How to Index Blogger Post Using Google Search Console Tool

How to Index Blogger Post Using Google Search Console Tool

How to Index Blogger Post Using Google Search Console Tool Have you ever wondered how long it takes for your blog posts to appear in Google search? It’s frustrating not to know when your posts will still appear in search results. Blogging is pointless if one can’t find it on Google.

Thankfully, you can use the Google Search Console tool to speed up your blog’s engagement process so people can find your posts on Google instantly.
As usual, Google will gradually index your blogger posts even without a tool. You need to make your blogspot blog visible on search engines and get your blog readers in public.
To make sure your blog gets visible, you can check it out via the basic format in the > Blogger Dashboard. The google bot will crawl all over your pages. However, it can take days or even weeks. Therefore, it is essential to use the google search console.

It’s actually pretty easy to check if your blog is included in the search page. Search “Site: ” from Google Search.

Blogger, or blogspot, is compatible with Google Search Console tool. This online tool is developed by Google to verify and verify website owners or webmasters (including bloggers) reference status, visibility, and website ownership.

Over the past few months you can see that the blogger has been pushing forward the new massive update (yes! ). Google Search Console can now be accessed directly from your blog. Previously, this tool was not known to most blogspot users..
Follow the steps below to use Google Search Console for your blogger. It can be a little complicated but I will try to keep it simple. Feel free to leave a comment below if you are having any difficulties.

Step 1: Validate the ownership of your blog

First of all, you have to go to the google search console, you can go there directly through your blogger dashboard. > Go to Settings. > Find Priorities. > Crawlers & Indications. > Google Search Console. > Edit.
A new tab will open and you will need to sign in again to your Google account. Then you will be sent to…
You’ll see that you need to choose a property, two choices, domain or url ex. I suggest you select the former option of url, especially if you default free.. Using the domain Add your full blog url including https and Next Press.

A pop-up notification will appear telling you that your blog’s ownership has been automatically verified. Congratulations! Google Search Console Confirms That Your Blog Is Actually Owned By You. Auto authentication is possible because blogger is actually a Google product like a search console tool, hence the notification of “unconnected products”.

You can add an additional authentication method to your search console later, but for now you’re ready for the next step to getting your blog posts into Google Search results. Select “Go to Property” now.

Step 2: Adding Blogger Site Maps To Search Console

Once you’re into your blog property, you’ll notice that the Google Search Console has many features. Those powerful features are very useful for accurately analyzing your blogger’s performance in search page results.
This blogger is like “status” in the dashboard, but this tool is more comprehensive. I will explain more about the Google Search Console features in upcoming posts. For now we will focus on how to use this tool to index your blogspot contents..

The next step is to add a site map for your blogger posts and pages. A site map is basically a list of all the content found on your websites. We need to put seatmap in search console so google crawler can find our contents. When Google Crawler searches for it, it’ll put our content in search page results.

In a blogger, the site map is created automatically. You can find your blogger site map for your posts at and site map for your pages at
Now to add a site map to Search Console, go to index > site map. You will need to input site map url, just type site map dot xml, then press submit. Do the same with site map pages.xML (Note that if you don’t publish a page, this will return an error). The site map will automatically update every time you post, so you only need to do stage 2 once.

Step 3: Generate Blogger Posts And Pages using Google Search Console

Use Google search console url review tool to index a post. This is located at the top and it looks like a search box. Just put your post url in the box and press inter. Your post will be analyzed in few seconds.

After analysing, you will see something like said picture. Google Search Console Will Tell You That Your URL Is Not On Google. It means that your post is not sorted yet and no crawler visits your post. You still won’t be able to find your post in search results. Click on the submit button now. Take a minute or two to submit your application.

After successfully submitting your request, wait a moment until your post is creeped by the Google Bot. Sometimes it can take up to a day before you sort your post, depending on how busy Google Crawler is. Usually however it’s sometimes within 5 to 10 minutes.
To check if your post has been successfully curated, you can try to find the URL in Google using the “site: EuroStorel” or using the inspector tool. Review your post URL in search console.
If the inspection tool test results show you that your URL is on Google, then congratulations! People can now search for your post in the sea of Google search results. You can proudly say that you now have a proper blog that can be searched on Google.

Repeat step 3 on all your existing posts and pages. You also need to request for inspection and reference for your main website URL. Remember that every time you post new content, you can use the URL Inspection tool to request prompt pointers so your new posts appear faster on Google. If you make major changes to your posts or website, you can also request a review.


The Google Search Console Tool is a fundamental tool for searching engine optimization. To improve your blogger’s appearance in Google search results, you definitely need to use this tool.

If you want people to find your blog on Google, it doesn’t matter what your blogger contains.
Feel free to leave a comment below if you see any issues and errors! Don’t forget to follow my blog and bookmark to get the latest updates.

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