı Müstakim

But we are passengers on that road,

we wish to give advice 13 I am writing to you, where does it come from, where do you go We come from your grandfather and samarkand. Is there a way to follow fiqh? Allah also puts me in the sea, Ibrahim pr sweats, this time it’s your own Ibrahim match in the morning Yes, I’ll go to your rm today, you’ll rest No, on the contrary, I have been sleeping for a long time, I have been sleeping for a long time, I am very vigorous and the duty is ready, when our duty is the right way, you are in the right place İbrahim I guess I know,

I know, but I hear from nice to the indivisible unity of brother milk

what does it mean i came before me this is your house my person is very nice i poisoned these panthers how to make money and that poison It will fuel an event The park will just start with a tent echo this then it will splash the others they ‘re going to sleep in the partition to the park what happens my part If God shakes your tongue, each of you is drinking violence at two, what the fear inside them will turn into the country

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