Mehmed Bir Cihan Fatihi in Urdu Subtitles Sultan Fateh

Mehmed Bir Cihan Fatihi in Urdu Subtitles Sultan FatehMehmed Bir Cihan Fatihi in Urdu Subtitles Sultan Fateh

Mehmed Bir Cihan Fatihi in Urdu Subtitles Sultan Fateh That’s the difference between us. ‎Now tell me what do you have? ‎You will give us prisoners. ‎In return, people will leave safely. ‎All right. ‎Now get the people out. ‎Open the door. ‎Put the swords down. ‎Barbaros Nobles! ‎Don’t make a mistake by trusting you, be safe. ‎Were they all worthy of injustice and this loot? ‎Now what will you do with your soldiers amidst these stone walls? ‎Your streets will be silent. ‎And your name will not shine. ‎They never wanted me. ‎That’s why he’s not worthy of me! ‎But they loved your father very much. ‎Because they obeyed everything they said. ‎For your father was a just man. ‎He always served his people.‎

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‎Help Barbaros. ‎The arm is injured.‎ the wound is not deep, nothing will happen. ‎I’m not well. ‎You have to have courage till the prisoners are exchanged‎ ‎. ‎Maria, Maria! ‎Maria! ‎Why is this so? ‎Excuse me, Sultan. ‎I’ve asked why it’s done. ‎Ibrahim Pasha’s orders, Me and Chelby were not liked by the Sultan. ‎Abraham, do you have any other desires? ‎I had issued the verdict‎ and freed the emir who raised the flag–‎ if you allow, I want to free his family as well. ‎Abraham’s word, it’s my thing‎ ‎, you are freed. ‎May Allah keep your shadow safe Sultan. ‎The whole thing happened. ‎

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We accepted your invitation if you want, some talks can be held, Yahya Afandi. ‎Like your will, Sultan. Allow Sultan. “You also stay,‎ Abraham, wait for me in the palace.” ‎The order of the Sultan. ‎The arrow thrown was poisonous. ‎I’ll cut you off here. ‎Can’t cut. ‎Don’t force me to try the edge of the dagger. ‎I have the antidote forgive me and you can take the antidote. ‎Everything will end as soon as it falls. ‎I’ve already killed Maria. ‎I know you are very skilled. ‎You’ve hit Maria’s arm if you get an antidote, she’ll survive. ‎It doesn’t matter. ‎But his soldiers have to they are still under him. ‎Forgive you disbelievers,‎ but only this time! ‎Dervish! ‎Order the Sultan.

‎I hope this decision doesn’t hurt you. ‎Istaghfar Allah Sultan. ‎I apologize to you Sultan. ‎He boarded a boat with Moses and Khidr. ‎Khidr made a hole in the boat as soon as he boarded it‎ ‎, and when the Prophet Moses said, “Did‎ you make a hole in the boat so that everyone would drown?” ‎Khidr turned to the Prophet Moses (peace be upon‎ him) and said, “I did not say that you would not be able to be patient. ‎Musa (peace be upon him) said, “I have forgotten, I am sorry”‎ and asked Khizr to explain the real matter. ‎He said, “The boat belonged to poor people, they worked in the‎ sea,‎

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I made a defect in it‎ so that the wrongdoers would not take the boat from them.” ‎Moses understood the wisdom of the incident‎ and said to Khidr, “‎ ‎Now you will find me patient,‎ if I ask a question‎ ‎, do not keep me with you.” ‎The best dervish what a good example you have set. ‎You are the Caliph of the Muslims Sultan the evil intentioned look towards you should be broken, Sultan. ‎Amen. Mehmed Bir Cihan Fatihi In Urdu Subtitles Watch ‎I have a special request to you, Yahya Afandi. ‎Come on Sultan. ‎Bring to me the rich who holds the flag in the sea.‎ Because of the importance of the matter, no one should be aware. ‎Dervishes are not of “any”

they are their own men. ‎Sultan on the head eyes. ‎May Allah be pleased with you Sultan. ‎You have been blessed with the honor of being enough for the rest of your life. ‎How is it now? ‎The wound is not deep‎ ‎, but it seems that it will not bear it. ‎The arrow was poisonous, Khairuddin Rais.‎ If he drinks it, he will be conscious. ‎Maria! ‎Maria! ‎Drink it. ‎Let’s drink. What’s this? The arrow was poisonous. Watch Kurulus Osman Season 5 In Urdu Subtitles ‎the antidote, drink. ‎That’s enough. ‎Now listen to me and obey me don’t object. ‎Tell me what you want. ‎Prisoners will be exchanged you will have to leave the fort with your soldiers. ‎You’ve won, Barbaross.‎ You’ll decide the law, too. ‎

