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‎A Great news about Kurulus Osman Season 5 Release Date , Now Kurulus Osman Season 5 Production is Started and Season 5 Will be released on 5th October 2023 You Turkish people, you are brave. ‎I wish you had wisdom too. ‎Kurulus Osman Season 5 In Urdu Subtitles I’ll blow your mind with a bullet.‎ Congratulations, come on, come on. ‎Then they withdrew from taking the map. ‎There are so many traitors around me that’s why I stopped looking for maps Luna! ‎From now on you are also my prisoner. ‎Your place is always with us,‎ but sorry, you’re late to join.‎ ‎Dad! Are you free? ‎

What do you want? ‎Darwish Afandi came and spoke to my father What did you say? ‎Why are you so curious? ‎La Hul Wila Qawat ul Billah! I said what did you talk about? ‎Be calm, dad.‎ I have a request.‎ I told Baba that I want to do business but he did not allow me.‎ Can you talk to the President to get me leave? ‎I will not ask the President for anything for you. ‎Then I also did not listen to baba and dervish talk. ‎So far there was nothing clear here, but now we will know. ‎Makkitv Whatsapp Channel

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Season 5 Kurulus Osman Will be also available on atv Youtube Channel ‎Now the‎ lives of the soldiers who throw swords and ask for peace will be saved, the lives of those who do not take the sword on‎ us will also be saved. The lives of the people of‎ peace are‎ also safe. ‎These are the commanders before you whose fear you tremble the criminal killed his father this is your emperor whose fear makes Europe tremble at the mercy of our sword. ‎He said no. ‎

You were going to order your soldiers to break me into pieces, yes? ‎But if you order it, you will die first you know why you are weak? ‎Because you are greedy‎ and want yourself very much. ‎There wasn’t much time. ‎No news has yet come from the nobles, Kurulus Osman Season 5 Episode 131 In Urdu Subtitles all the calculations have been‎ ‎completed the gunpowder is the quantity that we will put and the power with which we will fire the cannon only one thing remains the explosion the whole story ends with a single cannon.‎ ‎Hundred! ‎In this, I’m not satisfied. ‎In what case, Candyali? ‎The attack on the fort by Rais and Sayyid Ali while there is not‎ justified. ‎

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Kurulus Osman Season 5 In Urdu Subtitle Available for download on Makkitv . Now Visit makkitv website for Kurulus Osman Season 5 Qandyali! ‎This is what the nobleman has commanded us whatever it is, I obey the order of the nobleman. ‎If the nobles are sacrificing their lives, they are doing it for bravery it is their responsibility not to think about their life‎ ‎, but it is our job to protect the life of the nobleman‎ ‎. ‎I will not oppose the order of the nobleman, Qandyali. The‎ nobles know something and are planning it.‎ If they do‎ not know anything, I have their order‎ ‎. ‎Pasha! ‎Darwish came into the house and‎ talked to Ayaz Pasha.

‎What did they talk about? ‎The letter with a chalabi can be with the dervish. ‎The woman! ‎Don’t come in front of me without certain information. ‎Pasha! ‎As I said earlier,‎ Brother John doesn’t let me get close to him,‎ but my niece walks around the house of her own free will and brings‎ information. ‎Then came the person who got the information himself. ‎She tells me what she hears,‎ but she has a request. ‎Then fulfill his request. ‎I can’t—‎ only you can do it—‎ ‎he needs a permit to trade. ‎The problem isn’t just a permit—‎ she wants to manage wages and some of your property. ‎Turn around. ‎Turn to the door,‎ move away. ‎

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Makkitv also provide Kurulus Osman Season 5 In Urdu Subtitles On Dailymotion Makki Tv Channel is largest platform How do you know that you will release the prisoners? ‎I didn’t say: I will leave them,‎ but I will keep them alive for a long time. ‎Shut up, I’ll save‎ you. ‎How? ‎Barbaros can’t shoot me. ‎What if you’re wrong? ‎I’m not mistaken. ‎Do you love him? ‎A lot. He said: “If they can’t enter the palace, our sultan can leave.” ‎Qandyali! Leave it. ‎Thus cannot allow the death of the great nobleman the nobles will live they will live to give us new orders. ‎Obey the command, Qandyali.‎ Surely the nobleman has a plan. ‎

