Update Old Articles To Improve Rankings And Traffic

Update Old Articles To Improve Rankings And Traffic


Update Old Articles To Improve Rankings And Traffic “Best social media platform” friendster? My Space? Google Plus? What the hell is this? I’m going to binge watch. Yeah, if I was Google, I wouldn’t like that.

I will definitely keep my search results up to date, accurate and relevant. Putting yourself in Google’s shoes, you definitely have a different perspective.

So if your site traffic is decreasing, your once popular article rankings are decreasing, do what Google will help, “Update your content”. We’re not just saying to just go back to your old articles and, oh, there’s an update button, hit it, and that’s it.

You need to take some time to review and ensure that the information in your older articles is relevant and up-to-date.
Do more than just focus on writing new content.

Did you know that the Google rewards website is focused on quality over quantity. So any articles that are older than a year old, you might want to make a habit of meeting this once a year to fact check the information.

I know this is easier said than done. If you have a huge team of content writers, it will be easier for you to update all your content. But if you’re a one man show, it’s going to be hard. So this video is dedicated to you.

If you are a one man show or have a small team you need to update a ton of content on your website.

Come on. Hey, It’s Shahzad & Mehmood from Mehritef, a WordPress SEO plugin that tries to provide you with the fastest and most innovative SEO tools. And on this channel, we strive to provide you with the most accurate and latest SEO information and information..

So if this is your first time on our channel, consider subscribing. We all have limited resources and we don’t put them to good use. We just waste time and money. Let me ask you a question.

If your one article was ranking for the most popular search term and it generated a ton of traffic for you, but now it has lost all its traffic because the search term has lost its reputation and anyone Not looking for it, would you still spend time updating content? Nope. Okay.

So we have to work first in this process to identify the right articles for updates.

Identify The Correct Articles Of  The Update.

If your article is new, you published it three to four months ago, and it hasn’t performed better. Be patient. Give it the time. Wait for some major update to this. But once it passes the twelve month mark, it’s time to look at it and it’s a preliminary qualification.

Then, you’re going to want to identify the next articles that have lost traffic but are still vital to your business goals. If your business sells dog products and you have key articles that have brought you multiple sales in the past, but now that isn’t performing well, you may want to take note of them.

If you are using Rank Math Pro, you might want to go to your Analytics module and select the SEO Performance tab. From there, you might want to gaug the stats as much as you can. And when you scroll down, you will see a list of all your contents. Update Old Articles To Improve Rankings And Traffic

The column in which you will be most interested is the position.
Take note of the graphs. If you see any hint in the position like this article “best bamboo sheets”.

We were on the first page, but the position has sunk to the third page. If this article is important to your business, and if it was published more than a year ago, we want to update this article. Now, you can even use Google Search Console.

You want to select pages and change the date limit on search results or page performance. Pick a comparison and choose to compare the statistics for the last 28 days throughout the year. Click on the request.

And from here, you want to sort out the difference in clicks and see articles with negative clicks, which means data for the last 28 days compared to data from a year ago.

And wow! This site needs to be updated, but if you’re a one-man show or a small team, you’ll want to select articles that are more relevant to your business. You’ll want to grab those underperforming articles and consolidate them into a list where you’ll sort them out of the importance of your blog or business.

But before we go any further, we want to make sure that the articles at the top of the list are positioned differently from the top three positions in your main targeting cafes.

You don’t want to waste resources on articles that are already classifying. So, for example, just to clarify, we’re going to say that I had a high rating for the required words “Friendster Marketing.” And this is the article on my site.

The article featured several clients interested in Friendster Marketing, but that’s not the case anymore. Traffic is less and sales are also less. What does it give? I’m ranking at the top, but nothing is happening. Now, you and I both know that Friendster is dead. So definitely no one is looking for Friendster Marketing right now.

And if you’re spending the time updating that article, it’s just not worth your time and resources. I hope it makes sense to you. For recitation of this portion on selecting articles for updates, you may want to use the,

Rank Math Analytics module or Google Search Console to identify articles that are hit in position and traffic. And then, you might want to consolidate all underperforming articles in the list, for example, in a spreadsheet.

Then you’re going to want to organize articles with importance to your website or business. Next, you’ll want to search Google to make sure PetDown articles aren’t ranking in the top three positions on key targeting keyphrase.

If they are, remove them from the list and you’ll be left with a list of articles to update in order.

How To Update The Content?

Now that we’ve decided what articles to update let’s talk about updating that content. That’s even better if I walk you through the whole process. Imagine I own a guitar school, and I own a website, and I used to grade a higher grade for the key phrase, “Do you need talent to play a guitar?”

“But now I realize that the article needs more traffic.”.
So I went to Google and searched for the keyword and this website got Rich Snapchat. Let’s click through with this one.

