Mavera Series In Urdu Subtitles By Makkitv

Mavera Series In Urdu Subtitles By Makkitv

Mavera Series In Urdu Subtitles By MakkitvMavera Series In Urdu Subtitles By Makkitv According to the last plan I gave you, which car would stop on explosives. ‎President Pasha’s car. Now Khairuddin Pasha, you are saying that Ibrahim Pasha planned to kill.‎ but he canceled the visit due to security arrangements‎ and now we see that the target was his car. ‎I’m sorry, Sultan Min! ‎Is Ibrahim Pasha the target of this conspiracy? ‎But the maps came out of Ibrahim Pasha’s house. ‎How could it be? ‎Go to this house first. ‎Find out what happened in Ibrahim Pasha’s house and come to me immediately. ‎

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What did you do? ‎First planned to kill Doria and Sultan? ‎Then canceled the tour himself and imprisoned Doria? It’s hard to stay safe amidst so many tricks. ‎Now listen carefully. ‎Stay alert all night, don’t even kill birds. ‎We have to be careful. ‎You understand, nobleman! ‎Sultan Min, I went to the house‎ ‎, but it has not been used for a long time. ‎Now Khair ud Din Pasha if we ask Ibrahim Pasha that he was using your house‎ he will say: That place is not in his use. ‎Yes, Sultan Min! ‎The way they are doing, it is difficult to understand. ‎What if we postpone the artillery visit and you don’t go? ‎

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That’s not possible, Pasha! ‎We are preparing for a great war, and we have told the chiefs of the sea: I will come. ‎I have to go. ‎As you wish‎ ‎, I would ask everyone to take precautions. ‎All my soldiers will be careful from tonight. ‎But despite such reports, it is not safe for you to go. ‎It’s not possible, Pasha, it’s not possible. ‎I said to the chiefs of the seas.Yes, that I will come. ‎Can’t stop now. ‎Just as you wish, Sultan Min! ‎Then go secretly. ‎Keep your car or the soldiers around you hidden. ‎And I will take all kinds of precautions. ‎But that would be the best precaution. ‎As you said, okay, Pasha. ‎

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Assalamoalaikum! ‎O Alaikum Salam, Nobles! ‎Are you investigating everywhere? ‎Yes, nobleman! ‎There is nothing suspicious. ‎Don’t give guns to soldiers at the ceremony. ‎Just give swords. ‎Our men will be roaming around there. ‎I’ll signal you when Sultan’s car stops. ‎All right, Raees‎ ‎Syed Ali, Yar Ali, you will come with me. ‎Where are you going, Nobles? ‎To calculate Luna—‎ Barbaross and his team—‎ ‎knew where we were going. ‎They attacked. ‎What do I have to do with it? ‎Did you tell them? ‎No,‎ you cheated on Luna. ‎What else did you tell Barbaros? Speak up! ‎Get out of my way!

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‎You shouldn’t have done that. ‎Get out of my way! ‎You shouldn’t have done that, Marcella! Leave it! You shouldn’t have done that. Leave me! Shouldn’t have done that, Marcella! ‎Now I’ll give you one last chance to survive. ‎Where did Luna hide the map? ‎Tell! ‎Leave it! ‎Leave it! ‎Tell me if you want to live. ‎Marcella! ‎Where’s the map?! ‎Leave me! ‎Leave it, Luzato! ‎I said, “Tell me! ‎This is the last chance. ‎It’s the last chance, Marcella! ‎It’s the last chance to survive! ‎If I do anything wrong, I’ll kill you! ‎Don’t try to do anything wrong. ‎Come on, show me. ‎Kudos! ‎Show me! ‎Kudos, Marcella! ‎Congratulations, give me the map! ‎Kudos, Marcella! ‎Give me the map, Marcella! ‎Hurry up! ‎Is it a whale in the ocean? ‎

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I didn’t understand. ‎According to him, it is a whale in the sea. ‎The whale swallows the entire ocean as soon as it opens its mouth. ‎Yes, Darwish Baba. ‎Like a whale swallowing Hazrat Yunus (a.s.). ‎This place is like a mouth in the sea. ‎She swallows whatever comes to her. ‎I persuaded Khair ud Din to get out of this war. ‎Aren’t you scared at all? ‎What will happen if the sea swallows you? ‎He who trusts his friend is not afraid of his life. ‎No one can cross this line except Khairuddin Raees.

‎If they can’t cross‎ ‎, no one else can. ‎Otherwise we will be martyred. ‎You will be on a war, martyrdom is possible. ‎So know the situation, look at‎ maps, etc. well. ‎If Khair ud Din is martyred in this war‎ ‎, it is not just this desert. ‎All the oppressed will suffer. Even if there are subordinate servants, it is not enough. ‎My only aim is to lead this fleet. ‎I had read in history:‎ Dokuz Oguz Urdu Subtitles By Makkitv Taimur Khan was going to face a very strong army with a few soldiers. ‎The end of the war is predetermined. ‎Obviously, they will be defeated. ‎But Timur, the clever soldier of Bala, drank a cup of blood. ‎Why? ‎This is what happens in the power struggle for the throne. ‎Some fall into a trap set by others. ‎

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And they do everything they can to avoid this trap. ‎And don’t know that they too are a trap designed for others. ‎The lord of the greatest power is the truth. ‎who do not deviate from justice. ‎But don’t think these are the winners. ‎Adil doesn’t always prevail. Kurulus Osman Season 5 In Urdu Subtitles ‎If you want to rule the winds of politics‎ ‎, then the wind has to be commanded. ‎Some become victims. ‎And some hunt themselves. ‎Some see everything with their big eyes. ‎But they don’t know whether what is visible is real or not.

‎Timur drank a cup of blood. ‎Why? ‎In this war where he was sure to lose some of his soldiers. ‎He wanted to spread terror in the hearts of his enemies. ‎Timur’s stomach deteriorates after some time due to the blood consumed. ‎Timur vomits blood from his mouth in front of everyone. ‎Enemies think, Timur is dead. ‎But shortly afterwards, Timur gets back on his horse. ‎While the enemy thinks that he has retreated.

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