Mavera Series In Urdu Subtitles

Mavera Series In Urdu Subtitles

Mavera Series In Urdu Subtitles By Makkitv You failed a job, you missed Flatyos! Now you blame Osman Bey! I just got my job. I was with Osman Bey when Flatyos escaped. I’m in my room now. I’ve come to take revenge. Traitors… Enough Goktug! Now it’s my turn. Let me enter Osman’s brain. Don’t try, Targun. Resist if you can. Get out of there Targun Hurry up, search everywhere. No! Osman Bey… Osman Bey,

if you had chosen me, you would have been

of the gentlemen. Now you will lose everything. So you will establish a state, Osman Bey. Let’s see how you will install it now. Come on, take them out! Lets. Mavera Series In Urdu Subtitles By Makkitv Let’s go. targun Osman learned his lesson. Let’s not give these documents to Nikola. We don’t want it to get stronger. Impossible. We will stick to the agreement. Let’s ask for more gold, squeeze it! I told you no! Honey honey. Traitor. Honey honey!

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Be careful. Betrayal is everywhere who brought

the brain back to its homeland. No, Brown Abdal? My sheikh, I came to your slope to reach the secret of secrets. I learned that there will be a raid on Osman’s brain teaser, catch up! Come on alps! Fast oba! Lets! You did your best. You did your best against an enemy who was stronger and smarter than you.


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All was in vain, the oban was raided, and the trust

documents that your father left you were confiscated. And right now he’s probably about to have a massacre on his tent. Vile dog. Vile dog! However, I’m not dead yet! I’m Osman. My Osman! Mr. Bamsi. Mr. Bamsi also woke up. I’m Osman. Mr. Bamsi. I’m Osman. We were just going to kill Osman. Unless, of course, you get on your knees and beg. Osman,

What does this dog say You will kneel and beg

for your loved ones. And at the end you will kiss my boots. My Osman, the way of martyrdom appeared to us. Bamsi Bey, let’s send these to hell first. Mavera Series In Urdu Subtitles By Makkitv  So you want to die. Osman Bey, as you said, belongs to those who can sharpen the victory haze with faith. Victory? Victory belongs to those who stand shoulder to shoulder and walk in ranks.Well, you know what to do, right? Remove this. I leave you in the merciful arms of your Jesus, Idris.

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