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Kurulus Osman Season 4 Episode 101 In Urdu Subtitles

‎Kurulus Osman Season 4 Episode 101 In Urdu Subtitles

Kurulus Osman Season 4 Episode 101 In Urdu Subtitles Why don’t you say anything! ‎Probably in shock. ‎Obviously, it’s very hard to have children from there. ‎Or rabbi! ‎He’s not speaking, he’s not listening to us. ‎What did they do to our brave! ‎

They probably tormented his soul more than the body. ‎There can be no other reason for this silence. ‎Is there any internal wound on the body, doctor? ‎We didn’t get any more wounds, Minister Hazrat! ‎My brother? Where is my brother?! ‎Oar! ‎The situation is not good, Sultan Min! ‎Not speaking at all. ‎It’s looking the same way in one place. ‎Won’t you talk to me too? ‎I am your Sultan‎ ‎, Alp Arslan. ‎Sultan Alp will stab Arsalan in the heart! ‎Right in the heart! ‎Yes, look into‎ my eyes. ‎Oar!

Kurulus Osman Season 4 Bolum 3 In Urdu Subtitles

Kurulus Osman Season 4 Episode 101 In Urdu Subtitles

‎Talk to‎ me, brother? ‎The dagger will punch Sultan Alp Arslan in the heart! ‎Satan! ‎I will take account of every injustice done to you. ‎Do whatever you can. ‎Treat Awar Sahib as soon as possible. ‎Whatever has happened will‎ end. ‎it will end. ‎”Ani Fort”‎ Georgia has declared mourning, sir!

‎People shed tears over what happened to Emperor Bagrat. ‎According to what we have heard, Prince Dmitry will leave Darband‎ today for the coronation ceremony. ‎And the big coated Nicola? ‎Thank you for the army you sent, sir! ‎They especially wanted me to tell you, it’s a great honour for them to be united with you. ‎And said that he would not allow any member of the Bagrat family to sit on the throne of Georgia again.

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‎And that, without a doubt, he will wear the crown in the capital Tbilisi. ‎The Sultan has sent many soldiers to Georgia. ‎What if I leave, too? ‎I also know how to shoot arrows. ‎I want to go too, Mr. Bator! ‎What did I tell you, Chief Alp? ‎Just shooting arrows is not enough.

‎You have to hit the exact target each time. ‎I won’t go into this fight either. ‎Together we will defend Ray in the sultan’s absence. ‎All right? ‎I arranged a trip for you, Mr. Bator! ‎You’re not going? ‎I am very happy, then our marriage will happen soon. ‎Repentance, forgiveness of Allah! ‎Nothing will happen, Julia Woman! ‎You misunderstood me. ‎When you listened to me, I had the courage to say this. ‎I was repeating those words to myself. ‎You didn’t‎ offer‎ me marriage? ‎Not of it!

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‎Hasbana Allah (Allah is sufficient for us)! ‎I didn’t. ‎Soon we will go to Georgia to make your brother Dmitri king, Emperor Bagrat! ‎But in return your brother will have to be a vassal of the Seljuks. ‎It will be, there is no other way. is. ‎Not because there is no other way.

‎I want him to write a letter so that he knows that you are also pleased. ‎Emperor Bagrat! ‎Why don’t you speak, what are you thinking? ‎What you are doing for us is not your mercy, Sultan Alp Arslan! ‎It will be in your favor for Dmitri to ascend the throne instead of Liparat. ‎Either write that letter and give a sign to believe it. ‎Or, Liparet and his companions will kill your brother before he sits on the throne. ‎If you want your brother to be safe, to be on the throne, and to rule Georgia in the Bagrat dynasty.

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‎So listen to me. ‎I will accept all your conditions, Sultan Alp Arslan! ‎But I also have a condition. ‎Allow me to go to Georgia as a vassal of the Seljuks. ‎So you were planning it. ‎You turned down my offer in Surmari, and resisted. ‎Cause the death of my men. Alparslan Season 2 Episode 61 in Urdu Subtitles ‎From now on, you are replaced by the Seljuk state. ‎It’s also my seal at the same time. ‎Write and seal your letter to become vassal.

‎And you can give the necklace to Dimitri. ‎Congratulations to my brother on being king. ‎Seeing my command, he will unhesitatingly pledge allegiance to you. ‎Made the right decision, Emperor Bagrat! ‎We will see, Sultan Alp Arslan! ‎You and I will not go into this war, Kurulus Osman Season 4 Episode 99 In Urdu Subtitles Chief Alp! ‎We will stay here and practice archery. ‎And after practicing well, we will go together for victory. ‎Sultan Alp Arslan Hazrat! ‎Go safe and come back as soon as possible. ‎My prayers are with you, Sultan Min!

Kurulus Osman Season 4 Episode 101

‎Your prayers are always like a shield protecting us, Safaria! ‎I’m very sad for Awar. ‎And my mind will stay here. ‎Don’t worry. ‎I will take care of it myself. ‎Thanks! ‎All of you under God’s protection! ‎Kudos! ‎

‎In the heart of Sultan Alp Arslan. ‎Right in the heart! ‎”Tbilisi”‎ wonders why you’ve been called to this remote cave, aren’t they? ‎As you know, Emperor Bagrat is a prisoner of the Turks. ‎And if we allow Prince Dmitry to take over the throne of Georgia‎ ‎, I’m afraid Georgia will wait to change its dark days again! ‎Dimitri will run Georgia under the guidance of his brother Bagrat.

‎All right, but who will run the prison bugrat? ‎The Turks who hold its ropes therefore we should not allow any bagrat to sit on the throne of Georgia. ‎What do you want from us, Prince Nicola? ‎Now, my friends! ‎I want you to be the great commander of the Georgian Empire. ‎And soon save Georgia from the Turkish occupation. ‎You and your soldiers stay with me.

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