And now, I want to revisit my article, and it’s an article, and it ranked 10th. Now, before we go any further, can you tell me the intent of the search for the key phrase? What is Sarashar thinking and what does he want from this search?

Looking for easy ways to play the guitar? Or is the seeker doubting himself and needing validation? Is this A or B ? Leave a comment down below. Update Old Articles To Improve Rankings And Traffic

I will be waiting. Well, if your answer is A, why wouldn’t the guy look for “easy to play guitar” or “easy tricks to play guitar?” “Wouldn’t that be more appropriate?” So the answer is B, and Google has already said that.

Old Way vs New Way Of Creating Content.

He blessed this website with a rich snippet. So comparing the top results with the question essay, can you see that the top results answered the question on the first line of the article?

Looking at the other article, it seems as if the author is writing a storybook. You can see the difference between past and present articles, because the quality of essay writing in the past, at least the way I was taught, was to connect with the reader through stories.

This is how we as authors can create trust and harmony, and this was an acceptable practice.. And researchers are fine with this.

What is Content Creation?

But now a days, just review your conduct when seeking information. Do you care about these stories? Me personally ?

Nope. I feel more connected to the author when I provide important information first rather than the story. I want info fast and I will not tolerate the flow.

#1: Find Satisfaction Within The 3s

So for you I have my first hint is to go through your content and see if there are any errors in your articles, stories or anything that your readers need within 3 seconds of getting to your article Prevents you from getting information. I’m not saying you can’t add any personal stories to your essay.

I’m saying you need to build relationships with your readers first through quick information before sharing your experiences. To identify the search intent and provide information that fits the search intent right at the top. Remember, keep all the important info at the top. Update Old Articles To Improve Rankings And Traffic

#2: Properly Remove Old Information.

This is the first audit point. Now, we say that you have written a review article about software and this article is about rank math. We had this feature where a flash easy score out of an SEO check. But after Google’s BEART update and rank math removed it’s no longer important..

What should you do with how horrible rank math is because of flash easily checked if you have a whole paragraph? Should you add a stricthrow to retain the content out there and to point out that the info is old? This is not a good idea.

Should you cut this section out, paste under the article and mix it with the background, thinking Google will see value in paragraphs? This is not a good idea either. Would you finish it completely?

But if people are looking for rank math flashy scores because its competitors have it check, you might want to add a line at the top that blends in with the introduction or wherever you feel appropriate. I’ll write a sentence, “The great thing about rank math is that they’re always on their toes with SEO.”

A prime example of this is that after Google’s BERT update, the flash easiness score seemed unrelated to SEO and this may seem to be the opposite. So, they removed it. Like, why aren’t there “rank math flash scores”, “rank math no flash scores in rank math?” “Or any key sentences related to rank math and flash scores, you still have a chance to grade a paragraph for it rather than deleting it entirely.”

The audit point is to remove anything that is outdated or irrelevant and replace it with something that can be evergreen for your essay. Anyway, are you getting value from it already? If you find this information helpful, remember to smash that thumbs up button.. Update Old Articles To Improve Rankings And Traffic

#3: Satisfied Secondary Search Intent.

Now, let’s move on to something even more precious. Our next audit point for you is to identify secondary search intentions and improve your article for them. But the question is, how will you find the secondary search intentions?

The key is getting questions that your essay’s central focus is on something other than the required words. And then, how will you find them?

There are two ways. The first method is to use Google Search Console. On the search results, select the Questions tab instead of the pages we have used right now. And then, you want to add another description.

Let’s select the “page”. Under the filter, you want to select the url containing or exact url. Let’s just say the article we’ve been updating is that the key phrase targets zero waste makeup brands.

And from there, you’ll see a list of wanted words for which this article is grading. Might not be a lot of clicks, but it’s getting feedback, which means Google is trying to rank your articles on those key sentences, but still needs to level it up. One thing that can be helpful is if you know how far your essay is in the required word ranking.

But none the less, it’s pretty good. Before improving the article, let’s discuss another approach for Rank Math Pro users. On the analytics module, remember that we were on the “SEO Performance” tab. Go to the article you’re updating, scroll down and you’ll see a list of required words this article is grading for.

It’s equivalent to finding you from a Google Search Console, but we have the position history.. Let’s put the key phrase along with the article. Did you notice we had the intro and then a table. Honestly, not the most helpful table.

And we are trying to squeeze people into buying products through buttons. How do we optimize content to meet secondary search terms? People looking for vegan, non-toxic, plastic free, chemical free, etc.

I’m gonna do something like this to make this table look better. I’m going to have more columns, a column for vegan, nontoxic, cruelty-free, plastic-free, and whatever category people are looking for and then compete it with this brand. I will tick or cross people who are related to the brand.