Mehmed Bir Cihan Fatihi Episode 1 Urdu Subtitles Download

The people will be set free,‎ the soldiers will surrender their weapons to the people. ‎The fort belongs‎ to you and to the people. ‎Give me the antidote! ‎You’ll be fine,‎ but when I want to. ‎I’ll talk to the soldiers myself. ‎President Pasha Chelby’s case resolved? ‎He has followed what I said, but‎ Ayaz Pasha and Darvesh will not give up on the matter. ‎So what’s the order now? ‎Find him and his family. ‎According to your order, his family has been dispatched from here pasha. ‎Best of all,‎ he should be deported from the first ship. ‎Ayaz Pasha or anyone else should not know. ‎All right, Pasha. ‎If he doesn’t listen to me, tries to come back‎ ‎, or tries to talk to someone we dislike,‎ even greets me‎ ‎,

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tell him practically what will happen to him. ‎The order of President Pasha. ‎Bargali defeated us Yahya Afandi. ‎No one has defeated anyone. ‎You have also seen what has happened in front of the Sultan he must have threatened. ‎He’s lying—‎ under what circumstances have we been arrested! ‎The truth will make its way, Darwish Baba.‎ That day has not yet come. ‎My heart is not coming to China, Yahya Afandi not at all. ‎Let’s sit down, I’ll tell you an incident.

‎When the fox came to know of the death of her children‎ ‎, she sat on one side of her shelter and mourned in‎ great sorrow. ‎Baz had done all this, it was also realized but there was nothing she could do she knew that he was empty handed. ‎So he handed over the matter of vengeance to Allah. ‎A few days later, Baz saw meat being cooked somewhere in the distance,‎ waiting for an opportunity to steal it. ‎When the time came, a small spark lit up‎ and the meat began to burn on the fire. ‎Baz picked up the meat and brought it to the children in his nest.‎

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I am a witness to the victory of this fort,‎ the Lord of all the worlds is a witness. ‎Roman Emperor Sharkan! ‎These are my soldiers soldiers of the Ottoman Empire! ‎Victory is only of respectable seafarers. ‎Now get out of our lands! ‎All of you! Mehmed Bir Cihan Fatihi in Urdu Subtitles Sultan Fateh Assalamo alaikum wa alaikum salam‎ ‎is good news piri rais.‎ The sultan has paid attention to what you have sent. ‎Alhamdulillah. ‎You have been ordered to appear in his service. When to arrive? As it’s already said no one knows where and why you’re going. ‎You prepare. ‎Absolutely. ‎I am the naval flag, The Piri Rais.‎ The purpose of the struggle till date was to come to the service of the Sultan and inform him of the secret.‎ I trust you, I am‎ pleased with you. ‎

But the dervishes of Yahya Afandi, you will be hospitable to the people.‎ There is no other way to protect this secret. ‎Yahya Effendi, our soldier, our secrets are with you. Thank God. Thank you. ‎Seamen‎ ‎! ‎May Allah bless our victories. Amen. Allah u Akbar! Allah u Akbar! ‎Pastor, at present the system of the fort is handed over to you.‎ Ottoman soldiers to take care of this place. They are coming rule with justice until the rulers are appointed. ‎If the incoming ruler commits injustice, inform me. ‎This castle has not seen a soldier like you, nor will‎ it see it in the future. You have not betrayed us. ‎I also say “Amen” on your prayers. ‎Where is Jafar? ‎I don’t know, Sir, let me have a look? ‎Wait,‎ you prepare the ship, I’ll see for myself.

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‎Luna also has to talk to her. ‎Command Pasha inform the Sultan immediately‎ that the fort has been conquered. ‎Where is this path going, Yahya Effendi? ‎If the Sultan wishes, he will go to them. ‎I had heard of the secret paths of the palace there are many who speak, but there are very few who know about this route no one knows except the Sultan, me, you and Ibrahim Pasha. ‎Thank God for giving this trust and secret. ‎By the way, according to the law, your eyes should have been covered. ‎If you say, I’ll shut myself down, Yahya Afandi. ‎I have full faith in‎ you, you have surrendered your soldiers to our dervishes, and now you and your secret are handed over to me. ‎May Allah maintain our brotherhood.

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‎Amen. Majnu Ja’far! Rais! ‎Majnu Jafar, what has happened? ‎Luna and Marcelia—‎ I thought they were friends, but they cheated—‎ ‎as I said, they shouldn’t have been trusted. ‎Map! Could you see the map? ‎I’ve seen it, but‎ the map is made in secret. Can you locate the island? ‎Not! ‎It is not possible to locate the island from this map it will require an expert cartographer. ‎But i‎ have heard of the naval flag Pierre Rais. ‎So they will try to solve the map. ‎Thank you. ‎Perry Rais? ‎There are very expert types of marines in terms of maps. ‎Can the map be solved? ‎He is the only person, but no one can do anything other than him. ‎Where are you now?

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