Ismizlar Season 1 & Season 2 In Urdu Subtitles By Makkitv

Ismizlar Season 1 & Season 2 In Urdu Subtitles By MakkitvIsmizlar Season 1 & Season 2 In Urdu Subtitles By Makkitv

Ismizlar Season 1 & Season 2 In Urdu Subtitles By Makkitv It has to be reached before Barbaross. ‎You have to find  Is compelling. ‎Come, Perry Nobles, come. ‎Where is Yahya Effendi? ‎They have left me here and gone back. ‎We’ve seen your work,‎ your expertise is valuable. ‎It would not have mattered if you had no mercy after Allah. ‎We have been closely following you and your maps since‎ the day Ibrahim Pasha discovered you on a trip to Egypt. ‎In your last map of the Mediterranean, you mentioned a dark place. Yes Sultan. Why is it called a dark place? ‎I have heard a lot about the said place, Sultan.‎ I am preparing another map. ‎I’m looking for something,

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too, but i can’t find it. ‎Do you know what you’re looking for? ‎Yes Sultan,‎ there is a search for the sea stream. ‎The map indicates it, but it does not test itself. ‎What is its significance? ‎If we keep an eye on the sea stream and estimate the times of change, then by the command of Allah, we can win a great war in the Mediterranean, Sultan. ‎How? ‎If we pull the enemy into the sea, a large number of ships will be destroyed. ‎The ocean has to be closely monitored. ‎The Sultan said correctly. ‎My order is to go and review.‎ the war is very near. ‎

When the hot water of the fort goes into the sea and meets the cold water, the sea stream is formed.‎ I think this is the source of the ocean currents. ‎Prepare as soon as possible, Perry, leave. ‎Sultan! ‎I’ll need an expert. ‎I have also thought that‎ Khairuddin Raees has left, he will go with him. ‎Ismizlar Season 1 & Season 2 In Urdu Subtitles By Makkitv There is no one more adept at the sea than them,‎ by the command of Allah, they will win a great battle. ‎The empire endured‎ and the victory endured. ‎Amen. ‎I am hungry, help for Allah’s pleasure. ‎Help for God’s pleasure. ‎Sirs, I’m hungry. ‎Help for God’s pleasure. ‎Sirs, for the sake of Allah, I am hungry. ‎Help me for God’s‎ sake. ‎

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I am hungry, sir, take it for‎ ‎the pleasure of Allah, pray. ‎May Allah be pleased, sir. ‎A little, a little more sir. ‎God bless you. ‎Emperor, don’t blame yourself. ‎You don’t know what I’ve come into. ‎Thank God for saving your life. ‎Are you okay now? ‎No, I am Isabella.‎ Barbaros the infidel took me prisoner. ‎If this thing spreads among the common people‎ ‎, then in front of the whole world, my honor will be reduced to dust. ‎You made a mistake from the beginning. ‎Doria could not be left alone. ‎Did Barbaros, indeed, conquer the fort through a few? ‎These are all false rumors, Queen. ‎Why are you reaching out to me? ‎

Each winner exaggerates his victory. ‎We have never lost such a defeat,‎ now they will never win. ‎If anyone talks about it again, I will cut off my tongue. ‎Come on, Chef. ‎Sir, our spy has sent the news from the‎ throne. ‎Tell me. ‎A marine flag called Perry An expert cartographer,‎ our detective has captured one of his soldiers. ‎Who is this Perry? ‎I’m an expert in cartography I’ve heard it before. Ismizlar Season 1 & Season 2 In Urdu Subtitles By Makkitv ‎It has also been written under the name of “Kitab al Bahria”. ‎There is a book containing details about the shores of the Mediterranean, sir. ‎Details of passageways, bays and even upcoming storms have been written one by one.