Does this look better than the table top? This is how I feel. And then, if we go further down, the author explains the brand of makeup.. If I wanted to improvise this instead of literal text, I’d put them on a list, or on a table, period. So is eco-current a vegan makeup brand?

We will be answering live. This looks better than ever and allows readers to get straight answers instead of having to read through paragraphs and figure things out themselves.

If you make life easier for your readers, they’ll stay to use your content longer, which gives positive cues to Google and other search engines.

As a result, your article may rank high on these secondary search terms.. I personally love this audit point. What do you think? Leave a comment down below.

#4: Trimming the Fat

Now, the next audit point is Sapicash about trimming fat. If you have two to three paragraphs explaining one thing, but you can make it from one to two sentences while retaining the information, you have a winner. For example,

The author explains why you should focus on your strengths instead of your weaknesses. And he named three guitarists BB King, Dave Matthews and Tom Petty. If I were to trim fat, I would write something like this:

“The profession avoids their weaknesses and focuses on their strengths.” Do you think the profession is good at everything?
Wrong” I’ll add a table for the list of every guitar legend’s strengths and weaknesses and end it with” so don’t try to be some other guitarist to look cool.

Learn to adapt and maintain your strength. Here’s what makes you a better guitarist.” Look, the content is more organized than it is, and I’ve carved plenty of words while retaining the information.

Of course, this is a sapekash. You think your content is lean, and I can imagine that you need to cut fat. But what’s important is if your content is giving your audience the information they’re possibly looking for. Update Old Articles To Improve Rankings And Traffic

S o Keep this thought in mind when scrolling through your content. As you read your content, you should read it from your readers’ point of view rather than from the author’s point of view.

#5: Include Similar Content.

It takes some practice, but the more work you put in, the better you’ll be in the long run. Now, if you have a large site with hundreds of thousands of articles, there probably will be a few repeated articles.

You would have written an article, for example, “How to Make Money Online” from Amazon, a few years ago.
And maybe you wrote another article, “How to Make Money on Amazon two years ago”.

And another article, how to boost sales on Amazon,. They are different wanted words that have different search volumes and rivals. But all of that can be incorporated into one great article including the “Best Ways to Make Money on Amazon.”

Will be sharing all the tips, tricks, methods and how you can get started. You can either improve one of the existing articles or consolidate all the information into a new one.

And all you need to do is redirect 301 from all old articles to new or latest article so all the SEO juice accumulated in the past will be maintained from those old articles to the new or newest article.

To redirect 301, you can use our redirections module and add a new redirect. Select the “301 Persistent Steps” option, and keep links to your older article at the source.

As you can see, you can paste multiple urls at the same time. Add the new or updated Article URL to the destination, hit the Add Reduction button, and you’re all set to go. Link is in the description on how to use the Reduction. It’s as simple as that. Rank Math is a one stop shop for SEO tools.

We have a list of modules and features to suit every SEO need, so consider turning on Rank Math on your site. Ultimately, once you’ve updated your content and hit the update button, there’s only one last step.

Submit The Latest Materials for The Rebuild.

Now, if you’re using rank math, you don’t have to do anything after hitting the update button with your essay because we do everything for you behind the scenes.

But you just need to make sure the correct settings are turned on. First things first, when you update your content, rank math will automatically “update final mode.” The article column you just updated. So you need to make sure that this is the map module of the site.

Then, there are two ways by which Rank Math will automatically present your site in Google Maps. The first way is to go to the site’s map settings, scroll down and see this “ping search engine”. This sequence will do the heavy lifting for you.

Another extremely helpful method for beginners who have trouble authenticating their site with Google Search Console is to link your site to Google using Rank Math. Go to the Rank Math dashboard, hit the Setup Wizard, go through the steps, and you should be able to link your site to the Google Search Console.

If you want more details about everything about connecting your site to Google and site map, you can check out this video here. The link is in the description. So aren’t you glad you’re using rank math? We spoil you so much, and if you need to start using rank math but they want to visit us and you’re afraid you might miss traffic, come to us to migrate correctly Check out the links in the description. Update Old Articles To Improve Rankings And Traffic

Many of our customers claim their traffic has improved since migrating to Rank Math, but I’ll leave it to you to decide. You can also submit your own article to be retrieved on Google Search Console. At the top of your search console, you’ll want to put the URL of your most recent article and target inter or returns.

Then all you need to do is click on the “request hint”, and Google will retrieve your page. If you don’t use rank math and request a retract on the search console, that’s okay because Google will periodically visit your site to crawl for updates. But if you want Google to see your latest content faster, use one of the methods I’ve shared.


With this strategy, updating your older content will increase your site traffic and sales. If you find value in this blog, please do us a favor and smash that thumbs up button.

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