Milat Turkish Drama Season 1 In Urdu Subtitles By Makkitv

Milat Turkish Drama Season 1 In Urdu Subtitles By Makkitv

Milat Turkish Drama Season 1 In Urdu Subtitles By MakkitvMilat Turkish Drama Season 1 In Urdu Subtitles By Makkitv we’ll play a little bit. ‎Got someone? ‎No one was found. ‎But a rope was found. ‎Obviously, someone was kept there a while ago. ‎Yar Ali and Qandyali are there. ‎Inshallah someone will come there and we will be able to follow him and find his place. ‎You are restless. ‎Because of these incidents, why is‎ Pargali Ibrahim Pasha involved in such a case? ‎Does he not know that my name is respected among the soldiers? ‎Couldn’t he know that? ‎So‎ ‎, I think there’s a trick. ‎

Milat Turkish Drama Season 1 In Urdu Subtitles By Makkitv

With your men among the soldiers someone will defame you by doing something wrong while leaving your square. ‎What if soldiers face such a situation? ‎‎ ‎, why would I have been waiting for him for so long? ‎Me too. ‎Whatever it is, Turgut Raees has asked us to wait. ‎We’ll wait! ‎Someone is entering. ‎We will chase as soon as they come out. ‎All right. ‎My lion! ‎I didn’t say a word. ‎We searched for you, but couldn’t. ‎Who kidnapped? ‎I don’t know. ‎But it was found where I was kept. ‎Obviously,

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Milat Season 1 In Urdu Subtitles By Makkitv

this is a murder plan. ‎It’s a port‎ and the Sultan’s car will be parked here. ‎They have kept underground explosives at the site. ‎On the map is the seal of Pargali Ibrahim Pasha. ‎Does the man remember where he was placed? Yes! ‎Time is short, Turgut Nobles! ‎You go to this house quickly‎ and find out if that place belonged to Pargali Abraham Pasha. ‎I will go to the artillery and try to meet the Sultan. ‎It should be noted that a plan has been prepared to kill Sultan. ‎We have to solve this problem. ‎Which is your order! ‎What place is this? ‎Pargali Abraham Pasha’s home! ‎Did Abraham Pasha kidnap him? ‎

It seems so. ‎Let’s tell the nobleman right away. ‎Welcome Pasha! ‎Soldiers! ‎Khairuddin Pasha has come, come here. ‎Pasha has come. ‎Pasha has come! Quickly! ‎The Sultan was coming here to visit. ‎It’s late, I don’t know why. For what? I don’t know, Pasha. ‎Come with me. ‎Open it. ‎Ibrahim Pasha! ‎Sultan Man, what’s wrong if it’s delayed by a day? ‎Don’t worry. ‎It’s all for your safety. ‎Safety measures at every step, safety measures everywhere! ‎I rule the world. ‎What is the army’s job?Oh? Protect me! ‎That’s how it is. ‎But we have information from key figures in the state that a plan has been hatched to kill you.

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‎Find out who planned?! ‎Which is your order! ‎Ibrahim Pasha! Sultan Min! I’m saying it again! ‎If I make a mistake again, I won’t‎ forgive. ‎I am also taking precautions not to make a mistake. ‎Dervish Baba! ‎I will meet the Sultan but there is an important issue to ask‎ you. ‎Ismizlar Season 1 & Season 2 In Urdu Subtitles By Makkitv All right, son! ‎Pargali Abraham Pasha has plotted the‎ murder. ‎The abducted soldier obtained some documents from the place where he was kept. ‎They want to kill the Sultan on an artillery tour. ‎Son! ‎Pargali is a greedy man, but‎ I can’t believe it, he can do something like that. ‎Pargali Abraham calls himself Sultan Askar (head of the army). ‎The greed for power has blinded him. ‎What about the visit? ‎has been postponed. ‎I don’t know the reason. ‎

But I wanted to consult you first. ‎We should go and talk to the Sultan. ‎You’re right, son! Assalamoalaikum! O Alaikum Salam! ‎You were looking everywhere, nobleman! ‎Rais, the house Marcella told me of. ‎Two men came there. ‎We followed them. ‎What do you think we got? ‎Ibrahim Pasha’s house? ‎Yes! ‎It turned out that those bastards had taken the man to another house first. ‎And then they took the palace. ‎Darwish Baba, you heard. ‎We should go to the Sultan. ‎You’re right, son. ‎It didn’t happen as we agreed, Pasha. ‎The visit has been canceled. ‎What happened, is there an obstacle? ‎Who canceled? ‎

Milat Season 2 Episode 1 In Urdu Subtitles By Makkitv

Why, sir, everything was going well. ‎Why cancel? ‎Because I have a big plan, Doria! ‎Sultan Min, do you have permission? ‎Say, Khair ud Din Pasha! ‎What’s the problem? ‎Yahya Effendi’s pupils—‎ when Pierre Rais is taking them to safety, one of them is kidnapped. ‎Pierre Rais was doing a very important job. ‎Everything will end. ‎But the soldier was saved. ‎He didn’t say a word. ‎Kurulus Osman Season 5 In Urdu Subtitles Alhamdulillah! ‎But the place he ran away from was Abraham Pasha’s home. ‎While running, he found some documents. ‎What documents? ‎I’m sorry, Sultan Min! ‎I will not waste my time on each target individually. ‎After gaining the sultan’s trust again,

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I will hire a piri rais for‎ you, don’t worry. ‎And how will it be? ‎What will you gain from all this? ‎Ibrahim Pasha, what’s your plan? ‎The Sultan will understand that a murderous action is being taken against me. ‎And they’ll hire Barbaros to protect me. ‎Milat Turkish Drama Season 1 In Urdu Things are beginning to take an interesting turn. ‎And Doria will be planning to kill me. ‎Even Barbaros, knowing about the murder,‎ will not be able to stop it. ‎And you? ‎Not afraid of death? ‎I’m‎ on the last step. ‎Luna! ‎I’ll either fall or climb up. ‎

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The last ladder. ‎If we succeed‎ ‎, we’ll find the island where your family is. ‎With a power that no one can stop from now on,‎ I will rule the whole of Europe. ‎It’s clear. ‎It has not been used for a long time. ‎It looks like that, nobleman! ‎There is no trace either. ‎If we go now and ask Pargali Abraham Pasha. ‎He’ll say he didn’t use it. ‎What trick is this man doing, Nobles?! ‎Murder maps emerge from his old house. ‎Then he postpones the sultan’s visit on this pretext. ‎Then we see that the target is himself! ‎He is trying to play with us. ‎But who is the target? ‎The Sultan will visit the artillery tomorrow. ‎

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