Seddulbahir Series In Urdu subtitles Makki Tv

Seddulbahir Series In Urdu subtitles Makki Tv

Seddulbahir Series In Urdu subtitles Makki Tv

‎Seddulbahir Series In Urdu subtitles Makki Tv So what do we do? ‎I want you till then not to meet Khair ud Din. ‎Everything will be resolved when we visit the artillery with the Sultan. ‎Luna loved you and loved you. ‎So what happened? ‎Everything got entangled. ‎Luna’s father passed away. ‎It all started then. ‎Tell me everything. ‎Before I tell you everything. ‎This is a map of the place of the man of Perry Nobles. ‎I don’t know much about the streets, but‎ they can find a place to catch the man from this square. ‎Turgut Nobles! ‎

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The place where the man of Perry Nobles is kept. ‎Go there right away. ‎Which is your order! ‎Now I want to hear everything. ‎Luna’s father passed away. ‎He was a banker and lived on an island since his childhood. ‎The person making the note? ‎Yes! ‎Watch Saddulbahar Series In Urdu Subtitles The bankers’ families live on the island. ‎His family also once lived on the island. ‎If the offer to become a banker is not accepted‎ ‎, the people of the island threaten to starve them. ‎Is Luna doing everything for them? ‎Yes! ‎Sometimes they chased you‎ and sometimes helped you. ‎Do you remember? ‎The dagger was thrown during the battle in the throne. ‎For example, this dagger was thrown by Luna. ‎And the planet? ‎It’s the planet that brings me to this point.

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‎He had been kidnapped by Luzato, but Luna didn’t know. ‎I told the planet all the secrets. it was given. ‎They kidnapped him so he couldn’t tell you. ‎Is he alive? Do you know? ‎He said: It’s on an island. ‎He said, “If I open my mouth, they will kill me.” ‎I was silent. Seddulbahir Series In Urdu subtitles Makki Tv ‎But then I saw that the quieter I was, the worse it all got. ‎If I try to run away, I’ll kill you. ‎Come on. ‎Luna did everything for her family, Barbaros! ‎You think, so I’ll forgive him? ‎Luna loves you very much, Barbaros. ‎But she also loves her family. ‎He is also somewhat constrained. ‎If you find that island‎ ‎,

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Watch Seddulbahir Series In Urdu subtitles MakkiTv

Then I want a job from you. ‎I know, you loved Aidan. ‎Perhaps the sword holding hand was not Luna’s, but‎ Luna is also responsible for his death. ‎Don’t leave Luna. ‎Tell me what’s going on. ‎All right. ‎Now go and don’t draw attention. ‎You look up. ‎There is no one. ‎Dokuz Oguz Urdu Subtitles By Makkitv Did this girl give the wrong news to Raees? ‎Look what I’ve got. ‎Obviously, they had someone tied up here. I don’t think there will be anyone who will come in front of you in the presence of our Sultan.‎

We will stop here at the port. ‎Sultan’s car will stop here. ‎The plan is ready. ‎The rest will be taken care of by my men. ‎All instructions are written on the map. ‎I’ll stamp the map. ‎Make a deal so that everything is clear. ‎Aren’t you afraid, sir? ‎Fear? ‎I killed my fear on the same day the Sultan became Suleiman’s minister. ‎Don’t be hungry.‎ ‎Sultan Min, we have taken important decisions. ‎Empires should always be vigilant while making such important’ll free everyone from there, even Luna. ‎So what is Luna doing now? ‎She is meeting Doria at the address I have given. ‎I don’t know anything else. ‎All right. ‎

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‎Ibrahim Pasha, what do you want to say? ‎He said: It is rumored that Sultan Muhammad Fatih was poisoned. ‎It’s not clear where the enemy will come from. ‎It is important that you take precautions while eating and going on a trip. ‎It was your idea in the divan that we should go to the artillery. ‎Saddulbahar Episode 1 In Urdu Subtitles So why worry now? ‎I know, Sultan Min, I know. ‎So it is my duty to take precautionary measures. ‎The artillery will go. ‎But you won’t get out of the car. ‎Look at everything that’s happening from a distance.

Seddulbahir Series Episode 1 In Urdu subtitles Makki Tv

‎All right Pasha, all right. ‎Take measures and do whatever you want. ‎I’ve wondered where your car and the rest of the soldiers will stand. ‎I want confirmation from you. ‎You‎ can see in them, Sultan Min! ‎May Allah prolong your life, Sultan Man! ‎Are we waiting in vain, Kurulus Osman Season 5 In Urdu Subtitles man Ali? ‎What if someone goes out? ‎Brother! ‎I am fed up with these political gimmicks. ‎Tricks in The Palace of Sharkan Tricks Here Too. ‎When will we return to the sea again to stop the disbelievers?! ‎Why are you rubbing salt on my wound now, man! ‎By Allah, if I did not trust the nobleman

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