Tozkoparan Series With Urdu Subtitles By Makkitv

Tozkoparan Series With Urdu Subtitles By MakkitvTozkoparan Series With Urdu Subtitles By Makkitv

Tozkoparan Series With Urdu Subtitles By Makkitv To trust a woman a Cuman woman? Flatyos you were right. Oh, my dear, dear friend that means they’ve taken you prisoner? And then in one move in one move I’ll take them all down. There are no traps. No more games. There is no problem. Against Rome Turks Nicolas against Osman that’s how it will turn out. Yes, it will be just like that. I will pass over them with a fully equipped army but but Rome has no soldiers to give me. Really? Unfortunately.

Well how am I going to beat that goat herder then?

The great emperor he thought you We will fight after Osman Bey. You know that we have won many victories together with Osman Bey. We saw the enemy armies disperse the enemy strongholds fall. We know that without our Osman Bey , Tozkoparan Series With Urdu Subtitles By Makkitv none of these victories could have been won. Other than that if and only if he becomes that gentleman Kayi will go from victory to victory inshallah. At today’s wedding we want you to think about it and make your decision accordingly. You did your part and did what was right for you. We will do our part and do what suits us.

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What would suit you? This is not true, Boran Alp.

This is not where we’re going to announce our lord . Let us now. Greetings. They didn’t show, bro. I hope they understand. Hopefully. Come on. Now it is time to be a state. The state how to be I’ll show you, Osman Bey. I’ll show. How to show it tell me too I’ll be happy too, Mr. Dundar. Today I’ll be the gentleman. How? What do you say, Mr. Dundar? How will that work? What did you do? Is there a destur, sir? Come on Saltuk. Sir, I did what you ordered. Tell me what you’re doing and let Hazal Hatun hear it too. Come on. As you ordered I delivered the gold to the gentlemen.

They promised to use the ratings for you today.

Get out, Saltuk. Come on. Sir you what did you do? This is not the job of the Prosecutor, babe. I will be the gentleman. My lion my erim the post of my tent congratulations to your principality congratulations. I’ll wait for your news. I’ll wait for your news to get our revenge . Day and night to celebrate I’ll wait for your news. Dear Lord show me that moment. Tozkoparan With Urdu Subtitles By Makkitv Oh Dundar Bey! Alps everything ready? Have you done the assignments? We’ve done it, sir, we’ve done it. But there is new information. Mr. Dundar bought three gentlemen who will vote at the toy. Bought it with gold, sir. He wanted them to support him. Emmi. So the prosecutor deceived my brother too. Where did you learn from?

Saltuk don’t hesitate and say brother lot of work for me.

He trusted me and made me his right arm. But he has long since stopped behaving like a Kayı Bey. Let’s say Saltuk brother, come on. What did Dundar Bey do? He asked me to distribute gold to the gentlemen. They will choose Toyda Dündar Bey. All the gentlemen were bought except the blacksmith. Look at Dundar Bey. Look at Dundar Bey. Cheers bro. You go now. Don’t say anything to anyone. We will tell Osman Bey what is necessary. So that’s what he said huh? Now I had to stick it in my mom’s throat and expose this business. But at that time it will be understood that Saltuk reported. Let’s wait then.

Sir since then let’s get down to the gentlemen

who bought the gold. Let’s crush them. Oh Ganja stop it. Don’t rush. We’re not going to solve this with anger we will solve it with reason. Is there a destur, sir? Come on, asks permission to come to us. Let it come. What are you doing here on birthday, Cerkutay? If they don’t choose you, it will be a mess. I thought I needed a man. What if they choose Mr. I thought it would be a feast then. Well, alps see you? No one except Allah knows who will be on whose side. Also, think about a solution sometimes. The order is yours, sir. Welcome aboard brother.

Tozkoparan With Urdu Subtitles By Makkitv

Melik bin Abdullah. You are welcome. I will do business with Potter Idris it must be you. It’s true. I have placed your men in the inn. Thank goodness for all of them in their comfort, pleasure and joy. Beautiful. While we were coming we stopped by the grave of Ertuğrul Gazi and read a fatiha. May Allah accept. At that time we met Mr. Osman as well . We will be his guest at the inn. Beautiful. The sparkle in his eyes reminds me of his father. It is, it is. Aa here you go to your room. Let me accompany you. Here you go. When the doors closed the truth was revealed. Let there be light. God commanded that there be light and there was light. Strong and free. Bless you, brother David, awakening from your years of slumber.

I woke up I was reborn on the wings of the Pope,

Master Peter. How did you convince Osman Bey that you were his father’s old friend? At first he didn’t believe us. He gave false information to trick us. (When you came to Söğüt, your caravan was raided by the Mongols.) (My father protected your property and your life.) (Is that so?) And when Ertuğrul saved you and this lame who were the attackers on your caravan? Mongols? Tekfur Vasilius and his soldiers. And you,

David were you able to find the information that the pope

Tozkoparan With Urdu Subtitles By Makkitv I think that before he died, Ertuğrul entrusted his plans his best friend his brother to someone he remembered. He may have hidden what you are looking for. Who? Bamsi. Mr. Bamsi. When Ertuğrul fell ill Bamsı was not seen for a long time. It just popped up one day. But he secretly continued to leave the camp. Did you find out where he went? He lost his track every time on the slopes of Mount Abdalan . O sultan of veterans! Here are your relics. Here are your relics. I remember the words you gave as if it was yesterday.

Vote! Vote! You called me Bamsi My Bamsi may you protect these relics like your honour. I did, sir. I guarded these relics like my honour. Now it s time to hand over these relics to his heir. It’s time to present the gentleman to be elected. I hope that gentleman to be elected will be Osman Bey.

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