Tozkopran Episode 23 with Urdu Subtitle

Tozkopran Episode 23 with Urdu Subtitle

Tozkopran Episode 23 with Urdu SubtitleI have beautiful fabrics from Konya, if you want to take a look- Don’t play with me, Petrus! I know who you are. Erim, where is my Bey Were you followed while you were coming, Hazal lady? No. I said what’s up! Dundar Bey took refuge in Nikola.

Osman where did he learn it? We just learned, Hazal Hatun. Osman is looking for Dundar Bey everywhere. He obviously doesn’t doubt you. At least for now.Tozkopran Episode 23 with Urdu Subtitle You didn’t like this fabric either. Did he just leave me and run away? Dundar Bey had taken precautions for such a situation.

Is it a precaution? What kind of precaution? We have the necessary preparation, don’t worry, stay calm. I can’t go back to Obama. We will take you to Dundar Bey. Tozkopran Episode 23 with Urdu Subtitle Get over the lady next to you and come to Boztepe. No, I have to go back to the camp.

At least I don’t adorn my stuff

Don’t! We don’t have time for this. Osman can find out where Dundar is at any moment and go after you. Go now, right now. Let’s bury his body so that no one can find it. He seems confused and thinks what to do. What do you see, Boran alp, what surprised you? Lets.Ismiszlar Episode 22

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