I have faith in the nobles while obeying the command you are saying that the nobles have lost that is‎ why they will die I say that the nobles have been victorious so we have to obey the command set fire, Madnun Ja’far. ‎Stop. ‎We asked for permission to appear before the Sultan,‎ we gave permission‎ ‎, but we did not come. ‎They don’t come out of fear of you,‎ that’s why they are waiting for the‎ Sultan to come out of the palace. ‎The Sultan is about to leave‎ ‎, but he didn’t tell me his side. ‎If you don’t know the direction‎ ‎, the dervish will give that letter to the Sultan. ‎So first I will kill Amir Lwa,‎ then I will take that letter from the dervish.‎

Kurulus Osman Season 5 In Urdu Subtitles Release date?

Kurulus Osman Season 5 In Urdu Subtitles Release date

‎A Great News for Fans of Kurulus Osman Season 5 . Kurulus Osman Season 5 Will b Air on on In October 5th 2023. What happened, nobleman? ‎Everyone has been caught, but now the map problem has come to the fore. ‎Only Maria knows about it. ‎And of course she won’t give it to us. ‎What will happen now? ‎There was a woman named Luna–‎ Kurulus Osman Season 5 In Urdu Subtitles Release date ? we helped each other in the past. ‎I trusted him. ‎We planned to do so, as if he had saved Maria. ‎Now it all depends on trust. ‎How? ‎Maria will trust Luna and give her the map. ‎We will trust Luna and she will give us the map. ‎Everything is ready.‎ cannons will be fired. ‎People trusted us and came together, what will happen now? ‎will wait. ‎We have two jobs. ‎

The first is to conquer the fort, and the second is to find the map. ‎They won’t leave without completing both. ‎The danger bullet was fired and everyone went at your behest. ‎What happened? ‎Where’s the attack? ‎Where’s Barbaross? ‎And on what basis were you going to save us?

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‎Kurulus Osman Season 5 Episode 1 In Urdu Subtitles Will be Upload On 6th October 2023. Now Visit Makkitv for Latest Updates. Anyway, they have to finish their point. ‎Thank you both. ‎Thanks for the help! ‎Luzato, you led my men. ‎Gave them orders. ‎You’re a good commander. ‎Thanks! ‎What’s the situation? ‎Events show that Barbarossa had no soldiers. ‎There were only a few people. ‎But now he is stronger than ever before. ‎Because he has prisoners. ‎Yes! ‎Why didn’t Emperor Sharkan say anything to me? ‎If anyone knows what happened‎ to them, their soldiers, commanders and wives will turn‎ the fort upside down.

‎Luna, you saved my life. ‎Had it not been for you, I would have been in this man’s captivity. ‎I did it for a reason. ‎Map! ‎That’s how you can repay my favor. ‎Now tell me. ‎Where’s the map? ‎Luna, my father—‎ he told you before he died. ‎He did not explain the location of the map, but the method of finding it. ‎How? ‎I told you about a library. ‎”The map automatically appears when the light falls on it. “‎ ‎These were his last words. ‎Which library?

Kurulus Osman Season 5 Release Date?

In the latest News of atv Kurulus Osman Season 5 Will be release in turkey on 5th October 2023 and In Pakistan will be Release on 6th October 2023 Who imposed the ban? ‎People don’t‎ need books. ‎Then, for‎ me, you will lift this ban. ‎In return for saving me, I told me what my father had said. Kurulus osman Season Five In Urdu ‎If you want to enter this library‎ ‎, I have to do something else. ‎What is it? ‎She will give‎ Lucato under my command until Barbaros and his men leave, or die. ‎In return, the doors of the library will open for you. ‎All right. ‎What should we do, nobleman? Ki, Qandyali! ‎You’re both right. ‎But‎ what should we do if we are‎ in such a situation again, nobles?