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‎He is the eyes and ears of Sultan Sulaiman in the‎ sea, this man maps the wars fought in the sea‎ and he has also prepared the map of the world. ‎Take the lourd chef and go to the throne find this man and open your mouth and keep me informed of everything. ‎Which order, sir. ‎Where were they left? ‎Dervish Baba has arrived. ‎What happened? ‎While accompanying the soldiers’ dervishes, a soldier has disappeared. ‎How did it disappear? ‎That is, children have been kidnapped. ‎What I was afraid of happened. ‎Now what if your soldier opens his mouth? ‎Our entire plan will be revealed. ‎So what to do now?

‎Khair ud Din was about to return from the fight I will go and talk to him. ‎Surely there will be a way out. ‎Let’s go. ‎Don’t worry, Perry Nobles,‎ if Allah is to give us victory‎ ‎, He will make the enemy blind and deaf. ‎We’re approaching the throne of Khair ud Din Rais,‎ but the‎ wind is‎ getting stronger. ‎The journey will be long, but we will arrive soon. ‎All right. ‎Soldiers! ‎Reis! ‎Heard luna has taken the map. ‎I still don’t know if Luna and Marcelia are with us! ‎In the case of friends, there are enemies, they will be accounted for, they will be punished. ‎The map is important, you have to‎ search. ‎

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That’s why you conquered the fort. ‎Not just for the map, Turgut Rais has put an end to oppression‎ there. ‎The Sultan is preparing us for a big war now the Ottoman flag will fly in the Mediterranean. ‎Peace and justice will prevail. ‎The Mediterranean Sea will become a tomb for the ships of the infidels. ‎When will the pope’s death be announced? ‎The absence of the Pope is being talked about Ismizlar Season 1 & Season 2 In Urdu Subtitles By Makkitv‎ even his fate is being speculated. ‎Before he dies, I have to hand over the post to my trusted person. ‎Is there anyone in mind? ‎Yes. ‎But I have to have a special meeting with him. ‎They can be brought here safely if you want. ‎If the rest of the cardinals hear all this, the matter may go in the wrong direction. ‎

Who are you thinking of giving the pope’s post? ‎”Cardinal Alexandro Fernesi”.‎ ‎What’s the problem, Abraham? ‎Your complaints about you turned out to be true I trusted you, shouldn’t I? ‎Even emperors and kings do not have the powers they have given you. Mehmed Bir Cihan Fatihi in Urdu Subtitles Sultan Fateh Sultan! Listen, Abraham! ‎I’m not talking about bending your neck, but to make you conscious. ‎Sultan! ‎If the issue is that of Amin al Diwan Iskandar Chelby.‎ be just, Abraham, don’t let‎ power overtake‎ you,‎ have mercy on Iskandar Chelby, we have not found any evidence in this regard, but‎ you are mistaken, remember what happened in the Battle of‎ Ayaking, I don’t think I know? ‎Your soldiers shout ‘you are sultan’, don’t you think I know? ‎

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Bring Doria to this fort, you think I don’t know? ‎You are against Khair ud Din Raees, you work against him, do you think I do not know? ‎Look at this tablet,‎ before I was dealt with with this hammer, my relationship with you in the past is like this tablet.‎ Kurulus Osman Season 5 In Urdu Subtitles by Mubitv Now look, our relationship is now like this tablet, Abraham, don’t hear any complaint about‎ you. ‎I have not sinned, Sultan,‎ you are our respected, Mr. Sultan Suleiman Khan.‎ If‎ I have hurt your trust, take what‎ you have given you, make me a slave of‎ your‎ door. Allow me to go back to‎ Parga,‎ serve the state from there and pray for you. ‎If I want,

I can take from you everything given without your request raise your‎ head become the‎ first Abraham do not lose‎ yourself We are about to enter the great war I and the state need‎ the old Ibrahim Pasha Barbaros Khair ud Din Rais will be made captain‎ and you will accept it. ‎The command of our King! ‎Come on, Batista. ‎He reminded me, Mr. Emperor‎ ‎, you have to tell something secretly. ‎Sure, sir! ‎Cardinal will take a secret letter to Alexandro Fernesi,‎ read the letter with you and write his answer with you.

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