Dokuz Oguz Urdu Subtitles By Makkitv

Dokuz Oguz Urdu Subtitles By MakkitvDokuz Oguz Urdu Subtitles By Makkitv

That is, the ship entering this place sinks in the bottom of the‎ sea. ‎They are trying to say that the‎ area pulls and swallows the ships? ‎If this is the case, Dokuz Oguz Urdu Subtitles By Makkitv then caution can be taken. ‎But the area where the undersea flow, going north, suddenly changes to the south and‎ the winds turn from right to left while blowing you can’t find trenches. ‎Did you demarcate this area? ‎Of course‎ ‎, but I just marked it on the map you have to inspect the coast of the fort you conquered and follow the river that starts from there it is to reach the place of death. ‎

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Why is this place so important? ‎Imagine that, Turgut.‎ Imagine that a whole fleet is following‎ you, your ship is fast and the fleet is chasing you, in this area you‎ also save‎ the waters. ‎That’s why it’s important.‎ but first we have to experience this area only a skilled sailor like Barbaros Rais can get out of there. ‎It would be like suicide. ‎If you want such a power‎ ‎, someone has to pave the way on this path.‎ ‎Well, does your man know this secret? ‎Of course‎ I worked with him. ‎

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Will open his mouth. ‎He will endure violence‎ as much as he can,‎ but in the end, everyone opens their mouths–‎ first we have to find this man. ‎Ibrahim Pasha! ‎There’s a good reason to stop barbaros and turn it towards you. ‎What is it? ‎Dokuz Oguz Urdu Subtitles By Makkitv Durya is here in the throne in his possession is a man of Piri Nobles. ‎Perry Rais? ‎Yahya Effendi’s‎ dervishes were transferring the men of Piri Rais. ‎And Doria kidnapped the man at that time? ‎It’s like that,‎ but the man isn’t opening his mouth.‎ I don’t know what Perry Rais was doing. ‎Our Sultan has prepared a plan with‎ Pierre Rais. Without telling me, you’ll open‎ the man’s mouth. ‎

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Pasha! ‎Sultan, waiting for you in Diwan. ‎Pasha gentlemen! ‎May Allah bless us to rule with justice. ‎Amen! ‎Run on the straight path do not disobey his orders do not exceed the limits. ‎Amen! ‎Our state has always been a modern state. May the souls of‎ Ertugrul Ghazi, Kurulus Osman Season 5 In Urdu Subtitles Osman Ghazi,‎ Orhan Ghazi and the latter rejoice‎ ‎, may this state‎ established by‎ them remain forever.‎ But after stamping the royal decree they can continue their work with Khair ud din‎ Pasha. ‎May the position of captain be good for you,

Khair ud Din Pasha,‎ May Allah bless you forever,‎ may Allah make your sword safe‎ and let the winds not affect the movement of your ship. ‎Amen! ‎Amen! ‎Amen! ‎I entrust my stipend with all my consent and a calm heart.‎ ‎Pasha. ‎Pasha gentlemen! ‎Dokuz Oguz Urdu Subtitles By Makkitv We wasted a lot of time in the Mediterranean there are‎ still skirmishes with the sharks we couldn’t get the‎ whole Mediterranean they are preparing for the day when they will defeat us attack our shores and block the way of our ships we have to succeed with great victory they have to do that for the next 50 years to catch small fish.

Dokuz Oguz Urdu Subtitles By Makkitv

We’re‎ going to be unable to travel on a boat,‎ we’re going to enter a big war, right? ‎There will be a big battle seen by the seamen.‎ Khairuddin Pasha’s skills will help us in this. ‎Mere maritime skills are not enough, but if‎ the Sharks form a holy alliance‎ ‎, their ships will outnumber us. ‎We’re working with Khairuddin Pasha on this,‎ as if you’re saying you’re hiding from us too? ‎Not God‎ ‎, Pasha! ‎Of course, we’re hiding from you guys.‎ this issue is very important.‎ There shouldn’t be any known leaks.‎ Don’t ask Khairuddin what he’s doing or try to find out.‎ ‎Which order! ‎But.‎ I object. ‎What’s the objection? ‎Barbaros Khair ud Din Pasha was the first Qarsan/Pirate (pirate). ‎I struggled to raise the flag of Islam.

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‎Of course,‎ but I don’t think the marine and Lwa al Bahr commanders agree with this they want to see someone from the seas as their captain.‎ ‎What if they still thought you were a robber? ‎Sultan! ‎I don’t agree with Ibrahim Pasha Barbaros Khair ud Din Pasha is the exact opposite Ismizlar Season 1 Episode 5 With Urdu Subtitles he is a hero in‎ the eyes of‎ the seamen how to obey Barbaros Khair ud Din, seeing him in front of him he knows very well. ‎Now there is no easier solution than this visit the artillery fleet that our Sultans see to see‎ the condition and style of the commanders of the fleet how Lwa al Bahr welcomes Khair ud Din.

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‎Okay,‎ let’s see together, then Pasha,‎ prepare for the trip,‎ I’ll come too.‎ ‎Today I have been appointed as the captain of the fleet. ‎The Ottoman fleet will be under my command from now on. ‎Sayyid Ali, Piri, and Turgut! ‎You were already a nobleman. ‎From today, Dokuz Oguz Urdu Subtitles By Makkitv Qandyali and Yar Ali will also be nobles. ‎Ships and soldiers will be ordered by you. ‎Ja’far! ‎You will be my special assistant. ‎Our job is to build a new fleet. ‎We will increase the strength of the fleet with new soldiers and new ships. ‎There is another important issue before pierre rais talked‎ about the area. ‎Pargali Ibrahim Pasha has challenged me. ‎He’s thinking, soldiers won’t trust me.

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