Tell me everything she heard from Maria and what her plans are, Luzato. ‎Be an expert soldier. ‎Which is your order! ‎Sultan Min! ‎Welcome, Abraham! ‎Have I made a mistake, Sultan Min? ‎Why are you thinking so? ‎You’ve arranged a meeting. ‎But without my knowledge. ‎You didn’t tell me, that’s why I’m thinking. ‎If I’ve made a mistake without understanding‎ ‎, tell me, what should I do to get your forgiveness? ‎If you make a mistake, you will understand without telling, Abraham! ‎My meeting will be confidential. ‎

Kurulus Osman Season 5 Episode 1 Urdu Subtitles vidtower

With your permission, I also want to come. ‎The invitee has asked to come alone. ‎Then I prepare the guards, Sultan Min! ‎No need. ‎Who’s your visitor who’s calling‎ you to him? ‎He is not calling us to Himself, but to goodness and happiness.‎ ‎a is. ‎Kurulus Osman Season 5 Episode 1 Urdu Subtitles vidtower Calls to the straight path. ‎It’s very dark. ‎Light it up. ‎How do you find the map? ‎Maria’s father said: “Light‎ indicates light.” ‎There’s some very important news for you. ‎What? ‎I want you to know this first. ‎Some soldiers consider me their commander. ‎It’s fine as long as you listen to me. ‎As long as I agree with you, it’s okay. ‎You want to negotiate with me.

Kurulus Osman Season 5 Episode 131 Urdu Subtitles

What do you think of yourself? ‎Peace loving! ‎Sharkan, you are as cruel as the rest of the oppressors. ‎To protect some people to protect whom? ‎Only for those close to you, your family and ministers. ‎And the subjects tasted every kind of loss.it is. ‎Kurulus Osman Season 5 Episode 131 Urdu Subtitles Is the First Episode of Season 5 of Kurulus Osman  This is the System of Europe, which will never change. ‎You suck the blood of your subjects. ‎One day the emperor does it, the other day the church. ‎The Ottoman Empire is growing day by day. ‎

Our Sultan granted his place to Weifford of Trans Lafnia. ‎Now listen to me, I want to say that instead‎ of putting the crown on your head at the hands of the Pope,‎ come under our Sultan more powerful and more just. ‎And put the crown on your head. ‎It will be better for you. ‎They are putting me on the throne because I am fighting Solomon. ‎If I am a land, Solomon is the sea, If there is no enemy, there is no monarchy. ‎Even if you kill me, there will be another land before this sea! ‎I serve as an ambassador to the Palace of Sharkan. ‎But nowadays ambassadors maintain discipline in Europe. ‎

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Now, if it is known that Sharkan has been captured‎ ‎, the rebellion will begin tomorrow. ‎Luzato told me. ‎There is no other solution than to hand over the city to Barbaross. Watch Kurulus Osman Season 5 In English Subtitles ‎Be right in your point. ‎But there’s a way to recover the sharks from Barbaros’ grip without surrendering. ‎Mercy of the Turks! Leave me, leave me! Get up! ‎Leave it! ‎Grow up! ‎What are you doing? Get out! Go, go. Go to! Get out! ‎Hold on! ‎What have we done?! ‎Nothing will be found. ‎It’s not. ‎There is nowhere. ‎

There is no map. ‎There is no light. ‎Maybe Maria lied. ‎The light‎ the map was‎ found. The back of the book is built. ‎Tell Barbarossa immediately. Let’s go. Luna,‎ we’re going to go, aren’t we? ‎Barbaros wants to save the subjects. ‎They are mine! ‎Will they kill them? ‎If Barbaros didn’t listen. ‎I’m going to kill everyone! ‎Don’t worry, Dervish Baba! ‎Come, sit down.

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